Results of the 18th Annual DICE Awards

The DICE Awards aired its 18th annual show on Twitch last night, celebrating another successful year in gaming. A wide variety of categories were presented, with Dragon Age: Inquisition scoring the top prize, Destiny snagging four of its own and Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor dominating, landing eight awards in total. Winners were:

Battlefield 4 Fall Update is Live!

Battlefield 4 has released its "Fall Update," and it's a biggie! Fredrik Loving, General Manager of DICE LA, gave the highlights on the Battlefield Official Blog.

Included in this update are player-requested core game improvements like improved gun recoil visuals, sight reticles being unaffected by "visual recoil," and improvements to player movement. The in-game UI has been made more intuitive and has more customization options. And don't miss the new preset called "Classic Mode," designed for skilled players looking for more of a challenge and stricter rules.

You can read the entire patch notes over here on Battlelog, or catch Mr. Loving's highlights on the Battlefield Official Blog.

Amy "Calthine" Lanam

Content Manager, ZAM Network

Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth Expansion

While Battlefield: Hardline has been getting all the attention, Battlefield 4 is still churning away. Keeping things fresh is the fourth (of five) BF4 DLCs, Dragon's Teeth, an expansion that focuses on fast-paced urban combat.