700 SC Tradeskill (Mid)  

Submitted by:Motelwarrior
Start Zone: Jordheim
Start NPC:Hradi Thorleif
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Min Level:10
Max Level:50
Grants XP:No
Grants Coin:No
Related NPCs:
  Falla Hemingr
  Holsvi Hallgrim
Last Updated:Tue Dec 19 04:58:50 2006
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Quest name in Journal: Mid - 700 SC Tradeskill (Level 10)

Go talk to Hradi Thorleif (Spellcrafters Master) in the capital building in Jordheim to start the quest.

Hradi Thorleif says, "So, you have returned to me again. Tell me, (your name), do you seek tasks for the [junior] level of spellcrafting, the [journeyman] level or the [senior] level?"

Hradi Thorleif says, "There comes a time in every young crafter's life when they must make a journey in order to gain more knowledge of their realm and their people. I believe it is [time] for you to make such a trek."

Hradi Thorleif says, "But first you must prove to me that you are certain you wish to begin this. Are you [ready] to make this journey?"

You have been given the Mid - 700 SC Tradeskill quest.

Hradi Thorleif says, "Your journey shall begin with me. I shall test your abilities by having you create for me a [faceted war rune]"

Hradi Thorleif says, "I will need for you to create an faceted Lightning Charged War Rune and bring it back to me. Remember, I will be very critical of your work, so only a 96% quality or higher item will do. Return when you're done."

(Go craft gem...)

Hradi Thorleif says, "So it's done then? Let me see the Lightning Charged War Rune."

(Hand Hradi the Lightning Charged War Rune.)

Hradi Thorleif says, "Ah! Most exquisite! Yes, this is a fine spell sigil, one of the better ones I have seen in my day. Good job (your name). Very good job. Now, onto the next part of your [journey]."

Hradi Thorleif says, "Now it is time to test your compassion. Seek out Holsvi Hallgrim in Jordheim and listen to her for a while. When you have learned some things about her, return to me."

(Hradi Thorleif is located in the long rectangular building just to the west & below the steps leading up to the main "capital" building in Jordheim. Location: 24503, 24092.)

Holsvi Hallgrim says, "Good day to you. How might I help you today? I have a large selection of [goods] for you to look through."

Holsvi Hallgrim says, "I have many different kinds of alchemical and spellcrafting components. You seem like a dedicated tradesperson. Dedication really [makes a person]."

Holsvi Hallgrim says, "There are those around here that aren't dedicated to their jobs or their country. It makes me sad. I really enjoy my job and I try to do my [best] every day."

Holsvi Hallgrim says, "It helps that I am a single person and that my family lives in Aegirhamn. I have no [distractions] to take me away from my work."

Holsvi Hallgrim says, "My work is everything to me. One day I hope to be able to expand my services to the people beyond Jordheim. But until that day, I shall just have to be content here. Let me know if there is something you wish to purchase."

(Return to Hradi in the capital building.)

Hradi Thorleif says, "So you've returned. Let us test your knowledge. Tell me young (your name). What is it that Holsvi enjoys most in the world?"

(Say "her work" to advance the quest.)

Hradi Thorleif says, "Yes! Holsvi enjoys her work the most. Excellent job (your name). You took the time to listen to someone even though they may never buy a single item from you. You have a good heart. Now, onto the [next leg] of your journey."

Hradi Thorleif says, "My colleagues and I have been talking about our most prized pupils and what they are able to accomplish. I was boasting that you, (your name), are my most prized pupil who has [accomplished] many things."

Hradi Thorleif says, "Before my friends and I get together tonight, I want you to make for me four flawed jewels so that I might show them how extraordinary a spellcrafter you are. You are to make for me the [following]."

Hradi Thorleif says, "You will craft with your hands a flawed ice rune, a flawed dust rune, a flawed heat rune and a flawed vapor rune. When you have finished these, return them to me. Remember, I will be very critical of your work, so only the best will do."

(Go craft the four gems...)

Hradi Thorleif says, "Have you finished? If so, hand me the flawed ice rune first."

(Hand Hradi the flawed ice rune.)

Hradi Thorleif says, "Wonderous! Now, hand me the flawed dust rune."

(Hand Hradi the flawed dust rune.)

Hradi Thorleif says, "Yes, most excellent! This gem is nicely shaped. Now, hand the flawed heat rune to me."

(Hand Hradi the flawed heat rune.)

Hradi Thorleif says, "Yes, beautiful! You are certainly a talented spellcrafter. Now, for the final gem. Hand me the flawed vapor rune."

(Hand Hradi the flawed vapor rune.)

Hradi Thorleif says, "You are truly talented (your name). Such jewels I have never seen before. I know my friends will be impressed with your work as well! You have passed the test with flying colors. For taking the time to do what I asked, I have a [gift] for you."

Hradi Thorleif says, "I have in my possession three items that can improve your ability to craft. One item makes you craft [faster], the other [better] and the last [smarter]. Which will you chose?"

Hradi Thorleif says, "So you wish to craft smarter eh? In order to do this you need a Crafted Gem Hammer. Is this the item you [want]?"

Hradi Thorleif says, "Here you are then (your name), a Crafted Gem Hammer. Use it well. I know it will serve you in the months to come."

You receive the Crafted Gem Hammer from Hradi Thorleif!

  Crafted Gem Hammer


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