Carved in Bone (Epic 1)  

Submitted by:Harcmend of Igraine
Start Zone: Jordheim
Start NPC:class trainer
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  Vale of Mularn
Min Level:5
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Related NPCs:
  Vendo Bone Carrier
  Visindakona Guri
Last Updated:Fri Feb 18 01:42:24 2011
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Get this quest from either Shaman Trainer in Jordheim.

She sends you to Visindakona Guri (in the Temple of the Aesir building just inside the the Mularn entrance to Jordheim).

Guri tells you of visions of chaos and impending war, then sends you to Rielder in Mularn. This is a Dwarf in the northernmost building in Mularn; the tavern.

He sends you to kill a Vendo Bone Carrier just north of the tower next to Haggerfel. Just north of said tower is a named Vendo going by the moniker Scout Grogor. I stood at him for about 5 minutes (the quest dialouge hinted the Bone Carrier would be coming to you), and sure enough along ran the Vendo Bone Carrier. (loc=43012, 24657 and two (green to a level 6) Vendo Bone-Collectors came from the SW. They both attacked.)

Kill the Bone Carrier, then head back to Mularn.

Speak with Rielder again, then scurry back into Jordheim to talk to Guri.

She gives you your gem in reward, gives yet another warning of impending doom and the like, and you're done with the quest.

Quest Dialog: submitted by Betha

Per says, "I have a message that asks for you by name, Anharad. Strangely enough, the message is from the Temple of the Aesir. Have you heard of the [Visindakonar]?"

Per says, "The Council of Gothi have four Visindakonar. These powerful female seers are renowned for the accuracy of their prophetic visions. It is an unusual [honor] for a new recruit like you to get an audience with one."

Per says, "One of their number, Visinakona Guri, has requested that you go speak to her. I am not sure why you are being personally summoned by one of the Visindakona, but it is not my place to question them. I think you had better go [talk to her]."

You have been given the Carved in Bone (Epic 1) quest.

Per says, "The Temple of the Aesir in Jordheim is the building right in front of the entrance from Mularn. You should be able to find the [oracular] Visindakonar just inside."

Per says, "Remember to show respect when dealing with the Visindikona, and to bow to her when you first approach. You represent all Healers with your actions. Go now. Good luck."

You bow to Visindakona Guri.

Visindakona Guri says, "Anharad. You are just as my vision showed. Thank you for coming. You may be wondering [why] you have been summoned here."

Visindakona Guri says, "I am Visindakona Guri, and it is my duty to receive visions from the gods. These [visions] provide the Council of Gothi with information about the will of the gods and dangers to Midgard."

Visindakona Guri says, "I have had a vision of a terrible war, Anharad. This war consumes Midgard from within, and brings about the end of all good folk of this land. [This war] cannot come to pass."

Visindakona Guri says, "You are new to this struggle, so I will not trouble you with all the details of my vision. But you should know this much: I have seen you in my vision. You were fighting, and risking all, to undo those who would [threaten] us."

Visindakona Guri says, "Their identity remains hidden to me, though I have learned that [the Vendo] are involved in this somehow."

Visindakona Guri says, "The Vendo are a brutish race of large bear headed men. They have always been a danger to those who stray too far North of Mularn, but they lack the [organization] to pose any real threat to Midgard as a whole. "

Visindakona Guri says, "One of my agents is a capable hunter named Rielder. I need you to find Rielder and deliver this message to him. It is an order from the Council of Gothi to scout the bear men camps to see if anything has changed among the Vendo in the area. Rielder can usually be found in the bar in Mularn. If Rielder asks for your help, give it to him. When you are done, make sure to return to me and report what has happened. Thanks for your service to the Council of Gothi, and to Midgard, Anharad. May the gods speed your travels!"

You receive Rielder's Orders from Visindakona Guri!

Rielder says, "What is it?! I hate to be bothered when I am taking my ale." Rielder says, "Oh a message from the high and mighty Council of Gothi! Well excuse me. Let's see what our godly minded city dwellers want of me this time."

Rielder reads his orders.

Rielder says, "They know that I'm in charge of monitoring the Vendo problem in the Vale of Mularn. They know that every day I go out into the woods to do just that. So they send me [orders] telling me to look for any unusual activity from the Vendo?!"

Rielder says, "You should be mad too, Healer. They are wasting both our times with their redundant messages. If you really want to do something useful, you could help me [kill a Vendo]."

Rielder says, "Aye, you look to be a capable one. Haven't spent your whole life in the city, have you? The Vendo have been sending young and swift runners between the camps recently. They are carrying some kind of [messages] back and forth."

Rielder says, "For the different camps of Vendo to be communicating like that is unusual. Something is up, but we have to kill a messenger and grab what he's carrying to find out. When I say we, I really mean you. I can't kill him without blowing my [cover]. "

Rielder says, "The Vendo leave me alone. I pretend to be a forester, and have bloodied enough aggressive Vendo that they are content to let me wander around. But if they thought that I was out there actively spying on them and hunting them, it would make my work a lot harder. So, are you [up to the job]?"

Rielder says, "That's what I was hoping you would say. You're a lot more helpful than those silk swaddled Gothi. Kill a vendo bone carrier. They can best be intercepted just to the North of the guard tower by Haggerfel. It may take some patience to catch one."

(Vendo bone carrier seen at locs=43K, 24K and 40K, 21.4K)
You attack the vendo bone carrier with your staff and hit for 300 damage!
The vendo bone carrier dies!
You receive the Bone Carved Message from the vendo bone carrier!

Rielder says, "You live! Well that's a good sign. Did you get the message?"

Rielder says, "You are a capable one, Healer. I'm glad you're on our side. Let's see, this is one of their [bone carvings]. I doubt there are any besides myself that could make sense of this. I've been tracking Vendo since before you were a twinkle in your daddy's eye."

Rielder says, "This bloody notch here means this is message of war. And three crossed strokes... mean Norsemen and their allies. Oh this is what I feared above all things. They are coming after us at last, Healer. [All of them]." Rielder says, "Run quickly, and tell Visindakona Guri of this grim news!"

Visindakona Guri says, "Anharad. You appear to be bearing grave news. Tell me what has happened." You tell Visindakona Guri of the Vendo messenger, and Rielder's translation of the bone carving. Visindakona Guri says, "Rielder has often preached the great danger of the Vendo, and sees doom in any sign. However this time I think he may be right. If this is true, we are running [out of time]."

Visindakona Guri says, "I must relay this information and consult with the Council of Gothi on our course of action. Here is a token of thanks for the service you have rendered us. I will send for you again soon, Anharad. May the gods keep your travels safe."

You receive the Healing Eleve Jewel from Visindakona Guri!
You are awarded 5,120 experience!
You are awarded 90 copper!

Shamanic Eleve Jewel -- Shaman
Healing Eleve Jewel -- Healer
Initiate Stalker Jewel -- Shadowblade
Chanter Initiate Jewel -- Skald

  Shamanic Eleve Jewel
  Healing Eleve Jewel
  Chanter Initiate Jewel
  Initiate Stalker Jewel

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# Apr 29 2007 at 2:38 PM Rating: Decent
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At level 13 I got bored camping Scout Grogor so I ran around the area to see if I could spot the carriers running around. I seen a group of Vendo mobs running around killing wolfs it had 3 Vendo Bone Carriers, a orange vendo frightener, a vendo bone collector, and a named one "Rathis". I followed them to a vendo camp, west of Scout Grogor. Once they got there Rathis left the group and another named joined the group and they continued north out of the camp.
Vendo Bone-Collector
# Dec 04 2005 at 2:27 PM Rating: Good
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"He sends you to kill a Vendo Bone Carrier just north of the tower next to Haggerfel. Just north of said tower is a named Vendo going by the moniker Scout Grogor." I stood just to the left of him at Location #43012, 24657 and two (green to a level 6) Vendo Bone-Collectors came from the SW. They both attacked.
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