Nuisances (Alb)  

Start Zone: Camelot Hills
Start NPC:Master Frederick
Avg. Time:5 minutes
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Min Level:2
Max Level:2
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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  Full Magical Wooden Box
Last Updated:Wed Jan 30 00:44:29 2008
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

This quest is no longer given out.

This quest is currently disabled on the US servers.

Brief Walkthrough:

1) Travel to loc=19105,26552 Camelot Hills to speak with Master Frederick.
2) Go to loc=12336,22623 Camelot Hills and /use the Magical Wooden Box on the Ire Fairies when they appear.
3) Take the Full Magical Wooden Box back to Master Frederick for your reward.

lvl 2 fighter received 100 experience, 3 silver and Recruit's Short Sword.

Travel to loc=19105,26552,2861 dir=65 Camelot Hills to speak with Master Frederick.

Master Frederick says, "My young recruit, I fear we have a growing problem on our hands. For the past several nights, citizens in Cotswold have been complaining of a constant ringing noise. It has started to keep them up at [night]."

Master Frederick says, "It has even begun to affect the wildlife in this area. The guards can not commit any troops to finding out the cause of this ringing sound, so the responsibility falls to you Vinde. Will you help [Cotswold]?"

Will you help out Cotswold and discover who or what is making this noise? [Level 2]
You have been given the Nuisances quest.

Master Frederick says, "This magical box will help you capture whatever is making that noise. The reports indicate that the noise is the loudest to the west-northwest, near the banks of the river. Find the source of the noise Vinde. Take this box with you. Some of the other trainers seem to think it is magical in nature. I'm not so sure. USE the box in the area that is the loudest, or where you encounter trouble. See if you can capture anything."

You receive a Magical Wooden Box from Master Frederick!

[Step #2] Find the area where the sound is the loudest. USE the box and see if you can capture anything. Master Frederick believes the area is to the west-northwest, in some trees near the river.
  • Go to loc=12336,22623,2405 dir=226 Camelot Hills. There you will get a pop-up box stating "Ire Fairies! Quick! USE your Magical Wooden Box to capture the fairies! To USE an item, right click on the item and type /use."

  • You attempt to use the Magical Wooden Box.
    You use the Magical Wooden Box.
    You receive a Full Magical Wooden Box from the !

    [Step #3] Take the Full Magical Wooden Box back to Master Frederick in Cotswold. Be sure to hand him the Full Magical Wooden Box.

    Master Frederick says, "Vinde, you've returned, and none the worse for wear. Tell me, what did you find?"

    Master Frederick says, "Ah, it is quite heavy, let me take a peek."

    [Step #4] Wait for Master Frederick to reward you. If he stops speaking with you at any time, ask if there is something he can give you for your [efforts].

    Master Frederick opens the box carefully. When he sees the contents, he quickly closes it and turns his attention back to you.

    Master Frederick says, "Ire fairies! They're the worst! Well, now we know who has been causing these problems. Vinde, you've done good work here today. It is time for a reward for your [efforts]."

    Master Frederick says, "A Fighter is nothing unless he has a good weapon by his or her side. For you, a new sword is in order. Use it well Vinde. For now, I must think about what to do with these Ire Fairies, and figure out why they are here. "

    You receive a Recruit's Short Sword from Master Frederick!
    You are awarded 100 experience!
    You are awarded 3 silver and some copper!

    Master Frederick says, "Don't go far, I have need of your services again Vinde."
    You have finished the Nuisances quest.

  • Recruit's Short Sword -- fighter
  • Rewards:
      Recruit's Short Sword (Alb) (old) (nld)
      Bronze Recruit's Mace


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