Fruth's Requests (Alb)  

Submitted by:Gorath of Gaheris
Start Zone: Ruins of Atlantis
Start NPC:Fruth Thatcher
Trials of Atlantis expansion Required
Min Level:25
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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  Barrick (Alb)
  Reef Octopus
  Sand Skimmer
Last Updated:Sat Feb 9 04:30:15 2008
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Fruth Thatcher says, "Hello there adventurer! I am Fruth, helper to the more intelligent folk here. Boy, I sure get tired working here all day, unearthing these ruins. I'd love a quick dunk in the cool ocean. Oh, well, maybe you can [get me some water]."

Fruth Thatcher says, "Sure. Look, I'll give you a bucket, you go down to the island's edge, scoop up a bucketful of water for me and bring it back. I'll give you a little coin for your troubles. What do you say? Will you [do it] or [not]?"

Will you help Fruth Thatcher [Level 25]?

Fruth Thatcher says, "Great! Here, take this bucket and hurry down to the water's edge. Scoop up a good amount and bring it back to me."

[Step #1] Head southwest from Fruth to the water. Follow the shore north. USE the bucket when you are in the water's edge.

Follow these directions exactly, you should get a "you have entered the water's edge" or similiar message, use the bucket here (right click on the bucket and type "/use" )

You use the wooden bucket and scoop up some fresh sea water
You attempt to use Wooden bucket.
You receive Full Wooden Bucket from the !
You are awarded 528,160 experience!

[Step #2] Return to Fruth with the filled bucket.

Fruth Thatcher says, "Ah, you're back! Did you get me that water?"

Give the bucket of water to Fruth

Fruth Thatcher says, "Oh, this looks so refreshing, watch out while I dump it on me. I don't want to get any on you."

Fruth takes the bucket of water and splashes it all over him.

You are awarded 25 silver and some copper!
You are awarded 1,048,320 experience!

Fruth Thatcher says, "Ah, well, that was refreshing indeed! Thank you! Do you know what I could go for now? Some food! I'm starving! You don't think you could go and fetch me a sand skimmer, and maybe a [reef octopus] for my friend?"

Fruth Thatcher says, "Oh yeah, he likes them a lot. If you manage to catch those, bring them back to me."

[Step #3] Search around the island where the Hall of Heroes stands. Look for a sand skimmer. Slay the creature when you find it.

Sand Skimmers can be found in the water all around the main island, I found a bunch right to the left of the dock ( these are under water creatures so make sure you have some sort of way to breath underwater )

You receive a Sand Skimmer body from the sand skimmer!

[Step #4] Search around the island where the Hall of Heroes stands. Find a reef octopus and slay the creature.

Again, these can be found in the water all around the main island, I found a nice nest of them straight ahead off of the dock. There is a seaweed patch there and tons of octopi can be found in it. Beware when hunting the skimmer and the octopus, there are aggressive baracuda found with them.

You receive a Octopus Body from the reef octopus!

[Step #5] Return to Fruth on the island of the Hall of Heroes. Be sure to hand him the sand skimmer first.

Fruth Thatcher says, "You're back! Did you get that skimmer for me?"

Give Fruth the skimmer body.

Fruth Thatcher says, "Wow, thanks! This will be such great eating. I can't wait to get a fire going. What about the octupus? Did you get one of them, too?"

[Step #6] Give Fruth the reef octopus.

Give Fruth the octopus body.

Fruth Thatcher says, "Ah, thanks! I can't tell you how greatful I am for these! Only one more thing would make this day perfect! A nice pitcher of cool [drinking water]."

Fruth Thatcher says, "Oh sure! There's a man here by the name of Barrick that like to trade water for shells with me. Since I haven't got tht much money and he's busy with his business, it kind of works out. Here, take this [shell].

You receive a Small Strange Shell from Fruth Thatcher!

Fruth Thatcher says, "Yeah, like I said, he likes them. See if you can barter with him to get the water cheaper. Sometimes he will bargain, other times he won't. Just see what you can do. Hurry back! I'm parched!"

[Step #7] Look for Barrick in the remnent area. Try to buy some fresh drinking water for Fruth.

Barrick can be found around loc 45500, 14800, he is right next to the Druid Trainer.

Barrick says, "Yes? What can I do for you? I sell only the highest quality [drinking water]. I'm sure you can't afford it."

Barrick says, "I don't take gold or silver or even copper in trade for it. No, I take rare and valuable [shells]."

Barrick says, "Well, if you have some shells, let me see them."

Give the shell you got from Fruth to Barrick

Barrick says, "Yes, a beautiful shell indeed. Here you may have [this]."

You receive a Large Pitcher of Water from Barrick!

Barrick says, "Do not spill it, for I will not replace what you lose. Now scat. I have work to do."

[Step #8] Return to Fruth with the water.

Fruth Thatcher says, "Welcome back Gorath, Did you have any luck in getting the water?"

Give Fruth the pitcher of water you got from Barrick.

Fruth Thatcher says, "Wow, that's a good size of water. Barrick must have been in a generous mood. Well, I guess that's about [it]."

Fruth Thatcher says, "Yep. Here you go, for your troubles. Thanks for helping. Now I have to get back to work."

You are awarded 3,120,960 experience!
You are awarded 6 gold and some copper!
You have finished the Fruth's Requests quest.
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Fruth neck to the fallen pillar a highlander in leather, and barrick on the other side of the bindstone in front of a tent next to the healer.
not by druid trainer
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Barrick is by the lathe
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This is also a hib quest!
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