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The Convoker is a student of the ancient Atlantean artificers. He uses his gifts to conjure both items and creatures to aid him in his battles. He can create items that will aid in sieges by helping his allies or damaging his foes. The pets can aid him and his allies both with intelligence and a strong arm for battle.

Classes that can be a Convoker: Animist, Bainshee , Bonedancer, Cabalist, Druid, Eldritch, Enchanter, Necromancer, Runemaster, Shaman, Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, Theurgist, Warlock, and Wizard.

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Master Level 1
Summon Wood

Per 1.68 patch notes:
- Convoker Master Level Ability 1, 'Summon Wood', will no longer summon elm wood boards. The percentage chance of summoning each wood type has changed as well. While Oak wood boards will now have the highest likelihood of being summoned, the Convoker will have a chance of receiving higher quality wood (up to and including duskwood).

Per patch 1.69:
- Wood summoned by Convokers will now disappear when players log out.

Summon 100 wooden boards of random quality. Wood can only be used for keep door repairs. Summoner of wood can not use it. Drop the summoned wood near the feet of the person repairing keep doors and the wood will be used.

Recast time 300 seconds.

Master Level 2
Prescience Node

Per 1.68 patch:
- Convokers can no longer place a Prescience Node unless the caster has line of sight to the ground target.

Summon a crystal globe that can reveal nearby stealthers.

Cast Time: 15 Seconds
Duration: 10 minutes
Recast Time: 5 minutes
Radius: 1000

Master Level 3
Power Trap

Rune that drains power from enemies when it detonates

Cast time: 4
Recast: 0
Duration: 600 seconds
Radius: n/a

Master Level 4

Ward that cancels out speed buffs for a minute on any enemy that passes through this field

Cast time: 0
Recast: 0
Duration: 600 seconds
Radius: 50 Units

Master Level 5
Summon Warcrystal

Per patch 1.69:
- The master ability, Summon Warcrystal, should no longer share the same re-use timer as the Spiritmaster's line of specialization debuffs.

Per patch 1.70
- The Convoker Master Level ability, Summon Warcrystal, now has a 30 second recast timer.

Summons a random piece of powerful siege ammunition.

Ability is on a 30 second recast timer. Will summon 10 ammunition of: grapeshot, bullets, balls of ice, or catapult stones

Cast time: 13
Recast: 30 seconds
Duration: 0
Radius: n/a

Master Level 6

Per patch 1.69:
- Fixed a bug with the Battlewarder master ability. Convokers should now be able to cast the Battlewarder to their area of choice regardless of whether or not they have line of sight (For example, a caster in the courtyard during a keep defense will now be able to summon a battlewarder on the outside of the keep door to deter attackers). The battlewarder has also had its level and rate of attack increased.

Ground target summoned that cannot move but has a powerful offense. Has no ranged capabilities, and drains a lot of power from the caster.

Cast time: 1
Recast: 120 seconds
Duration: 0
Radius: n/a

Master Level 7
Dissonance Trap

Rune that does direct damage to the enemy when it detonates.

Cast time: 3
Recast: 300 seconds
Duration: 1200 seconds
Radius: n/a

Master Level 8
Brittle Guard

Per patch 1.68:
- The Convoker master ability, Brittle Guard, will now be on a five minute recast timer.

Per patch 1.70
- Brittle Guards cast by Necromancers are now friendly instead of neutral.

Summons a guardian that will intercept incoming melee attacks.

Cast time: 0
Recast: 600 seconds
Duration: 0
Radius: n/a

Master Level 9
Summon Mastery

Boosts effective level of pets to determine enemy damage variance for spells and melee.

Cast time: 0
Recast: n/a
Duration: n/a
Radius: n/a

Master Level 10
Crystal Titan

Per patch 1.70:
- Crystal Titan now grows much larger in size than before. This should give this intimidating creature much more presence in the frontiers.

-summons a large statue, only in RvR.

Duration: 5 minutes
Recast: 30 minutes
Summoned statue cons purple to a lvl 50

Cast time: 0
Recast: 300 seconds
Duration: 20 seconds
Radius: 700 Units