Basket of Goodies  

Submitted by:Reinan
Start Zone: Jordheim
Start NPC:Bestla Sumner
Catacombs expansion Required
Type:Mini Quest
Related Zones:
  Burial Grounds
Min Level:8
Max Level:11
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Captain Tholder
  Guard Hegir
  Guard Kellor
  Guard Lienna
  Guard Olja
  Guard Rimdar
  Guard Thuvvia
  Guard Torlin
  Guard Ubra
  Lieutenant Njolda
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Bestla Sumner is located at 24285, 24249 in Jordheim

Bestla Sumner says, "Well hello there, Frostalf. How would you like to earn some [easy coin] running errands for me?"

Bestla Sumner says, "I just finished making a batch of these [blueberry tarts], and I want to send a few to each of the guards working in the tunnels just inside the Burial Grounds."

Bestla Sumner says, "Can you imagine how awful it must be to eat [cold rations] every day for every meal? Yuck! I think these tarts will really brighten their day and I couldn't possibly eat this many by myself."

Bestla Sumner says, "Do you have time to deliver these tarts to the [ten guards] on this side of the Burial Grounds?"

You have been given the Basket of Goodies quest. [Level 8-11]

Bestla Sumner says, "They are going to love these tarts! You can just hand [the basket] to each guard and let them help themselves, and then take the basket back and carry it to the next guard. They're all posted fairly close together, so it shouldn't take you long."

You receive the Basket of Blueberry Tarts from Bestla Sumner!

Bestla Sumner says, "Here are their names, in case you haven't met them all yet: Olja, Ubra, Lienna, Kellor, Rimdar, Thuvvia, Torlin, Hegir, Captain Tholder, and Lieutenant Njolda. Please bring my basket back when you're done!"

Go to Burial Grounds and distribute the tarts. Return to Bestla Sumner in Jordheim.

Guard Olja says, "This smells delicious, and it's still warm. What a thoughtful gesture. We should have made contact with you aboveground dwellers long before now." You receive the Basket of Blueberry Tarts from Guard Olja!

Guard Ubra says, "Thank you, and thank Mistress Sumner as well. I'd know her baking anywhere. I've been ordered not to leave my post and haven't had anything but rations for days. This is a real treat!" You receive the Basket of Blueberry Tarts from Guard Ubra!

Guard Lienna says, "Mmm, this is for me? I haven't had homemade blueberry tarts in ages. I'd feel guilty eating it now when everyone else has been on rations, but I see you have enough for all of the guards. Thank you!" You receive the Basket of Blueberry Tarts from Guard Lienna!

Guard Kellor says, "Thank you, Spiritmaster. I assure you I will put this to good use." You receive the Basket of Blueberry Tarts from Guard Kellor!

Guard Rimdar says, "I could smell those blueberry tarts all the way down here. Please thank the kind soul that thought to send us a treat." You receive the Basket of Blueberry Tarts from Guard Rimdar!

Guard Thuvvia says, "Be sure to guard the rest of these tarts carefully. There are darkwood bandits nearby and I'm sure they'd like to get their sticky fingers on them." You receive the Basket of Blueberry Tarts from Guard Thuvvia!

Guard Torlin says, "This is a welcome distraction from a tedious job. I'm not saying it's boring, mind you! There are plenty of things to guard against. But a treat is a nice change to an otherwise typical day." You receive the Basket of Blueberry Tarts from Guard Torlin!

Guard Hegir says, "So far people have brought me rations and boots. These tarts are easily my favorite though. Thank you!" You receive the Basket of Blueberry Tarts from Guard Hegir!

Captain Tholder says, "I see the basket is about empty. I hope my guards enjoyed these, they rarely have the luxury of fresh, home-made baked goods. My thanks to you and to Mistress Sumner. She's always doing nice things like this for us." You receive the Basket of Blueberry Tarts from Captain Tholder!

Lieutenant Njolda says, "I'm glad to see those others saved me some tarts this time. Last time Mistress Sumner sent us a treat there was nothing left in the basket but crumbs by the time it got to me. Please tell her I said thank you!" You receive the Empty Basket from Lieutenant Njolda!

Return to Bestla Sumner in Jordheim

Bestla Sumner says, "I sure hope the guards enjoyed them. It's fun sending them [a treat] now and then, I'm sure they have few enough pleasures down there keeping watch over a burial ground."

Bestla Sumner says, "Here are a few coins for you, and a fresh blueberry tart, still warm from the oven. If you USE the tart, you can eat it. It might be kind of messy though, so be careful with it. I'd hate to see you get burned. I hope to see you again soon!"

You have completed the Basket of Goodies quest.
You are awarded 2,550 experience!
You are awarded 2 silver and some copper!
You receive the blueberry tart from Bestla Sumner!

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Basket of Goodies
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Catacombs expansion is required to enter the Burial Grounds zone.
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