Untold Origins  

Submitted by:Rojer of Igraine
Start Zone: Camelot
Start Location:East Gate
Start NPC:Biane
Catacombs expansion Required
Related Zones:
  Roman Aqueducts
Min Level:5
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Guard Zekatar
Related Items:
  Biane's Map of the Aqueducts
  Biane's Tenebrous Potion
  Carved Idol of Arawn
  Carved Unknown Idol
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Speak to Biane, who can be found inside Camelot by opposite the East Gate. Biane says, "So have you ventured down into the depths to witness the under realm of Albion with your own eyes, (your race)? My years have passed; one like me cannot make such a journey. I do have [interests] that lay inside the Aqueducts"

Biane says, "Fragments of history have been passed down through the generations in my family. The most intriguing fragment so far has been the one linking me directly to the Arawnites. They orginally settled these lands and [discovered] the tunnels below, before they were Aqueducts."

Biane says, "With the rediscovery of these damp tunnels, I have been searching for a link to my past and my ancestors. I am looking for any clues that can provide me with information on my relatives of old. I provide recompense to any who assist me in this ongoing expedition. Would you be [interested] in assisting me in this search and earning a few coins in the process?"

Will you search for clues to Biane's past for her? [Level 5]
You have been given the Untold Origins quest.

Biane says, "I appreciate your willingness to assist me in this matter, . Before I send you out on this journey, I will tell you what I do know of my [ancestors]."

[Step #1] Speak with Biane about her ancestors and the Arawnites.

Biane says, "I am descended from the original Arawnites that inhabited the land that was to become Camelot. They worshipped Arawn, and upon the land of Camelot they constructed a temple devoted to the worship of the lord Arawn, hence where their name is [derived]."

Biane says, "It was not long before the Romans made their way into the Arawnites land, seeking to acquire new people and new land. Instead of conforming and allowing the Romans to take control of their lives and home, the Arawnites [resisted]."

Biane says, "The resistance was not enough as the Romans destroyed all but a few of the Arawnites. One of those few was my ancestor. My line continued and was absorbed by each new culture that settled in this land. The history becomes hazy after the Arawnites and remains cloudy until we come to all that we already know today; that which Camelot is [founded] upon."

Biane says, "I wish to know more about these Arawnites and everything after, which has left me with questions. I think the Aqueducts hold great [secrets]."

Biane says, "The Romans who took over the Arawnite village built the Aqueducts, you know? It didn't take the Romans long at all to discover a series of caverns running underneath the former Arawnite village. They set out to explore these caves and there they found a source of [fresh water]."

Biane says, "The Aqueducts were eventually sealed, but to my great intrigue they have been unsealed. I have sent explorers into the Aqueducts searching for information. Only once did one of these journeyman return to me with any information of [substance]."

Biane says, "He returned to me battered and in a fright. He left with a party but only he returned. He said on this expedition, he and his companions spied a figure in one of the tunnels. Upon getting closer to the figure and spying on him they managed to hear him [chanting]."

Biane says, "The journeyman told me he heard praises to Arawn amidst many other garbled praises he could not understand. He did make out the name of the figure, which is Vosias, as he spoke his name in his prayers. He had something in each hand, and he looked to be praying to them. The journeyman and his crew continued to creep up on [Vosias], but they were not stealthy enough."

Biane says, "Vosias heard them though, and with quick reflexes he whipped around and met them while they were sneaking. The journeyman said a skirmish broke out. He came at them with a terrible malice and rage. Vosias, realizing he was outnumbered, [sprinted] further into the dark tunnels."

Biane says, "The explorers followed him, wanting to destroy Vosias because he was obviously a menace. They did not find him down the corridor in which he ran. Instead they came upon something terrible and dark, which filled the air with an intense hate. The journeyman said they came upon a creature, a creature made of shadow consumed entirely of hate and evil. The creature killed the explorer's companions, and the journeyman barely made it back to me [alive]."

Biane says, "Vosias is still down in that corridor, however the creature is there too. That is why Vosias is there, as he knows that no soul would attempt to pass by such a creature. I know of these creatures though. They are called the tenebrae, and they are creations of long ago [clandestine] magic of our own doing."

Biane says, "I have something that will allow you safe passage past this creature; however you must use it with caution and let it not fall into the wrong hands. It is a powerful potion that will transform you into the likeness of the [tenebrae]."

Biane says, "I have charted a map for you leading you to the tunnel where Vosias fled. The tenebrae can be found south down the Aqueducts near Guard Alakyrr. Once you come to the intersection head west and then at the end travel west again down the southern most ledge. I have enchanted this potion so that you will know [when] to use it."

You receive the Biane's Tenebrous Potion from Biane!
You receive Biane's Map of the Aqueducts from Biane!

Biane says, "The potion will allow you to slip unnoticed past the tenebrae, and will also give you a more covert approach to Vosias. He is not as wary of the creatures of the Aqueducts as he is of the races of Albion. You must slay Vosias once you find him as he has lurked in the Aqueducts for far too long. You must retrieve the items that the journeyman told me he had. If he is what I think he is, then he hates all who enter those Aqueducts that are not of his [kind]. Once he is dead, I can continue my search for my family history."

Biane says, "I will be in your debt should you be successful in this quest. Should you find anything of use, please see Guard Zekatar in the Aqueducts near the entrance to Camelot. I will send word that you may be paying him a visit. He will see to it that I receive my items. I wish you well on this journey, (your race). Blessings of the gods be upon you."

[Step #2] Use Biane's Map of the Aqueducts to find Vosias. Beware of the tenebrae. Use the potion to transform yourself into a tenebrae once you are near them. You will know when you are in the right area.

You attempt to use Biane's Map of the Aqueducts.
The map reads "An arrow is pointing south down the Aqueducts near Guard Alakyrr. There is an intersection at the end of the arrow with an arrow pointing west down the intersection. There is another arrow pointing west down the southern most ledge past the plutonians."

[Step #3] Once you find where Vosias is hiding USE Biane's Tenebrous Potion to allow yourself safe passage past the tenebrae. (To use an item right click on the item and /use).

Once you enter the area indicated by the map, near loc=15800,16200, a pop-up appears with the text "The tenebrae and Vosias are near. /Use the potion now."

You attempt to use the Biane's Tenebrous Potion.
Your form changes into one resembling that of the tenebrae.

You can now make your way past the tenebrous brawlers and tenebrous assassins that surround Vosias without aggroing them. Kill Vosias.

You receive the Carved Idol of Arawn from Vosias!
You receive the Carved Unknown Idol from Vosias!

[Step #4] Seek out Guard Zekatar to receive your reward. He can be found in the Aqueducts close to the entrance to Camelot.

Guard Zekatar says, "Yes, (your race), what is it?"

[Step #5] Tell Guard Zekatar that [Biane] sent you.

Guard Zekatar says, "She informed me that you might be paying me a visit. Were you able to slay Vosias and obtain any remnants for Biane?"

[Step #6] Give Guard Zekatar the Carved Idol of Arawn.

You give Guard Zekatar the Carved Idol of Arawn.

Guard Zekatar says, "A leftover remnant of the Arawnites, I see. Biane will be grateful to have this. It will help her in uncovering her families past. Do you have anything else for me?"

[Step #6] Give Guard Zekatar the Carved Unknown Idol.

You give Guard Zekatar the Carved Unknown Idol.

[Step #7] Continue speaking with Guard Zekatar to receive your reward.

Guard Zekatar says, "What a peculiar idol. This piece must have ancient origins and must have something to do with Biane's [past]."

Guard Zekatar says, "You have mine and Biane's thanks for performing this search, (your class). She will be able to help to unravel the mysteries lurking in these Aqueducts for all of us. Please take these gloves as a display of our gratitude. Blessings of Arawn be upon you."

You have completed the Untold Origins quest!
You are awarded 3,300 experience!
You receive the Blessed Gauntlets of Arawn from Guard Zekatar!
You are awarded 4 silver and some copper!

The gloves awarded are class dependent. Cloth wearers to cloth, and leather wearers get leather, and studded wearers get studded.

  Blessed Gauntlets of Arawn
  Blessed Gloves of Arawn (cloth)
  Blessed Gloves of Arawn (leather)


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