Nuisances (Mid)  

Start Zone: Aberillan
Start NPC:Dalikor
Avg. Time:4 minutes
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Min Level:2
Max Level:2
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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  Full Magical Wooden Box
Last Updated:Wed Jan 30 00:56:26 2008
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

This quest is no longer given out.

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Travel to loc=41211,50221 Vale of Mularn to speak with Dalikor
2) Go to loc=44585,56194 Vale of Mularn and /use the Magical Wooden Box on the Fallen Askefruer when they appear.
3) Take the Full Magical Wooden Box back to Dalikor for your reward.

lvl 1 viking received 100 experience, 3 silver and Recruit's Short Sword.

Dialog for Quest:
Travel to loc=41211,50221,5018 dir=242 Vale of Mularn to speak with Dalikor

Dalikor says, "Recruit Eeinken. I'm afraid we have a [serious problem] on our hands."

Dalikor says, "There has been this noise that has been keeping the residents of Mularn up at night. I haven't been able to locate the source of the noise, neither have any of the guards. I was hoping you could try to [find] the noise."

Will you help out Mularn and discover who or what is making this noise? [Level 2]
You have been given the Nuisances quest.

Dalikor says, "Excellent, recruit! I believe the noise is coming from the south-southeast of this tower, near the base of the hills. You'll find that there are a lot of huldu near that area, but it is not them. Take this box. When you have discovered what or who is making this noise, USE the box to capture them, then bring it back to me. Be safe Eeinken."

You receive a Magical Wooden Box from Dalikor!

[Step #2] Find the area where the sound is the loudest. USE the box and see if you can capture anything. Dalikor believes the area is to the south-southeast, near the base of the hills.
  • Go to loc=44585,56194,4780 dir=294 Vale of Mularn. There you will get a pop-up box stating "It's Fallen Askefruer! Quickly now, /use your box to capture the Askefruer!" To USE an item, right click on the item and type /use.

  • You attempt to use the Magical Wooden Box.
    You use the Magical Wooden Box.
    You receive a Full Magical Wooden Box from the !

    [Step #3] Take the Full Magical Wooden Box back to Dalikor at the guard tower near Mularn. Be sure to hand him the Full Magical Wooden Box.

    Dalikor says, "Welcome back recruit. Did you find out what was making all that racket?"

    Dalikor says, "Hm...It's quite heavy. Let me take a peek inside."
    Dalikor opens the top of the wooden box carefully. Once he spies the creatures inside, he closes the lid quickly.

    [Step #4] Wait for Dalikor to reward you. If he stops speaking with you, simply ask him if there is a [reward] for your efforts.

    Dalikor says, "Hrm...Fallen Askefruer. This is what has been causing us our problems? Interesting. I want to thank you recruit for your hard work in helping us solve this problem. A [reward] is in store for you I think."

    Dalikor says, "Yes, I think this will do quite nicely. Here you are Eeinken. Use it well, and I'm sure it will last you your first few seasons anyhow. Be sure to come and speak with me when you are ready for more adventure. "

    You receive a Recruit's Short Sword from Dalikor!
    You are awarded 100 experience!
    You are awarded 3 silver and some copper!
    You have finished the Nuisances quest.

    Recruit's Short Sword -- viking
    Recruit's Wooden Staff -- Mystic
    Recruit's Hammer -- Seer

      Recruit's Short Sword (Mid) (old) (nld)
      Recruit's Wooden Staff (Mid) (old)
      Bronze Recruit's Hammer

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    Nuisances (Mid)
    # Sep 08 2006 at 7:58 PM Rating: Decent
    169 posts
    This quest is NOT currently disabled.
    Level 2 was given this quest on 09/08/06.
    # Feb 14 2005 at 7:12 PM Rating: Good
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    Seer recieve the following:
    bronze Recruit's hammer
    2.4 Dps
    2.8 Speed
    100% Qual 1% Bonus
    -3 Piety

    Now when it shift-i just the piety showed up but when i dropped in chat window 1% Essence resist showed up, ill take this as a bug atm do to alot problems with clustering and patch 1.74 atm (Currently playing on Tristan)
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