Pants of Waking Dreams  

Usable in the left hand.
Requires Skill: Armor: Cloth
(Animist, Bainshee, Bard, Blademaster, Champion, Druid, Eldritch, Enchanter, Hero, Mauler (Hib), Mentalist, Nightshade, Ranger, The Way of Arms, The Way of Magic, The Way of Nature, The Way of Stealth, The Way of the Grove, Valewalker, Vampiir, Warden)
Armor Factor:32
Magical Bonuses:
  Dexterity: 4 pts
  Intelligence: 4 pts
Item Bonuses:
  Power Pool: 3%
Armor Modifiers:
  Base Factor: 32
  Quality: 95%
  Condition: 100%
Starting Condition:100%
Starting Duration:100%
Default Bonus:15%
Weight:1.40 lbs
Bonus Level:9

Levels of Use:29 - 37
Last Updated: Oct 11 01:33:28 2008
Submitted by: Elfeign

This item is dropped off monsters

Found in:
Picture for Pants of  Waking Dreams

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Latest Delve Information
# Oct 29 2005 at 3:28 PM Rating: Excellent
344 posts
The only information that differs from mine :
Quality: 93%
Pants of Waking Dreams
# Oct 30 2003 at 5:46 AM Rating: Default
THey really should have made these only wearable by male characters only in their teen levels.
alp luchras
# Oct 28 2003 at 6:11 PM Rating: Default
just got these to drop off of an alp luachra near basar in connacht, oj to me at 30
alp luchras
# Oct 28 2003 at 6:10 PM Rating: Default
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