Andrew's Metal Shards  

Submitted by:AnZy of Excalibur
Start Zone: Camelot Hills
Start Location:Cotswold Village
Start NPC:Andrew Wyatt
Related Zones:
  Llyn Barfog
Min Level:29
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Jonathan Lee
  Siemus Tracksniffer
Last Updated:Tue Feb 1 02:06:11 2011
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Seek for Andrew Wyatt. He is a NPC in Cotswold Village, inside the first house to your left hand when leaving Camelot East Gates.

Speak with him about [Llyn Barfog]. He wants some ale, you can receive from Jonathan Lee in the same house. Hand him the ale, and he told you the rest of the story, and you will receive the Quest.

[Step #1] Seek out Ulyius within the walls of the Academy in Camelot.

[Step #2] Look for Crim near the monastery in Llyn Barfog. Found him at loc 54k,9k

[Step #3] Look for Ifor in the bwgan fishing camp near the lake. Try talking with him. If not, take any measures you must.

After three hrs Ifor spawned inside the camp. The fishermen in the camp were con blue/yellow and neutral to my level 29 Scout, Ifor is also a level 29 char. While I had to wait for him, I killed some bwgan hunters, and the fishermen changed from neutral to hostel. As I attacked Ifor, he brought four friends. Perhaps while they where hostile towards me.

I killed him, and didn't try to talk to him. I found a large fish in my inventory.

TIP: Islwyn, Ifors Brother, wants an item from Ifor. You can do this task with the quest. While I was attacked by five con yellow mobs, I haven't finished this task. You can find Islwyn east of the merchant outpost at the see.

[Step #4] Travel to the other side of the lake and speak with Siemus Tracksniffer. Found him at loc 39k, 44k

Siemus Tracksniffer says, "Hello funny looking person [...] My family starving. We need food. Fishing no good here. Maybe you [got fishes] with you?"

Siemus Tracksniffer says, "You got fishes? Me trade with you! Anything you want! Me have many things. Me have [pelts], [water skins], [metal] and even have [vials]."

You can pick up as many items as you have room in your backpak, but you need only one of the metal bits. You can sell the other items, but you wouldn't get coins for them.

Don't hand in the fish until you receive the metal bits!

After I handed him the fish, I received 2,621,440 experience.

[Step #5] Take the metal bits back to Andrew in Cotswold.

I received again 2,621,440 experience and 3 gold and some silver.

[Step #6] Deliver the bits to Aileen in Ludlow.

I received 1,310,720 experience, a Imbued Studded Vest, and a royal teal leather dye.

[Step #7] Return the Imbued Studded Vest to Andrew in Cotswold.

I received a Damaged Studded Green Jerkin, 33 silver and some copper, and again 2,621,440 experience.

[Step #8] Take the damaged vest to Ulyius in Camelot City.

I received a Studded Green Jerkin.

  Studded Green Jerkin


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