Hammering the Tomte (Epic 2)  

Start Zone: Jordheim
Start Location:Temple of the Aesir
Start NPC:Visindakona Magna
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Related Zones:
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Min Level:10
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Related NPCs:
  Tomte Invader
Related Items:
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  Hammer of Tomte Crushing
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Speak with Visindakona Magna, loc=23751,26644 inside the Temple of the Aesir in Jordheim.
2) Speak with Burl across the bridge from Jordheim, loc=55164,18909 Vasudheim, East Svealand
3) Speak with Vidarl, a named tomte hiding beside the bridge to the East of Audliten, loc=17083,23865 East Svealand.
4) Give Vidarl the Payment for Vidarl from Visindakona Magna.
5) Return to Burl to get the Hammer of Tomte Crushing. Equip the hammer.
6) Travel to just outside of Audliten to the West side of town where the tall pole is. /use the Hammer of Tomte Crushing, kill all the tomte invaders that spawn (around10-12 of them)
7) Return to Visindakona Magna in Jordheim for your reward.

lvl 49 Thane received 61,440 experience, 4 silver and Stormhammer Belt.

Quest dialog:
You can first speak with your class trainer or just talk to Visindakona Magna is at loc=23751,26644,8028 dir=253 inside the Temple of the Aesir in Jordheim, to begin this quest

Visindakona Magna says, "There you are, Thane. I sent for you because I have discovered more about [the tomte threat] that we uncovered earlier."

Will you continue to help Visindakona Magna investigate the tomte threat? [Level 10]
You have been given the Hammering the Tomte (Epic 2) quest.

[Step #1] Finish talking to Visindakona Magna. If she stops talking to you, ask her about the [plans of the tomtes].

Visindakona Magna says, "Guided by my always accurate visions, I have found a tomte informant that is willing to provide us information about his fellow tomtes in exchange for gold and treasure. He has promised that the next time he is contacted he will give [information] on the location of a secret tomte invasion force."

Visindakona Magna says, "If he does, it is proof that he is willing to sell out his own kind. With this proof we know we will be able to rely on him for continuing information about the [plans of the tomtes]."

Visindakona Magna says, "My vision has revealed that they are the greatest hidden threat that Midgard has ever faced. You cannot fail, Thane. Take this payment to give to [the informant]. His name is Vidarl."

You receive the Payment for Vidarl from Visindakona Magna!

Visindakona Magna says, "He is used to being contacted by one of my agents in Vasudheim named Burl. Burl is a merchant in Vasudheim, just across the bridge from Jordheim. You will need to talk to Burl first to find out where to contact [Vidarl]."

Visindakona Magna says, "If Vidarl gives you the location of the tomte invasion force, do whatever you can to disrupt or destroy that force. When you are done, return to me to report what has happened."

[Step #2] Find Burl in Vasudheim, just across the bridge from Jordheim.
  • Burl is at loc=55164,18909,4600 dir=163 Vasudheim, East Svealand.

  • Burl says, "Hail, Thane. Are you here on behalf of [Visindakona Magna]?"

    Burl says, "I thought so. She told me she would be sending you my way soon. I will tell you where to go to contact Vidarl. You [have the payment] of gold for him already right?"

    Burl says, "Good to hear. I have been his contact up until now, but I the danger of the mission is increasing and I am too old for running about after tomtes. I'm sure you will be able to take over just fine. Watch out for [Vidarl] though, he's a shifty one."

    Burl says, "He is supposed to be waiting for us to contact him now. You can find him beside the bridge that is East from Audliten, hiding next to the water's edge. Good luck!"

    [Step #2] Find Vidarl hiding beside the bridge to the East of Audliten, and give him the payment.
  • Vidarl is at loc=17083,23865,4399 dir=332 East Svealand.

  • Vidarl says, "Hrrrhmph! What does the Dwarf want with Vidarl?"

    Vidarl says, "Ehhh? Lot of gold! You came [instead of Burl]?"

    [Step #2] Finish talking to Vidarl. If he stops talking to you, tell him that you came [instead of Burl].

    Vidarl says, "Nevermind I don't care, as long as the gold is the same. I'll tell you some good information, and you'll want to bring Vidarl even more gold for even better information. You see, the tomtes think to war upon your kind. They are stupid to do so, but when I tell them this they throw pointy things at me. So you want to hear [all about] the tomte war plans?"

    Vidarl says, "Hahaha you think me a fool! If I tell you all then no more gold for Vidarl. I'll tell you their plans one at a time. And listen to me, Dwarf. The tomte are on the rise. They think to destroy Midgard [from within]."

    Vidarl says, "Even now a large force of tomte are digging a secret tunnel. They plan to invade and pillage the town of Audliten. To prove that I am worth the gold, I'll tell you exactly where the tunnel is coming up, and how you can [ambush them]."

    Vidarl says, "The tomte have an agent spying on the town. When the town is ripe for an attack he will signal the tomtes underground by banging on a pole near where they are coming up. If you want to ambush them, all you have to do is get a big hammer and hit [the pole]. When they come digging out of the ground, just hit them on the head!"

    Vidarl says, "The pole they are aiming the tunnel for is just outside Audliten to the West of the town. Go find a hammer you can use to hit the pole, then get ready to smash tomte heads. Hahahah I wish I could see the looks on their faces when you do! I bet Burl has a hammer you can use. Run along now!"

    [Step #3] Return to Burl in Vasudheim, to see if he has a hammer you can use to ambush the tomtes.

    Burl says, "Back already? Did our little tomte informant give any good information?"

    You tell Burl about the invasion tunnel, and Vidarl's suggestion to use a big hammer.

    Burl says, "If Vidarl's story is true, we have got ourselves a valuable spy after all! Here is a big hammer designed for use in house building. It won't stand up to heavy combat use, but should be perfect for hitting tomte invaders on the head. May Odin and Thor guide your hammer Thane!"

    You receive the Hammer of Tomte Crushing from Burl!

    [Step #4] Just outside of Audliten on the West side of town is a tall pole. /use the Hammer of Tomte Crushing to make the tomtes think it is time to invade, then kill all the tomte invaders with the hammer.
  • The pole is at loc=1450,21009,4601 dir=273 East Svealand, when you get there you will get a pop-up saying "You have found the pole. /use the hammer then get ready to hit some tomte heads with it." Equip the hammer and /use, next message you get is "You hit the pole with the hammer. You hear the sound of many tomte digging up from underground." There will be about 10-12 tomte invaders who spawn around the pole area. Kill them all, once all are dead you'll get the message "You have stopped the tomte invasion! Return to Visindakona Magna to report what has happened."

  • [Step #7] Return to Visindakona Magna in Jordheim to report what has happened.

    Visindakona Magna says, "I knew you would return soon. It is good to see you, brave Thane. I have something important of which [to inform you]."

    Visindakona Magna says, "You return! Tell me of your journies, and what has happened."

    You tell Visindakona Magna about the tomte invasion tunnel, and how you stopped the tomtes.

    Visindakona Magna says, "The threat of the tomtes is great indeed. But as long as heroes like you are willing to rise to the defense of Midgard, we will be able to contain their threat. Thank you for your service, (your name). I have a [reward] to give you, on behalf of the Council of Gothi."

    Visindakona Magna says, "The tomtes are many, and will no doubt continue to cause us trouble. I will monitor the situation using the gift of my vision, and my agents in Svealand. Safe travels for now, (your name). I will send for you again before long."

    You receive the Stormhammer Belt from Visindakona Magna!
    You are awarded 61,440 experience!
    You are awarded 4 silver and some copper!
    You have completed the Hammering the Tomte (Epic 2) quest!

    (quest exp reward for a lvl 49)

    Stormhammer Belt -- Thane
    Handmaiden Belt -- Valkyrie
    Runic Practitioner Belt -- Runemaster

      Handmaiden Belt
      Stormhammer Belt
      Runic Practitioner Belt

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