Terje's Problem  

Submitted by:Risingstorm of Prydwen
Start Zone: Gotar
Start NPC:Dunfjall
Related Quests:
  The Creatures of Myrkwood
  Helping the Svartalfar
Related Zones:
  Myrkwood Forest
Min Level:35
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Arachite Tunnelhost
Last Updated:Sun May 22 01:55:48 2011
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Talk to Dunfjall again after you have finished The Creatures of Myrkwood and Helping the Svartalfs and he will give you a new quest called Terje's Problem. You will be sent to talk to Terje, who only spawns between 4pm and midnight. Terje is upset that the spirit of their leader - De'Vrailya - has been stolen by two factions, werewolves and arachite.

Talk to Anakol behind Askheim - he will tell how he was betrayed by the Svartalfar, and he'll never tell you where the crystals are, you svartalf lover you. Luckily, if you kill him after he attacks you, it appears he wrote down where one is in his diary, and that one will show you where the other is. So, use the diary, and it says where to go next.

Thelod has the first crystal (blue), and he's in Varulvhamn, in the scruffs room. Kill him, use the crystal, find where the next one is - it's held by an arachite tunnlhost.

Kill any arachite tunnelhost to receive the orange crystal, and take both to Terje so he can get De'Vrailya's spirit back, with your help.

He will use the blue crystal, and you have to use the orange crystal. This restores De'Vrailya's spirit, and Terje is so grateful that he gives you a reward for helping him.

And now, the quest, in almost-complete form:

Speak with Dunfjall at Nalliten. Sorry, but I missed the transcript on this bit. He tells you that soemthing bad has happened to the Svartalfar, and they need your help. So, you should go speak to Terje

[Step #1] Speak with Terje at the skull post outside of Nalliten between four in the afternoon and midnight.

Terje says, "Hello again, Risingstorm. It has been a while since we spoke. I am glad that you answered my request for help that I issued through Dunfjall. I knew I could count on both him and you for the help I needed. You have helped the Svartalfar before and we need your help again. An [unfortunate event] occurred that has tied the hands of the svartalfer from taking action against our enemies."

Terje says, "As Dunfjall may have mentioned, the battles in Myrkwood had reached a point where it seemed like none of the three groups wanted to continue. We svartalfar are so tired of fighting with the werewolves and arachites, and they seemed to be tired of fighting with us. We let our guard down for a minute and that is when the werewolves and arachites joined their forces and stuck out against us in a [brutal attack]."

Terje says, "They attacked one of our great leaders, De'Vrailya. She has led us for many years, and although she has grown old, she is still a strong leader. She kept us from losing heart when things have seemed darkest and we all cherish her. She is always a target for attack, so she hides away and no one but the svartalfar have ever seen her. That is why we were so outraged to find that she had been attacked. But the strange thing was, the attack did [no physical harm] to her."

Terje says, "The arachites and werewolves combined their magic to pull De'Vrailya's mind from her body and they apparently trapped it in a set of crystals. From what my sources were able to gather, the werewolves now carry one, and the arachites the other. They have issued threats that if the svartalfar even think of attacking either group, they will crush the crystals, destroying De'Vrailya's mind. Without her, I fear the svartalfar would flounder and lose the fight they have carried on for so long. That is why [we need you]."

Terje says, "The arachites and werewolves do not know that you have helped us in the past, and they will not suspect you of helping us now. You can go where we svartalfar cannot and speak to people who would strike out at us in fear and anger. Without you, I fear the svartalfar will be doomed. I know I can count on you to help where no other can. I thought I could count on Dunfjall, but because he walks such a fine line with all three groups, he fears helping too much would lead to his death, and he is probably correct. But he was able to help me some. He gave me the name of a man to speak to that may know the [location of the crystals]."

Terje says, "The arachites and werewolves have used their magic to shield the location of the crystals from us, but there is a man who is knows things about the two groups and may help us. His name is Anakol and you will find him behind Askheim in Myrkwood. Go there now and speak with him. Hopefully we will learn something from him. Make use of what you learn, Risingstorm. I wish you success."

[Step #2] Go speak with Anakol behind Askheim in Myrkwood.

Anakol is located at about 13k, 44k - literally right behind Askheim, up on the slope of the hill that the fort is on.

Anakol says, "Oh, so you decided to show your face around here, eh? I heard that the svartalfar were having some problems and I've heard that you've helped them before, so I'm not surprised to see you here. You want [information] about the location of the mind crystals, eh?"

Anakol says, "Well, that's nice, but I'm not giving out any information that would help the svartalfar! They made a deal with me long ago and then broke it, and since then, I've sworn to do everything in my power to help them. That's why the arachites and werewolves have entrusted me with information that I am not going to share with you. I bet that makes you mad, doesn't it? Well, that's how I felt when the svartalfar betrayed me. You are [a fool] if you think I'm going to share with a friend of the svartalfar!"

Anakol says, "Oh, calling me a fool now, are you? Well, I will not stand for that from anyone, especially you! Defend yourself, foolish one!"

Don't worry too much about fighting Anakol - he doesn't BAF or nuke. But, after you kill him:

Anakol says, "You think you can stop the werewolves and arachites by stopping me? I think not!"

You receive an Anakol's book from Anakol!
Anakol dies!
You get 2,854684 experience points. (658773 camp bonus)

[Step #4] Use Anakol's book to see if you can learn any useful information.

Same as always, just drop it in a quickslot, then "E" and the slot number to use it. And, joy of joys...

You attempt to use Anakol's book.

The Anakol's book reads, "As I write this, I cannot but feel a sense of joy at the fact that the wench De'Vrailya has been damaged almost beyond repair. Watching the werewolf Thelod cast the spell to rip her mind from her body gave me a sense of joy. To have an enemy in the palm of your hand is exciting, and knowing that Thelod is safe in the halls of Varulvhamn makes that excitement even sweeter. I shall celebrate the day the groups crush the mind crystals and kill her. If only I could get hold of the one crystal to learn the location of the other. No matter, I know they are safe from the svartalfar and I rejoice in that!"

The book disappears in a puff of smoke!

[Step #5] Go to varulvhamn and seek out Thelod. Get the mind crystal from him.

Thelod's basically a slightly tougher Wolfaur Pragmatic. He hangs around with the werewolf scruffs in the, well, scruffs room in Varulvhamn, but he sometimes wanders over the bridge or down into the area udner the bridge. He's a nice, fast spawn, so even if someone killed him just recently, you won't have to wait too long. He didn't BAF for me.

You receive blue mind crystal from Thelod!

[Step #6] Use the crystal you obtained from Thelod.

You attempt to use the blue mind crystal.
As you peer into the crystal, woman's voice speak to you.

The blue mind crystal reads, "So, you are the one Terje found to free my mind. I am glad he chose you, Risingstorm. I have heard good things about you. I cannot offer much help in this condition, but I can tell you the location of the other part of my mind. You must not let them destroy that crystal! The arachite tunnelhosts hold the crystal, and they pass it from one to the other, gloating over their success. I must beg you to go to that hellish place, Spindelhalla and search its depths for an arachite tunnelhot. Get the mind crystal! Please!"

[Step #7] Find an arachite tunnelhost of Spindelhalla and obtain the other mind crystal from it.

Arachite tunnelhosts are fairly easy to find in Spindelhalla, just stick to the wall on your left until you reach a T-junction, and there should be some around there or nearby. Any tunnelhost will do, as far as I can tell. So, you kill the tunnelhost...

You receive orange mind crystal from the arachite tunnelhost!

[Step #8] Return to Terje at the skull pot near Nalliten. He will be there between four in the afternoon and midnight.

Wait until the right time, go chat with him, and he says:

Terje says, "Welcome back, Risingstorm. Wereyou able to locate the crystals that contain the mind of our beloved De'Vrailya? I have heard rumors tht one is blue and the other orange. I have learned the spell to free her mind from the crystals, but I must hold the blue crystal to do it. You must have the orange one to make the spell work. I need you to give me the blue one right now."

Hand the blue crystal to Terje...

Terje says, "Ah, I can hear her mind crying out for release already. When you are ready, gaze into the orange crystal and hold your focus there. I will recite the words of the spell as I gaze into the blue crystal, and together we shall free her mind. Do not fear tht any harm will come to you, Risingstorm."

[Step #10] Use the orange mind crystal to free De'Vrailya from her mental prison.

Quickslot orange mind crystal, use...

You use the orange mind crystal.
says, "As you gaze into the orange mind crystal, Terje gazes into the blue one and recites a spell."

[Step #11] Speak with Terje and receive your reward.

Terje says, "Did you see that? De'Vrailya's mind is free and she will once again offer her support and comfort to the svartalfar. We are now free to seek revenge upon the arachites and werewolves for the wrongs they have done to us. I assure you, we will show them no mercy when the time comes! But until then, let me [give you something] to show how deeply grateful the svartalfar are to you."

Terje says, "May this serve you well in your fight against the arachites and werewolves, Risingstorm!"

You have increased your standing with the Svartalfar!
You are awarded 34,603,008 experience!
You are awarded 50 silver and some copper!
You have finished the Terje's Problem quest.
You receive a Morktblad Cloak from Terje!


  • Treskyggae Cloak -- Hunter and Shadowblade
  • Morktblad Cloak -- Runemaster, Bonedancer, Warlock and Spiritmaster
  • Mektigskog Cloak -- Berserker, Savage, Skald, Thane, Valkyrie and Warrior
  • Viltdyr Cloak -- Healer and Shaman

  • Rewards:
      Treskygge Cloak
      Morktblad Cloak
      Mektigskog Cloak
      Viltdyr Cloak


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