800 SC Tradeskill Quest (Hib)  

Submitted by:Hotelchanter
Start Zone: Tir na Nog
Start NPC:Shannen
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  Lough Derg
Min Level:10
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
Last Updated:Sun Jan 20 05:22:17 2008
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Shannen says, "Hello (your name). I would like to offer you the opportunity to proceed with your training, but only if you are ready to do so. You can choose training for the [junior] level, the [journeyman] level, the [senior] level, or the [master] level. What is your choice?" Shannen says, "I know sitting around all day making jewels can be a little...well, shall we say, boring? Haha! But I digress. I really am interested in your progress as a spellcrafter, so I have a [small] task for you before you go on an adventure."

Shannen says, "I need you to make me a [precious Fiery Essence Jewel]. Do you think you can do that for me?"

You have been given the Hib - 800 SC quest.

Shannen says, "Great! Now, hurry back to me when it's done. I'll expect only the highest quality, so make sure it's not damaged in any way. It will need to be 96% quality or higher."

(Go build the precious Fiery Essence Jewel & return to Shannen.)

Shannen says, "Are you done? If so, hand the precious Fiery Essence Jewel to me now."

(Hand over the gem.)

Shannen says, "Ah! So marvelous! Yes, this is what I was looking for. Excellent! Now, on to the [adventure]!"

Shannen says, "I need for you to deliver two more gems for me. There is a woman in Mag Mell named Nyra. Her and her brother are in need of the gems. Nyra requires a polished earthen Shielding Jewel and her brother requires a polished Icy Shielding Jewel. Please make and deliver these for me."

(Build the polished earthen Shielding Jewel & polished Icy Shielding Jewel, and then head off to Mag Mell. Nyra can be found on the left side of town under the mushroom. LOC (Lough Derg): 26632,6362)

Nyra says, "Hello friend. Welcome to Mag Mell. How may I be of service?"

(Hand over the polished earthen Shielding Jewel.)

Nyra says, "Ah! I can't believe it! Shannen must have gotten my letter! This is so great! I'm very happy. Thank you so much (your name). If she did get my letter, then you have one more delivery to make. Good luck and thanks!"

(Surcyn can be found in the large building on the south side of Ardee. LOC (Connacht): 55268,51287)

Surcyn says, "Hello there. What can I do for you today?"

(Hand over the polished Icy Shielding Jewel.)

Surcyn says, "Ah! How did you know I needed this? Only my sister, Nyra, knew. Oh, that clever girl! She sent you here with this, didn't she? Haha! Well, good! Good! If you happen to see her again, tell her I said thanks!"

(Return to Nyra in Mag Mell.)

Nyra says, "Hello again friend. What can I help you with this time?"

(Say, "thank you")

Nyra says, "Oh, my brother Surcyn, he's such a sweet fellow. Say, while you were gone, I got a note from Shannen. She said to return to her as soon as you were done here. Well, better hurry up. You don't want to keep her waiting!"

(Return to Shannen in Tir na Nog.)

Shannen says, "Greetings again (your name). I see Nyra gave you my message, good. That must mean you have completed the tasks, and in a good amount of time as well. For that, I have a [gift] for you."

Shannen says, "There are items within this world that can assist you in making [better] items, or help you craft [faster], or even make you a [smarter] crafter. I have in my possession these items. It is now time for you to choose one."

Shannen says, "So you wish to craft smarter? In order to do this you need a Well-made Gem Hammer. Is this the item you [want]?"

Shannen says, "Here you are then (your name). a Well-made Gem Hammer It will serve you well in the months to come. Good luck (your name). We will speak again soon."

You receive the Well-made Gem Hammer from Shannen!

  Well-Made Gem Hammer

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this helps
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Nyra's new location
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Nyra can now be found in the building to NE of bind stone in Mag Mell at loc 29484,6182
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