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The Spymaster emulates the great Atlantean spy lords by sowing confusion and misdirection upon his foes. He can obscure the minds of his enemies to make himself and his companions appear not as what they really are. He can lay traps that will damage his foes and also sabotage their fortifications and siege engines.

Classes that can be a Spymaster: Infiltrator, Nightshade, and Shadowblade.

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Master Level 1

Bonus PvE Coin. Passive ability, even works in groups with bonus split evenly.

Cast Time: n/a
Duration: constant
Recast Time: n/a

Master Level 2
Summon Decoy

Summons a random epic-dressed realm mate, of random realm rank. Decoy has 1 HP and lasts 10 minutes. Decoy is cast at casters ground target. There is an unknown casting range limit. Decoy will face the caster when cast. Mobs will agro onto the decoy, but will not agro to the caster afterwards.

Cast Time: instant
Duration: 600 seconds
Recast Time: 120 seconds
Radius: 2000 Units

Master Level 3
Enduring Poison

15% chance poison won't be removed from weapon on a resist

Cast Time: n/a
Duration: constant
Recast Time: n/a

Master Level 4

Per 1.69 patch notes:
- The master level ability, Sabotage, will now work only on wards.

Damage siege engines, doors, or geomancer fields.

Cast Time: instant
Duration: 0
Recast Time: 0
Radius: 300 Units

Master Level 5

Rune that snares enemies when it detonates.

Cast Time: 3 seconds
Duration: 1200 seconds
Recast Time: 300 seconds
Radius: 350 Units

Master Level 6

Rune that poisons enemies when it detonates (DoT Mine)

Cast Time: 0
Duration: 600 seconds
Recast Time: 300 seconds
Radius: 350 Units

Master Level 7

Stealther picks someone to protect, and can move in a tight radius around them. Uncovers stealthed enemy within 350 units.

Cast Time: n/a
Duration: n/a
Recast Time: n/a
Radius: 350 Units

Master Level 8
Siege Wrecker

Rune that does 30000 damage to siege engines when it detonates.

Cast Time: 0
Duration: 0
Recast Time: 0
Radius: 350 Units

Master Level 9
Essence Flare

Per patch 1.70:
- The poison created by the Essence Flare master ability now vanishes when the user logs out of the game (this includes going link dead).

Summons PBAE Mez poison

Cast Time: 0
Duration: 10 seconds
Recast Time: 1800 seconds
Radius: 350 Units

Notes: Creates one poison in your inventory. Delve information of the poison:

    Essense Flare

    Level Requirement
    -50 Level

    -Level 50

    Offensive Proc Ability
    -1 Charges
    -1 Max
    function: mesmerize

    Target is stunned and cannot move or take any other action for the duration of the spell. If the target suffers any damage or negative effect, the spell will break.

    Target: Enemy Realm Only
    Duration: 15 sec
    Casting Time: Instant
    Radius: 700
    Damage: Matter

    -Spell has a chance of casting if this weapon strikes an enemy.

    Cannot be traded to other players
    Cannot be sold to merchants

Master Level 10
Blanket of Camouflage

Per 1.69 patch notes:
- Strafing will now remove Blanket of Camouflage.
- The master ability, Blanket of Camouflage, has been changed in the following ways: Duration increased to 10 minutes. Recast time increased to 10 minutes. Cast time increased to 20 seconds.

Stealth's your group. Stealth level will vary.

Target: Group
Range: 1500
Duration: 10:0 min
Frequency: 0.1 sec
Casting Time 20 sec
Recast Time: 600 sec.