New Crest  

Submitted by:Arnah Vigrid
Start Zone: Aegir's Landing
Start NPC:Trainer
Shrouded Isle expansion Required
Related Quests:
  Grenlock Clan
  Coplin's Spirit
  Fallen Warrior
  Forgotten Journey
  Saving the Clan (level 43)
  Clan Business
  Saving the Clan (level 50)
  The Three Sisters
  Saving the Clan (level 45)
  Saving the Clan (level 48)
Related Zones:
  Aegir's Landing
Min Level:11
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Karle Alfevson
  Morvalt Fast-walker
  Morvalt Ungdom
Last Updated:Tue Sep 12 00:24:57 2006
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Characters that were created after Patch Version 1.79 do not receive this Epic quest.

by Arnah Vigrid, Bonedancer, Nimue

Talk to Teija the Bonedancer trainer in Aegirhamn. Teija says, "Ah, Bonedancer. You've aided Karle before, haven't you? Well, guess what! He's got a new idea. He wants to create a new clan crest!"

You have been given the New Crest quest.

Teija says, "I figured you would. His rewards aren't that bad, eh? Well, go talk to Karle. Tell him your curious about his new clan crest."

(Karle Alfevson is in the Vaultkeeper area of Aegir's Landing.)

Karle Alfevson says, "Ah, Arnah. So as it turns out, making a new Clan [Crest] won't solve the problems of my clan. However, I would still like to make one. I want a crest to represent our achievements here, in this new land!"

Karle Alfevson says, "Aye. I think that using the talisman and the primitive icons of this land would be appropriate. So, what do you [think]?"

Karle Alfevson says, "Morvalt ungdom often carry primitive tokens of luck. Find two morvalt ungdom and bring me their tokens!"

(Morvalt ungdom are north of Aeigerhamn. Head out the southwest exit across the bridge, then follow the shore north up to the large stone bridge. Cross it and head easterly where they roam, off the left side of the road. They look like undead Valkyn. After you kill two and receive two tokens, return to Karle Alfevson in the vault area of Aegirhamn.(loc=51k 27k))

Karle Alfevson says, "Great. Now, I also heard that morvalt fast-walkers carry magical stones that give them speed. I would like to place the stones somewhere in the cest. Could you get me two?"

( The Morvalt fast-walkers are in and around a camp almost directly east of the large stone bridge you went over before, and east of the morvaltar ungdoms you killed before. The location is approximately 51k,37k. After you kill two of the fast-walkers, return to Karle Alfevson in Aigerhamn)

Karle Alfevson says, "Oh. Well, this is great. I appreciate your helping Grenlock Clan. I don't know how the search for the crest pieces is going back in the old lands, but I'm sure this new clan crest will gain power of its own!"

You are awarded 11 silver and some copper!
You are awarded 57,960 experience!
You have finished the New Crest quest.
You receive a Runed Bone Collar from Karle Alfevson.

(lvl 11 received 15,928 exp)

Runed Bone Collar -- Bonedancer
Staff of the Spiritualist -- Spiritmaster
Runed Clan Staff -- Runemaster
Bedevilled Helmet -- Warlock

  Runed Bone Collar
  Staff of the Spiritualist
  Runed Clan Staff
  Bedevilled Helmet

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New Crest
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Characters that were created after Patch Version 1.79 do not receive this Epic quest.
loc of the morvalt ungdom
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