The Final Strike (Epic 9)  

Submitted by:Punchy of Lamarok
Start Zone: Tir na Nog
Start NPC:class trainer
Related Quests:
  A Foot in the Door (Epic 7)
  Shattering the Alliance (Epic 8)
Min Level:45
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Related NPCs:
  King Tethra
  Prince Sephius
Last Updated:Sat Sep 17 01:34:25 2011
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Must perform epic quests 1-8 for your class before you can be given this quest. Unlike class Epic quests 1-6, this quest, like Epic 7 & 8, can be done by all classes.

This quest begins with same npc you have begun all epic quests 2-6.

Ah, there you are! Brigit has been looking for you. She sends word that Lobais' preparations are [complete]

[Step #2] Speak to Brigit in Tir na Nog

[Step #3] Speak to Lobais about the device he has prepared for reaching the top floor of Tethra's stronghold

Lobais says, "Excellent. This item should be able to levitate your group to a small height for a short period of time. Draw close to the wall at the end of the main hall and use the the crystal. Its power will drain quickly, so do not waste the energy needlessly.

[Step #4] Return to the Formorian fortress. /use the statuette to port inside. Once inside /use the Crystal Lobias gave you to reach the second floor. Kill the siabra delegation led by Prince Sephius.

Once you port inside to to the left through the wood door. In the center of the hall there you will recieve a message of a good place to use the crystal.

[Step #5] You've slain the siabra delegation led by Prince Sephius. Now, make your way to King Tethra's throne room and speak with his Herald. Use must deactivate the barrier to kill the king.

[Step #6] You've slain King Tethra and ended the threat he posed to Hibernia. Return to Brigit in Tir na Nog and give her the news. You may /use the Fomorian Statuette to exit the dungeon.

[Step #7] Take Brigit's note to Laraulaye, who can be found near the vault Keeper in Tir na Nog

Aye, I've no need to read the letter! Tis a small palace. You've earned this reward, (your name), you've done a great thing for Hibernia! Tell me when you are ready to [continue] and receive your armor. Here is your armor, (your name). May it serve you well.

You are awarded 1 gold and some silver!
You are awarded 1,303,262,080 experience!

Mistbound Armor (cloth) -- Eldritch
Mistbound Armor (scale) -- Hero
Moonlight Armor -- Enchanter
Immortal Shadows Armor -- Vampiir
Ivy Entwined Armor -- Animist
Moonbeam Armor -- Champion
Tempered Sidhe Armor -- Blademaster
Mystic Ivybound Armor -- Warden
Gloomwalker Armor -- Nightshade
Shrouded Mist Armor -- Ranger
Sidhe Spellbound Armor -- Mentalist
Melodious Armor -- Bard
Ivy-scaled Armor -- Druid
Shadowed Vale Armor -- Valewalker
Iron Hide Armor -- Mauler

  Mistbound Robe
  Mistbound Sleeves
  Mistbound Pants
  Mistbound Boots
  Mistbound Gloves
  Mistbound Wreath
  Moonlight Robe
  Moonlight Sleeves
  Moonlight Pants
  Moonlight Wreath
  Moonlight Gloves
  Moonlight Boots
  Vest of Immortal Shadows
  Leggings of Immortal Shadows
  Sleeves of Immortal Shadows
  Gloves of Immortal Shadows
  Boots of Immortal Shadows
  Wreath of Immortal Shadows
  Ivy Entwined Robe
  Ivy Entwined Sleeves
  Ivy Entwined Pants
  Ivy Entwined Wreath
  Ivy Entwined Gloves
  Ivy Entwined Boots
  Moonbeam Breastplate
  Moonbeam Sleeves
  Moonbeam Leggings
  Moonbeam Boots
  Moonbeam Gloves
  Moonbeam Wreath
  Tempered Sidhe Hauberk
  Tempered Sidhe Sleeves
  Tempered Sidhe Leggings
  Tempered Sidhe Wreath
  Tempered Sidhe Gloves
  Tempered Sidhe Boots
  Mistbound Hauberk (hero)
  Mistbound Sleeves (hero)
  Mistbound Gloves (hero)
  Mistbound Leggings (hero)
  Mistbound Boots (hero)
  Mistbound Wreath (hero)
  Mystic Ivybound Hauberk
  Mystic Ivybound Leggings
  Mystic Ivybound Sleeves
  Mystic Ivybound Gloves
  Mystic Ivybound Boots
  Mystic Ivybound Wreath
  Gloomwalker Vest
  Gloomwalker Sleeves
  Gloomwalker Leggings
  Gloomwalker Wreath
  Gloomwalker Gloves
  Gloomwalker Boots
  Shrouded Mist Hauberk
  Shrouded Mist Leggings
  Shrouded Mist Wreath
  Shrouded Mist Gloves
  Shrouded Mist Boots
  Shrouded Mist Sleeves
  Sidhe Spellbound Boots
  Sidhe Spellbound Gloves
  Sidhe Spellbound Pants
  Sidhe Spellbound Robe
  Sidhe Spellbound Sleeves
  Sidhe Spellbound Wreath
  Melodious Hauberk
  Melodious Sleeves
  Melodious Leggings
  Melodious Boots
  Melodious Gloves
  Melodious Wreath
  Ivy-scaled Leggings
  Ivy-scaled Boots
  Ivy-scaled Breastplate
  Ivy-scaled Gloves
  Ivy-scaled Sleeves
  Ivy-scaled Wreath
  Robe of the Shadowed Vale
  Pants of the Shadowed Vale
  Sleeves of the Shadowed Vale
  Gloves of the Shadowed Vale
  Wreath of the Shadowed Vale
  Boots of the Shadowed Vale
  Boots of Iron Hide
  Gauntlets of Iron Hide
  Hauberk of Iron Hide
  Leggings of Iron Hide
  Sleeves of Iron Hide
  Wreath of Iron Hide

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# Mar 01 2007 at 9:09 AM Rating: Decent
1 animist can solo this btw.
soloed successfully
# Jun 27 2006 at 10:42 PM Rating: Decent
soloed as an ml10 convoker tri spec druid. Gets a bit dicey with the champion and king, but using ml9 was able to take em down.
# Apr 25 2006 at 6:54 AM Rating: Excellent
46 posts
If you have problems reaching the King's Herald because a barrier is in front of him, look for a Letter Prince Sephius drops. Rightclick it and /interact , it gives you a Hint how to Deactivate the Barrier.
# Apr 06 2006 at 1:22 PM Rating: Decent
if you're having problems with the prince, you can have 1 person kite them while you kill the bodyguards. prince doesnt have very much hps but hits real hard.

right before the king you have to fight a champion of tethras, conned red @ 50 w/ 3person group. king was easy, weak melee but decent nuker.

did it with 2 50 SM vamps and 1 50 warden
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