Conquering Warden Spell Smasher  

Slot:Right Hand
Weapon Skill:Blunt
(Bard, Blademaster, Champion, Druid, Hero, The Way of Arms, The Way of Nature, Warden)
Damage Type:Crush
Magical Bonuses:
  Blunt: +4 pts
Item Bonuses:
  Dexterity attribute cap: 5
  Strength attribute cap: 5
  Style Damage: 3%
  Casting Speed: 3%
  Melee Damage: 3%
  Heal Effectivness: 5
Damage Modifiers:
  Base DPS: 16.50
  Quality: 100%
  Condition: 100%
Starting Condition:100%
Starting Duration:100%
Default Bonus:35%
Weight:0.00 lbs

Level to Attain:50
Levels of Use:50 - 50
Level Req:50
Level of Proc:50
Last Updated: Jul 21 04:58:16 2007

This item can be attained from quests:
Found in:

Magical Ability:
(A magical attack which causes the enemy to fumble their attacks while increasing your chances to hit.)

Secondary Magical Ability:
Function: resistance decrease

Lowers the value of the target's resistance buffs or items to the listed damage type.

Base value of spell: 20
Resist decreased: Crush
-- Resists from spell-based buffs reduced 15%
-- Resists from item-based buffs reduced 7%

Target: Targetted
Range: 150
Duration: 15 sec
Casting time: instant
Damage: Crush

Cannot be traded to other players.
Cannot be sold to merchants.
Cannot be destroyed.

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