Shade Dust  

Magic Level:50
Starting Condition:100%
Starting Duration:100%
Default Bonus:35%
Weight:0.00 lbs

Levels of Use:50 - 50
Level Req:50
Last Updated: Feb 7 15:48:42 2012

This item can be purchased from Merchants:
Found in:

(Rub this dust over your eyelids in order to detect that which is hidden. Sprinkle this dust over your head to increase your skills in hiding.)

Charged Magic Ability:
- 5 Charges
- 5 Max
Effect: Stealth Lore

Target has a greater chance of uncovering stealthed opponents. If the target has the Stealth skill, their ability to remain hidden is greater as well.

Coexists, but does no stack with other stealth bonus types. The greater value will always be used if two similar spells are active.

Stealth bonus: 35
Target: Self
Duration: 1:00 min
Casting time: instant

- This spell is cast when the item is used

Can use item every: 5:00 min
Cannot be sold to merchants.

This item can be won with three matches in Trifecta.
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