Ragnarok Now (Epic 8)  

Start Zone: Jordheim
Start NPC:
Related Quests:
  Visions of Red (Epic 7)
  Let Sleeping Serpents Lie (Epic 9)
Related Zones:
  Skona Ravine
  Svealand East
Min Level:40
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Loremaster Finn
  Loremistress Saehild
  Scholar Guri
  Scholar Ornolf
  Visindakona Magna
Related Items:
  Dagger-Shaped Key
  Stolen Books
Last Updated:Wed Feb 16 01:46:03 2011
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Per patch 1.88 (3.28.07)

- Ragnarok Now - The item 'Stolen Texts' has been renamed to 'Stolen Books' to match the description given by NPCs and the quest journal.

Visindakona Magna says, "Greetings, Teidi. I'm relieved to see that you received my message. I presented your findings to the Council and Lynnleigh and we [discussed] the Red Daggers at length."

Visindakona Magna says, "The Council has formulated a plan to deal with the threat of the Red Daggers, even as they grow bolder in their crimes. Will you aid the Council in acting against the Daggers and bringing an end to their scheming?"

Will you help the Visindakonar recover the texts and prisoners taken by the Red Daggers? [Level 40]
You have been given the Ragnarok Now (Epic 8) quest.

Visindakona Magna says, "We are grateful for your continued help, Teidi. You have proven yourself in combat against the Daggers and succeeded where others could not. Please consult with Lynnleigh when you are ready."

[Step #2] Make your way to Lynnleigh on the island southwest of Vasudheim. Speak with her about infiltrating the Red Dagger hideout and recovering the stolen texts and freeing the captive scholars.
  • Lynnleigh can be found at loc=39178,21157,4736 dir=63 East Svealand on an island.
Lynnleigh says, "It's good to see you again, friend. I trust the Visindakonar told you of the Council meeting? The Council has doubled the guard patrols in the city and the lands frequented by the [Daggers]."

Lynnleigh says, "Regrettably, the Daggers seemed to elude them quite easily, spiriting away ancient texts, ritual implements, and even scholars under the cover of night. For a group motivated by profit, it's curious that they have taken to pilfering items more suited to [scholars] than merchants."

Lynnleigh says, "The Council believes that there is a link between the Daggers' dealings with the Seithkona and the shift in the focus of their crimes. I have spoken with the owners of the stolen objects, discovering something of a [common thread] among the burglaries."

Lynnleigh says, "All of the books taken by the Daggers, along with the scholars they've kidnapped, point to a sudden interest in ancient stories. I fear that they're going to try to use the Seithkona and this knowledge in order to conduct ancient [ritual]."

Lynnleigh says, "The redoubled guard patrols have managed to intercept a courier and I believe we have a good idea about where the Red Dagger base is located. There is a long lake at the western edge of the Skona Ravine, with a small island in the middle. If the Daggers have any sense, they will have posted sentries there to guard the entrance. One of them will likely have a key. Find a way to enter their hideout, retrieve the books they've stolen, and free the captive scholars before the Daggers put their plan into motion. "

[Step #3] Travel to Skona Ravine, and search for the small island in the middle of the long lake in the western part of the Ravine. Kill the Red Daggers Fjalar and Galar guarding the entrance to their stronghold, and search their corpses for a key.
  • you will find Fjalar and Galar near loc=5921,17838,1709 dir=161 Skona Ravine you'll enter a region called Rjodr Sax Eyland.

Searching Fjalar's body, you recover a dagger-shaped key that seems to fit a lock disguised as a knot in the nearby tree.

[Step #4] /Use the Dagger-Shaped Key to enter the Red Dagger stronghold. Bring a group of three or four allies with you and use the key once the group is gathered on the island. Free the Captive Scholars and reclaim the stolen books.

You attempt to use the Dagger-Shaped Key.
You have entered Red Dagger Hideout.
Current area is adjusted for four level 40 players. (zoned in solo w/lvl 49 Thane)
Current area has a 15% instance bonus.

Loremaster Finn says, "Thank you for freeing us! You must act quickly. The Red Dagger, [Aermir] has forced us to study these ancient texts. "

Loremaster Finn says, "I cannot be sure what his ultimate goal is, but all the questions that he asked us related to awakening [Jormungandr]."

Loremaster Finn says, "Jormungandr is the Midgard Serpant, the great snake that encircles the world. I don't know what evil Aermir is trying to bring about, but he must be [stopped]!"

Loremaster Finn says, "Aermir must be close by, he questions us daily. He must be defeated without delay. You should also take these books that Aermir has stolen, you can bring them to Lynnleigh after you have defeated him."

You receive the Stolen Texts from Loremaster Finn!

You examine Scholar Guri. She is friendly.
Scholar Guri says, "Thank you for freeing us!"
You examine Scholar Ornolf. He is friendly.
Scholar Ornolf says, "Thank you for freeing us!"
You examine Loremistress Saehild. She is friendly.
Loremistress Saehild says, "Thank you for freeing us!"

Quest conclusion by: Zarux of Tristan

There are 6 mobs in the final boss room. The boss is named "Aermir". When you step into the room 5 of the mobs immediately aggro. 2 of the mobs were yellow con and 3 were blue con to a lvl 50. The 2 yellow con mobs were named. These mobs seem to hit harder than they con.

"Aermir" does not aggro with the other mobs. After killing the other mobs it is easy to defeat the yellow con "Aermir". You then are able to port from the instance and your journal updates.

Tempestbound Belt -- Thane
Healing Augur Belt -- Healer
Shamanic Visionary Belt -- Shaman
Shadowbound Belt -- Shadowblade
Master of Prey Belt -- Hunter
Hel's Chosen Belt -- Warlock
Protector of Odin Belt -- Valkyrie
Bonemage Belt -- Bonedancer
Lord of Sagas Belt -- Skald
Warmonger Belt -- Warrior
Runic Adept Belt -- Runemaster
Protector of Kelgor Belt -- Savage
Spiritist Adept Belt -- Spiritmaster
Frenzied Mauler Belt -- Berserker
Iron Fist Belt -- Mauler

  Hel's Chosen Belt
  Protector of Odin Belt
  Master of Prey Belt
  Bonemage Belt
  Lord of Sagas Belt
  Tempestbound Belt
  Healing Augur Belt
  Spiritist Adept Belt
  Shamanic Visionary Belt
  Shadowbound Belt
  Warmonger Belt
  Runic Adept Belt
  Protector of Kelgor Belt
  Frenzied Mauler Belt
  Iron Fist Belt

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Aramil named
# Feb 03 2006 at 4:18 PM Rating: Decent
I did the mistake of going to upstairs tryed to find a "switch" or something to disable to fiery cage of scholars. Well the named attacked me, which I then killed. Unfortunately it was mistake as its the next step once scholars are freed - they are freed by killing all mobs in that room. When you then talk to one of those scholars _then_ you must head upstairs and kill it and his adds.

PS: The door doesn't seem to work near him, also only way out (without running back to place where you came to the instance) is to use the key again.
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