Valebound Focus Invoker Staff (u)  

Slot:Two Hand
Weapon Skill:Staff
Requires Class:Animist, Bainshee, Eldritch, Enchanter, Mentalist
Damage Type:Crush
Magical Bonuses:
  Heat Resist: 2%
  Creeping Path: +2 lvls
Focus Bonuses:
  Verdant Path: +11 lvls
Damage Modifiers:
  Base DPS: 4.10
  Quality: 92%
  Condition: 100%
Starting Condition:100%
Starting Duration:100%
Default Bonus:0%
Weight:4.50 lbs

Levels of Use:9 - 16
Last Updated: Jun 16 04:42:33 2010
This item is dropped off monsters

Found in:

Unique Item

Stats and level will very on Unique items.

Allakhazam's enters Unique items into the database to help folks learn what mobs are dropping them and what type of items they stand a chance to drop.

Other mobs:
Smidget 12.3DPS, 4.3 Spd, 31 Hits, 15 int, 13 con, 39 lvl verdant path FB, utility: 26.4
Picture for Valebound Focus Invoker Staff (u)

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