Rise of the Vendo (Epic 3)  

Submitted by:Betha
Start Zone: Jordheim
Start NPC:Visindakona Guri
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Related Zones:
  Vale of Mularn
Min Level:15
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Hunter Kelbjorn
  Vendo Flayer
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Visindakona Guri says, "I was hoping you would be available, (your name). A [grim vision] has just come to me."

Visindakona Guri says, "In the vision, I see one of Rielder's hunters, Kelbjorn, captured and tortured by the Vendo. This [must not] come to pass!"

You have been given the Rise of the Vendo (Epic 3) quest.

Visindakona Guri says, "Here is a written warning for Rielder, providing the details of my vision so that he will be alert to the danger and can warn Kelbjorn. You must take this to Rielder with all haste! I feel that every moment spent talking to you is a moment too late to stop this terrible thing from happening. Run swiftly, (your name)! May the gods speed your travels."

You receive Warning for Kelbjorn from Visindakona Guri!

Rielder says, "Hey, it's the Healer! Good to see you again. By the fires of Muspelheim, you look to be in a hurry! Let me guess, another message from Visindakona Guri and the Council of Gothi?"

Rielder says, "A warning? What, they think Kelbjorn can't take care of himself? Haha! Okay okay, I'll tell you where you can find [Kelbjorn]. You can go give this to him yourself."

You receive Warning for Kelbjorn from Rielder!

Rielder says, "Due North of the guard tower near Haggerfel there is a steep mountain. On the other side of that mountain is valley. Search that valley for Kelbjorn. Watch out for Vendo, and stay safe!"

You examine Hunter Kelbjorn.
He is friendly. Vale of Mularn 43523, 16880
Hunter Kelbjorn is being ambushed!
The vendo flayer kills Hunter Kelbjorn!

Visindakona Guri says, "I know what you have come to tell me (your name). My vision has come to pass, and Kelbjorn is a captive of the Vendo. I can still see the brave young norseman in my mind's eye. I even think I know where they are holding him. Do you [want to rescue] him?"

Visindakona Guri says, "You are brave, (your name). None can dispute that. I think that you should seek out at least one or two allies for this desperate rescue mission. Kelbjorn is being heavily guarded in a [Vendo Camp]."

Visindakona Guri says, "To find this camp travel to Fort Veldon. Then head into the forest due West. There are a series of Vendo camps in that direction. Kelbjorn is in the first one you will come to, being held captive in one of the tents. It will [be dark] in there, so you will have to enter each tent to find the one that Kelbjorn is in."

Visindakona Guri says, "Take this lantern to help you see when you are inside the tents. Every moment you take getting prepared is one in which Kelbjorn may perish, but do not rush in so blindly that you get yourself killed. May the gods grant you victory, (your name)!"

You receive the Lantern from Visindakona Guri!

You target [the Hunter Kelbjorn] Vale of Mularn 27476, 11000 (rounded tent)
You receive the Kelbjorn's Journal from the Hunter Kelbjorn!

Visindakona Guri says, "Tell me, what happened?"

You tell Visindakona Guri about Kelbjorn's death, and the journal you found on his corpse.

Visindakona Guri says, "Kelbjorn served the Council of Gothi well. He was a good agent, and capable scout. He will be missed. Thank you for your valiant efforts to save him, and the [great risks] you have taken."

Visindakona Guri says, "Kelbjorn's journal may contain some useful information. May I have it?" Visindakona Guri says, "Here is a token of appreciation from the Council of Gothi. I will be sending for you again soon, (your name). Prepare yourself for that time, for I fear that the challenges ahead will make the ones you have faced so far seem trivial. Safe travels."

You receive the Journeyman Healer Bracer from Visindakona Guri!
You are awarded 409,600 experience!
You are awarded 8 silver and some copper!

Journeyman Healer Bracer -- Healer
Journeyman Shaman Bracer -- Shaman
Deceiver Bracer -- Shadowblade
Battle Chanter Bracer -- Skald

  Journeyman Healer Bracer
  Battle Chanter Bracer
  Deceiver Bracer
  Journeyman Shaman Bracer

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Shadowblade's Reward
# Oct 01 2005 at 7:31 PM Rating: Decent
The Shadowblade receives the Deceiver Bracer. Envenom +2, Stealth +2 and Strength +7 (Level 17 Magic Item)
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