Ghoulish Treasures  

Start Zone: Burial Grounds
Start NPC:Boarf
Catacombs expansion Required
Type:Mini Quest
Avg. Time:5 minutes
Related Zones:
Min Level:10
Max Level:14
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Gythja of Odin
Related Items:
  Rusty Sword Blade
Last Updated:Sun Jan 9 05:39:41 2011
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Brief walkthrough:
1) Speak with Boarf at loc=20821,4961 in the Burial Grounds.
2) Give the Rusted Sword Blade to Gythja of Odin,loc=23864,25890 Jordheim(Temple of the Aesir)
3) Take the blessed Rusty Sword Blade back to Boarf.
4) Go to loc=20222,11356 Burial Grounds and /bury the sword for your reward.

level 12 received 4 silver and 28,000 experience.

Dialog from the quest:
Speak with Boarf at loc=20821,4961,14629 dir=11 in the Burial Grounds.

Boarf says, "That sure is a long way [down]!"

Boarf says, "Well, I walked all the way here because I wanted to venture to the Kobold Undercity. But now I am not [sure] I want to go.."

Boarf says, "Well, their city is usually threatened by half orcs, gnolls or possessed kobolds! I don't know if I can [handle] seeing a possessed kobold."

Boarf says, "I bet you can though! Maybe you can go and come back to tell me if it is as bad as I think it will be sometime. Oh, I almost forgot! Do you think you can do me a big favor?"

Will you assist Boarf? [Level 10-14]
You have been given the Ghoulish Treasures quest.

[Step #1] Talk with Boarf in the Burial Grounds to receive the Rusty Sword Blade.

Boarf says, "I found one of those foul darkwood dwarves desecrating an ancient grave and stopped him before he could do more harm, but he already angered all the souls in the chamber he was in. He was stealing the weapons from the bodies of the warriors. I have returned all of the weapons except for this one sword [blade]."

Boarf says, "This needs to be taken to the Gythja of Odin in Jordheim, blessed and returned to its resting place. Return to me after you have had the blade blessed."

You receive a Rusty Sword Blade from Boarf!

[Step #2] Give the Rusty Sword Blade to the Gythja of Odin, in Jordheim, to get the blade blessed.
  • Gythja of Odin can be found at loc=23864,25890,8031 dir=74 Jordheim(Temple of the Aesir).

  • Gythja of Odin says, "Greetings, Valkyrie. What brings you before this humble servent of Odin?"

    Gythja of Odin says, "This is a very ancient blade. I sense great anger and frustration swirling around the blade. Its as if a restless spirit is reaching out to tear it from my grasp and thrust it quickly into my back. So much[hate]..."

    Gythja of Odin says, "This blade must be blessed and returned to its grave immediately. I fear that your spirit shall be eternally marked if this deed is not done. I shall bless this for you. Go now and complete your duty to Odin."

    [Step #3] Return to Boarf, in the Burial Grounds, to receive directions to reach the grave site.

    Boarf says, "Welcome back, (name). I see you have the blade. Now listen [closely]."

    Boarf says, "You will need to take the blade through the tunnel just south of here and then take the west passage. The room with the grave will be to the south. The [grave] will be lit with a torch in the northeast corner of the room."

    Boarf says, "Simply go to the grave and BURY the blade. There are a lot of angry souls and even more dangerous darkwood dwarves wandering in those burial chambers. You may find yourself in your own grave if you wander into the wrong room. Go now and you may put at least one of those poor angry souls to rest."

    [Step #4] Take the Rusty Sword Blade through the tunnel south of where Boarf stands, then take the west passage. The room to the south holds the grave. The grave is lit by a torch in the northeast corner of the room. BURY the blade at the grave.
  • The spot to bury the blade is at loc=20222,11356,15406 dir=109 Burial Grounds, careful when entering this area, there are angry souls about that con agressive and green-yellow to a lvl 12. When you reach this torch type /bury.

  • You are awarded 28,000 experience!
    You are awarded 4 silver and some copper!
    You have finished the Ghoulish Treasures quest.

    (coin and experience was earned by a level 12)

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