Bloodstained War Hammer  

Slot:Right Hand
Has a Particle Effect
Weapon Skill:Hammer
Damage Type:Crush
Magical Bonuses:
  Dexterity: 22 pts
  Crush Resist: 1%
  Slash Resist: 1%
  Thrust Resist: 1%
Item Bonuses:
  Casting Speed: 4%
  Dexterity attribute cap: 5
  Power Pool: 10%
  Power bonus cap: 5
  Acuity Attribute Bonus Cap: 5
Magical Ability:
  Function: Heal
  Value: 84
  Target: Group
  Range: 1000
  Cast Time: instant
Damage Modifiers:
  Base DPS: 16.50
  Quality: 100%
  Condition: 100%
Starting Condition:100%
Starting Duration:100%
Default Bonus:35%
Weight:2.00 lbs
Bonus Level:46

Level to Attain:50
Levels of Use:50 - 50
Level Req:50
Level of Proc:50
Last Updated: Oct 30 01:14:41 2010

This item can be purchased from Merchants:
This item is dropped off monsters

Found in:

Stats before patch 1.89, item stats not changed retroactively:
Magical Bonuses:
Constitution: 19 pts
Piety: 19 pts
Cold Resist: 10%
Body Resist: 10%
Magical Ability:
Function: Dmg-over-time
Damage per Tick: 64
Target: Targetted
Range: 300
Duration: 20 sec
Cast Time: instant
Damage Type: Matter

Post 1.89:
Item Bonus:
Arcane Siphon: 10% chance to cast a spel of fire a bow without expending energy.

Magical Ability:
Function: Damage Conversion
A portion of any damage done to the target is converted to heal the target instead.
Value: 10%
Target: Self
Duration: 30 sec
Casting time: instant

Can be purchased from Trishy for 350 Dragon Scale.
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