Let Sleeping Serpents Lie (Epic 9)  

Submitted by:Motelwarrior of Merlin
Start Zone: Jordheim
Start NPC:see note in bold
Related Quests:
  Visions of Red (Epic 7)
  Ragnarok Now (Epic 8)
Related Zones:
  Svealand East
Min Level:45
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Related NPCs:
  Visindakona Guri
  Visindakona Magna
  Visindakona Sigyn
  Visindakona Siv
Last Updated:Mon Feb 7 16:34:41 2011
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Must perform epic quests 1-8 for your class before you can be given this quest. Unlike class Epic quests 1-6, this quest, like Epic 7 & 8, can be done by all classes.

This quest begins with same npc you have begun all epic quests 2-6. After you speak with that npc all classes will be directed to speak Lynnleigh...

If you know any information about this quest (NPC who starts the quest, other NPC's involved and their names, zones, dialog, ect...) please e-mail me at maia@allakhazam.com or post it below. Thank you!

Walkthrough submitted by: Skaldini of Merlin

- After talking to Lynnleigh she tells you to go to Skona Ravine (the island in the long lake, same as previous one) and kill Fjalar or Galar to get the
Dagger Shaped Key. /Use like before to port to the dungeon.

- The stuff in dungeon cons oj to a level 50. Kill your way until you get to a set of 4 rooms in a square pattern where you will get hit with a proc of some sort ( I'm sorry, i don't know how to describe it). seemed to be lightning damage. you will get a message "MI TM 4 hits you for ... damage!"
I just killed all mobs in those 4 rooms and ran though, it was fine.

- After you kill your way a bit you get to the Seithkona's (5 of these and all oj) and Fronda (red) room. These guys don't BaF so just pull one at a
time. they hit harder than they con, using a Poison bolt DoT (does about 50-60 damage per tick) and melee attack which kinda hurt (more than the
other mobs, these Seithkona's hit for about 120-140). Once all Seithkonas are dead pull the Fronda, she hits for about 220-250 and uses same DoT as

- After killing Fronda, locate and kill Hagall. He was very well protected and took a while to get to so use caution. There is about 15 mobs to get
through in 2 rooms to get to this guy, and a extra 10 in the room he is in. Once all oj minions dead go up and talk to the Bodyguard Hagall (on the
right who is red con) and speak to him. accept the challenge to the Champion Hagall and kill him, he cons red and does a series of lightning attacks that
do decent damage along with melee. Once dead you are free to take on Hagall, all you need to do is get into his aggro range and he will come get
you. he cons purple to a level 50 and uses the same lightning attacks as his Champion Hagall.

- Once Hagall is dead, return to Lynnleigh on the island southwest of Vasudheim to receive a "Lynnleigh scroll" which you then return to Visindakona Guri in Jordheim to get your Epic Armor.

Guiding Spirit Armor -- Valkyrie
Blessed Balm Armor -- Healer
Earthen Entranced Armor -- Shaman
Fierce Defender's Armor -- Warrior
Brutish Battle Armor -- Savage
Bravery Bound Armor -- Berserker
War Cry Armor -- Skald
Shadowhunter Armor -- Hunter
Shadow Touched Armor -- Spiritmaster
Sable Rune Armor -- Runemaster
Entrancing Mayhem Armor -- Warlock
Phantom Rune Armor -- Bonedancer
Lightning Imbued Armor -- Thane
Lurking Shadow Armor -- Shadowblade
Iron Hide Armor -- Mauler

  Blessed Balm Hauberk
  Blessed Balm Leggings
  Blessed Balm Sleeves
  Blessed Balm Boots
  Blessed Balm Gloves
  Blessed Balm Circlet
  Earthen Entranced Hauberk
  Earthen Entranced Sleeves
  Earthen Entranced Circlet
  Earthen Entranced Leggings
  Earthen Entranced Gloves
  Earthen Entranced Boots
  Guiding Spirit Hauberk
  Guiding Spirit Sleeves
  Guiding Spirit Leggings
  Guiding Spirit Circlet
  Guiding Spirit Gloves
  Guiding Spirit Boots
  Fierce Defender's Boots
  Fierce Defender's Gloves
  Fierce Defender's Hauberk
  Fierce Defender's Circlet
  Fierce Defender's Leggings
  Fierce Defender's Sleeves
  Brutish Battle Vest
  Brutish Battle Sleeves
  Brutish Battle Circlet
  Brutish Battle Leggings
  Brutish Battle Gauntlets
  Brutish Battle Boots
  Bravery Bound Leggings
  Bravery Bound Jerkin
  Bravery Bound Sleeves
  Bravery Bound Circlet
  Bravery Bound Gloves
  Bravery Bound Boots
  War Cry Hauberk
  War Cry Sleeves
  War Cry Leggings
  War Cry Gloves
  War Cry Boots
  War Cry Circlet
  Shadowhunter Jerkin
  Shadowhunter Sleeves
  Shadowhunter Leggings
  Shadowhunter Circlet
  Shadowhunter Gloves
  Shadowhunter Boots
  Shadow Touched Vest
  Shadow Touched Pants
  Shadow Touched Boots
  Shadow Touched Gloves
  Shadow Touched Circlet
  Shadow Touched Sleeves
  Sable Rune Circlet
  Sable Rune Vest
  Sable Rune Sleeves
  Sable Rune Gloves
  Sable Rune Pants
  Sable Rune Boots
  Entrancing Mayhem Vest
  Entrancing Mayhem Sleeves
  Entrancing Mayhem Pants
  Entrancing Mayhem Circlet
  Entrancing Mayhem Gloves
  Entrancing Mayhem Boots
  Phantom Rune Vest
  Phantom Rune Sleeves
  Phantom Rune Pants
  Phantom Rune Boots
  Phantom Rune Gloves
  Phantom Rune Circlet
  Lightning Imbued Hauberk
  Lightning Imbued Leggings
  Lightning Imbued Sleeves
  Lightning Imbued Gloves
  Lightning Imbued Boots
  Lightning Imbued Circlet
  Lurking Shadow Jerkin
  Lurking Shadow Sleeves
  Lurking Shadow Leggings
  Lurking Shadow Boots
  Lurking Shadow Gloves
  Lurking Shadow Circlet
  Boots of Iron Hide
  Gauntlets of Iron Hide
  Hauberk of Iron Hide
  Leggings of Iron Hide
  Sleeves of Iron Hide
  Circlet of Iron Hide

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4 ppl were able to complete
# Jan 12 2007 at 12:31 AM Rating: Decent
a 50 thane, 2 50 supp spec'd BDs, and a 48 mauler were able to do the entire epic in about 30-45 mins
Dungeon update
# Sep 30 2005 at 10:31 PM Rating: Decent
With the "tweaking" Mythic did to this instanced dungeon shortly after we did our trio-trek through it, it became a good bit easier. I have done a couple other trips through, and all of them were pretty easy--even for partial groups. Groups with PBAoE'ers can make the run in 30 minutes...give or take.

Partial description for the last ID:
# Sep 20 2005 at 2:21 PM Rating: Excellent
152 posts
Submitted by: Motelwarrior of Merlin

Despite the 6 - 8 person advisory given in the level 45 epic quest, we did this with myself (46 warrior - 46 axe/46 shield/21 parry), a 46 healer (mend/pac), and a 48 shaman (aug/cave). When we zoned into the dungeon, we got spam stating that the dungeon was adjusted for four level 44 characters. Disregarding the fact that a level 44 cannot get the level 45 epic quest, it is my humble opinion that it would be highly unlikely that four level 44's could have made it through the dungeon, as half the mobs were purple to our 48 shammy. It took our mini-group better than 3 hours to make the crawl from beginning to end, and, this was with almost zero downtime--with the exception of the mini-bosses. This could have been done quicker, but we lacked a good DPS class & we played it safe by pulling most of the mobs in the dungeon--more on this later.

It is a huge dungeon with two mini-bosses & the final named in this dungeon. But, overall, it is very similar to the other instanced, epic dungeons. You will need to slowly clear your way to the named mobs. Be forewarned that almost everything in this dungeon calls for help; so you will want to pull them back a room or two to keep them from getting unwanted adds.

From the entrance you will wade through enough Red Daggers to create a small army, and, as stated earlier, almost all of them will call for help. You will eventually come to four, square'ish shaped rooms that are interconnected. There is only one tunnel into this area & one leading out (to the final area). As you start clearing these rooms out, there are some "interesting" lightening effects that will start going off. Nothing bad happened to us, but it could be part of some type of "badness" if you aren't cautious. You will definitely want to clear these four rooms & the tunnels leading on to the final area though.

Just past these four inter-linked rooms (about three quarters of the way into the dungeon), you will find a room full of Sethkona. Most are easy kills, but the named Sethkona (the first mini-boss) will bring every mob within a couple rooms around her to her aid. (Much like the final named mobs in the previous epic dungeons.) So try and clear everything even remotely close before pulling her. She has a wide variety & seemingly never-ending supply of instant spells (we saw bolts, DDs, disease, and DoTs during our fight) which seem to be fired at random intervals at random group members. She also tends to switch aggro relatively easily, and has a very nasty habit of porting around (to include into walls). Given her tendency to switch aggro, tank-types will want to lean on their taunt styles a little heavier than usual--not sure if FDS pet pulls will have this same problem. Her "porting" can be held in check a bit by using stuns liberally...this also helps tone down the number of spells she fires off. (Healer was using his stuns, and I was using my Valkyrie's Shield/Midnight Sun style chain & shield Slam style for the stuns.)

The main, and final, chamber contains about a dozen Red Dagger guards that can easily be pulled out to leave the three named Red Daggers (all neutral at this point) on a raised section in the back of the room. Once the room is cleared of all the "standard" Red Dagger mobs, the tank will need to walk up the steps to where the three named Red Daggers are standing. At the top of the steps, he/she will get a pop-up stating that they need to talk to one of the Red Daggers in order to get permission to challenge the champion/hero (forget what he was called, but he is the second "mini-boss"), and upon defeating him, you get the honor of challenging the final named. As soon as you challenge the champion/hero, he will go aggressive & attack. I would suggest you pull him out into the previous room for the fight because the final named will go aggressive as soon as the champion/hero dies. He is very similar to all of the other Red Daggers you will kill to get to this point...only a little higher in level. However, like the other named mobs, he will call any & all remaining mobs within a massive distance in the dungeon to his aid.

There is nothing spectacular about the final named, aside from the fact that he was pretty high leveled. So expect a good number of spell resists, melee misses, and a lot of healing. Our healer pulled aggro briefly, and was tagged a couple times for 700 - 800 points of melee damage per swing before I could get the final named off of him. My "beater" gear is all level 51, 99% quality, and SC'ed to max out my STR, CON, DEX, QUI, axe/shield/parry skills, crush/thrust/slash resistances, and almost capped for HPs. Despite this, the final named was hitting me better than 500 damage a hit, he by-passed all of my defensive mitigation skills (block, parry, and evade) almost every attack, and my miss rate was saddening. So, whoever tanks him is going to want good support with you.

I suppose the last thing worth mentioning about the final named is that he seems to have the ability to call every living mob in the dungeon to his aid. This became apparent several minutes after we dropped the final named, when better than a dozen mobs showed up. There were only a couple of side tunnels in the upper half of the dungeon that still had any mobs left in them, as we had cleared everything else on our way to the final encounter.

At level 46, I gained 2.2 bubbles of XP (with the 5% XP bonus from Orion's Belt) doing the grind through the final dungeon, and about .8 of a bubble for completing the quest. And, of course, you get your shiny, new epic armor.

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