The Riches of Atlantis  

Start Zone: Isle of Glass
Start Location:Gothwaite Harbor
Start NPC:Squire Wellings
Shrouded Isle expansion Required
Related Zones:
  Dales of Devwy
  Oceanus Hesperos
Min Level:35
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
(From 1 rating)
Related NPCs:
  Enchanter Slone
  Jacob Rogers
  Kennard Jameson
  Twisted Metal
  Williamiena Stokes
Related Items:
  Adribard's List
  Animated Metal
  Duskwood Boards
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Squire Wellings says, "Greetings. Sorry about the display. I have been under so much stress lately. My master, Lord Adribard, is preparing to journey to [Atlantis]."

Squire Wellings says, "Aye, he is preparing to go to the remnants of Atlantis. Many of the lords of the realm have been having visions of glorious battles with incredible creatures and vast treasure troves of powerful magic items. I am lucky enough to be going with him. Well I should say I will be lucky enough to go with him if I can gather these [supplies] for my lord."

Squire Wellings says, "I am tasked with collecting materials for new armor and weapons. Lord Adribard wants to make sure we are prepared for whatever we may find. You wouldn't be willing to help me collect them would you? I will make it worth your time."

You have been given The Riches of Atlantis quest.

Squire Wellings says, "This will save me so much time. Here is a list of the items I need you to pick up. First head over to Fort Gwyntel and speak with Williamiena Stokes. She has a supply of duskwood that I need to get my hands on. You will most likely have to bargain with her as I haven't had a chance to purchase the wood. Then I need you to go visit Jacob Rogers in Caer Diogel. He has a cart of arcanium that I have already paid for. Take this ticket up to Kennard Jameson in Caer Gothwaite. He will provide a horse to Fort Gwyntell."

You receive a Adribard's List from Squire Wellings!
You receive a ticket to Ft. Gwyntell from Squire Wellings!

[Step #1] Head to Fort Gwyntell and speak with Williamiena Stokes has some [duskwood] that she may be willing to part with.

Run up to the stable master at the fort, and hand him your ticket. Williamiena Stokes is right on the left side of the fort as you enter, say [duskwood] to her to continue.

Williamiena Stokes says, "You are wanting my supply of duskwood? Well, I can't just hand out these boards. I have a business to run here. I have an idea. I have been wanting to get my hands on some of the animated metal from the twisted metal monsters that roam around the Dales. They can normally be found northeast of the fort roaming around. Cross over the river and you can find them."

[Step #2] kill a twisted metal

Head northeast and find a twisted metal (seen near loc=56000 5000 in Dales of Devwy). Kill it. The one I found was blue con to level 50.

You receive Animated Metal from the twisted metal!

[Step #3] Return the animated metal to Williamiena Stokes in Forth Gwyntell.

Williamiena Stokes says, "You've done good. I'm impressed that you were able to defeat those metallic abominations. I guess this means I have to hold up my end of the bargain. Here is the duskwood and a ticket for a horse."

You receive a Duskwood Boards from Williamiena Stokes!
You receive a ticket to Caer Diogel from Williamiena Stokes!

[Step #4] Proceed to Caer Diogel. Show Jacob Rogers Adribard's List and obtain a cart of arcanium.

Jacob Rogers is around the left side of the fort, by the stable. He is the smith there.

Jacob Rogers says, "You're here to pick up the arcanium I see. I wish I was in the direct service of Lord Adribard. Surely I would be going to Atlantis if I were. They say there is great wealth and power to be had for those strong of heart, body, and soul. Who am I kidding? I will never get to go. There is too much work to be done here helping defend against the drakoran legions. Here is the cart of arcanium. Safe journey. My luck to your lord. Well, I told you safe journey. I hope you aren't standing around expecting me to give you a ticket back to Gothwaite."

You receive a Cart of Arcanium from Jacob Rogers!
You receive a Adribard's List from Jacob Rogers!

[Step #5] Return to Squire Wellings in Gothwaite Harbor.

Squire Wellings says, "I see that you have retrieved the materials for me. There is one more thing that I must have you do. Head over to Anniogel. It's rather close. Have Enchanter Slone imbue the items for me."

[Step #6] Talk to Enchanter Slone in Anniogel about enchanting the materials.

Enchanter Slone says, "I take it Squire Wellings sent you? Well, let me see Lord Adribard's orders."
Enchanter Slone says, "Ok, let me see the cart of arcanium."
Enchanter Slone says, "Now hand me the duskwood."
Enchanter Slone says, "It will be just a moment will I these items."
Enchanter Slone says, "There we are. Here you go. I loaded them all in to one cart for you. Safe journeys."

You receive a Cart of Supplies from Enchanter Slone!

[Step #7] Return the enchanted materials to Squire Wellings in Gothwaite Harbor.

Squire Wellings says, "You have done well. I can't wait to see how Lord Adribard does in these so called trials. Your help has been much appreciated. We will set the cart by the dock until the boat for Atlantis arrives. Give me control of the cart."

Squire Wellings says, "Thank you. Here is your reward. I know it is not much right now, but if you take it to Hardin in the Oceanus Haven, he will give you something more appropriate."

You are awarded 62,914,560 experience!
You are awarded 5 gold and some copper!
You receive a Adribard's Token from Squire Wellings!
You have finished the The Riches of Atlantis quest.

[Note: when you purchase the ToA expansion take the Adribard's Token to Hardin in the Oceanus Haven, he will upgrade the item for you.]

lvl 36 received 39,748,420 exp 5 Gold and some copper

  Adribard's Token
  Pearl Bauble (Alb)

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twisted metal
# Sep 07 2005 at 3:30 AM Rating: Good
I found a twisted metal at loc 56000 5000 in Dales of Devwy.
Lv 36 xp
# Apr 03 2004 at 9:42 AM Rating: Decent
At Lv 36, got 39,748,420 xp
5 Gold and some copper
No Luck
# Nov 09 2003 at 1:22 AM Rating: Decent
My 34 friar couldn't get this, but at 35 I could, super easy to do, but crappy item, would suggest it just for like xp if you're a fast class :)

Edited, Mon Nov 10 04:39:14 2003
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