Special Delivery (Mid)  

Start Zone: Burial Grounds
Start NPC:Guard Salor
Catacombs expansion Required
Type:Mini Quest
Avg. Time:8 minutes
Related Zones:
Min Level:15
Max Level:19
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Bestla Sumner
  Guard Hegir
  Guard Torlin
Related Items:
  Carved Darkwood Jewelry Box
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Brief walkthrough:
1) Speak with Guard Salor at loc=35006,33985 Burial Grounds.
2) Go speak with Guard Hegir is at loc=32861,34311 Burial Grounds.
3) Speak with Guard Torlin is at loc=35059,34104 in Burial Grounds.
4) Take the Carved Darkwood Jewelry Box to Bestla Sumner, loc=24258,24219 Jordheim, for your reward.

level 15 received 8 silver and 90,000 experience.

Dialog from the quest:
Speak with Guard Salor at loc=35006,33985,18612 dir=77 Burial Grounds.

Guard Salor says, "Hello there, (name). Were you the one that brought around the blueberry tarts from [Mistress Sumner] a while ago? You probably aren't. I get people confused sometimes."

Guard Salor says, "Mistress Sumner is a very nice lady that lives up in Jordheim and sends treats down to us guards occasionally. Last time she sent tarts she forgot to send one to me, and I wanted her to know I don't have any [hard feelings]."

Guard Salor says, "Some of the other guards and I were talking and we want to do something for her to say thanks for all of the nice things she's done for us. We finally decided to make her some [mementos] from the Burial Grounds."

Guard Salor says, "I made her a jewelry box out of wood that was once part of the giant ship. Guard Hegir made her a special recipe herbal tea from a plant that grows outside of the Undercity, and Guard Torlin polished some glowing crystals as a pendant for a [necklace]."

Guard Salor says, "Do you have time to pick up those items from the other guards and [deliver them] to Mistress Sumner in Jordheim? "

Will you deliver the guards' presents? [Levels 15-19]
You have been given the Special Delivery quest.

Guard Salor says, "Thank you! Here is the jewelry box. I think it turned out really well. The wood from the boat has aged and is perfectly preserved. I just polished it a bit, and formed it into this box. Next, find Hegir and Torlin so you can pick up their gifts. "

You receive a Carved Darkwood Jewelry Box from Guard Salor!

[Step #1] Find Guard Hegir and Torlin in the Burial Grounds and pick up their presents for Mistress Sumner.
  • Guard Hegir is at loc=32861,34311,17748 dir=136 Burial Grounds.

  • Guard Hegir says, "There you are. I heard you agreed to carry our gifts up to Jordheim. I'm so excited for her to see these! This is a little pouch of teabags that she can use to make a special Undercity secret recipe tea. It's so relaxing, I'm sure she will love it. Here, it will fit nicely in the jewelry box."

    [Step #2] Speak with Guard Torlin in the Burial Grounds to pick up the final part of the gift for Mistress Sumner.
  • Guard Torlin is at loc=35059,34104 in Burial Grounds.(Ignore the guards if you ask them where Guard Torlin is, they will point you in the wrong direction, not too friendly of them eh?)

  • Guard Torlin says, "You're right on time, I just barely finished this necklace. It's a glowing crystal pendant from the Burial Grounds that I polished until it was smooth and then hung on this very fine, delicate silver chain. There's a special spot in the jewelry box for it too. I sure hope she likes it!"

    [Step #3] Take the music box with the other items inside to Bestla Sumner in Jordheim.
  • Bestla Sumner can be found at loc=24258,24219,8305 dir=210 Jordheim.

  • Bestla Sumner says, "My my, isn't this a beautiful jewelry box? And look inside here. I have smelled this tea before, but never tried it. I can't wait to make myself a cup. And this necklace is just stunning, I won't have anywhere to wear something this [pretty]."

    Bestla Sumner says, "This is obviously from my guards down in the Burial Grounds. I can tell they made these gifts themselves. How kind and thoughtful of them, to spend their only free time making something for me. I will just have to think of a way to [thank them]."

    Bestla Sumner says, "But first let me thank you for bringing this up here. I'm sure you're busy enough as it is, keeping our lands safe from invaders. Here's a little something to thank you for your time. Good luck to you in your adventuring."

    You have finished the Special Delivery quest.
    You are awarded 90,000 experience!
    You are awarded 8 silver and some copper!

    (coin and experience was earned by a level 15)

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