Bed Bugs (Mid)  

Start Zone: Jordheim
Start Location:Royal stables
Start NPC:Marnath
Min Level:30
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Bed Bug (Mid)
  Martha (Mid)
Related Items:
  Enlarging Potion
  Ingredients for Enlarging Potion
  Vial for Enlarging Potion
Last Updated:Fri Feb 29 05:55:37 2008
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Per patch 1.92 (02.27.08):
- The Bed Bugs quests for each realm have been converted to the new quest system. The old versions of the quest are still able to be completed, but the old-style quest is no longer offered.

Below is the old write-up for the quest:

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Speak with Marnath at loc=28355,22629 Jordheim, just outside the Royal stables.
2) Speak with Soldarn at loc=22429,23053 Jordheim, in the very back of the taven.
3) Speak with Tarnel at loc=21535,26244 Jordheim Koparens Marknard.
4) Speak with Martha at loc=28002,26423 Jordheim amd hand him the Vial for Enlarging Potion and Ingredients for Enlarging Potion when he asks for them.
5) Take the Enlarging Potion from Martha back to Marnath and hand it to him.
6) Take the Enlarging Potion from Marnath to loc=28196,21641 Jordheim in the back of the Royal Stable and /use the potion.
7) Kill all 3 bed bugs.
8) Go talk with Marnath to receive your reward.

lvl 31 received 5,400,000 experience.
lvl 49 received 640,000,000 experience.
lvl 50 received 640,000,000 experience.

Champion ecperienced received: 320

Quest dialog:
Speak with Marnath at loc=28355,22629,8009 dir=17 Jordheim, just outside the Royal stables.

Marnath says, "Oh I can't sleep anymore, it's horrible. It seems like everyone here has the same problem. We are [up all hours] of the night and day. What else can we do?"

Marnath says, "It seems every one of our [beds] is infested with nasty bed bugs. You can't see them but they are there nonetheless. I have [an idea] though. Perhaps you can help me?"

Marnath says, "Yes, I sleep in the stables. Bunk space is scarce in Jordheim. We make do with what we can. I sleep in one of the back three stalls."

Marnath says, "If we could find someone here that knows magic, we could whip up an enlarging spell. Then we could cast it on my bed, as [a test] of course."

Marnath says, "If it works, the bed bugs would get big enough that we could squash them like the bugs they are. I'm so tired though from lack of sleep, I'd gladly pay you if you could find me a potion maker, get a potion, and squash my bugs. Then I could finally get a good night's sleep!"

Will you help enlarge the bed bugs and squash them? [Level 30]
You have been given the Bed Bugs quest.

Marnath says, "That's great! Try seeing Healer Soldarn, maybe he can do it? He keeps a vigil in the back of the eastern most building in front of the Great Hall. "

[Step #1] Seek out healer Soldarn; he is usually holding vigil in the back of the Eastmost building in front of the Great Hall area.
  • Soldarn is at loc=22429,23053,8305 dir=260 Jordheim.

  • Soldarn says, "Marnath wants to make an enlarging potion? I guess that would work. I personally can't make a potion that would do that, but I could point you in the right direction. Go see Tarnel in Koparens Marknard. The little I do know on the subject suggests you will need a certain type of vial. I have some extra, so take one with you. "

    You receive the Vial for Enlarging Potion from Soldarn!

    [Step #2] Seek out Tarnel in town and speak with him. He hangs out in the Koparens Marknard.
  • Tarnel is at loc=21535,26244,8005 dir=244 Jordheim Koparens Marknard.

  • Tarnel says, "Soldarn said I could help? Once, I might have been able to. I'm terribly out of practice though. I would suggest seeking out Martha to make it for you, I know he still dabbles in magic on occasion. Take these ingredients and the vial Soldarn gave you and I'm sure Martha can help you."

    You receive the Ingredients for Enlarging Potion from Tarnel!

    [Step #3] Seek out Martha and speak to him. He can usually be found hanging around outside of the building where the hunter and shadowblade trainers are located.
  • Martha is at loc=28002,26423,7995 dir=93 Jordheim

  • Martha says, "Yes, I can help you. It looks like Tarnel and Soldarn steered you right. Let me see the vial that Soldarn gave you."

    [Step #3] Give Martha the potion vial that Soldarn gave you.

    Martha says, "Yes, that will do nicely. It has the perfect concavity to serve our purpose. Now hand me the ingredients that Tarnel gave you."

    [Step #3] Give Martha the potion ingredients that Tarnel gave you.

    Martha says, "Yes, just the right stuff. It's a shame Tarnel gave up the magic. Give me a moment to make the potion."

    Martha says, "Okay, that should do it. Take this to Marnath. It should do the trick."

    You receive the Enlarging Potion from Martha!

    [Step #4] Take the enlarging potion you received to Marnath and give it to him to examine.

    Marnath says, "Oh you have returned! Did you get it? Let me see it!"

    Marnath says, "Oh joy. I'm so happy! I'd examine it more, but I'm so tired you know. Let's try it right away! Take this sample amount and sprinkle it on the bed and kill any nasty bugs that appear."

    You receive the Enlarging Potion from Marnath!

    [Step #5] Take the potion into the stables and use it near the back where Marnath makes his bed. Wait to see what happens.
  • Go to the back of the stable at loc=28196,21641,8018 dir=81 Jordheim, there you will get a pop-up window telling you "You should be close enough to /use the potion now." There will be 3 bed bugs that spawn when you use the potion, kill them.

  • You attempt to use the Enlarging Potion.
    You use the Enlarging Potion.

    [Step #6] It look like it worked! Now kill all the bed bugs for Marnath. If you fail to kill them all, go back to Marnath and tell him so.

    The bed bugs are all dead!

    [Step #7] Now that you have solved his bed bug problem, talk to Marnath again.

    Marnath says, "It worked! I don't know how I can properly thank you. Take this small token as gratitude."

    You are awarded 66 silver and some copper!
    You are awarded 640,000,000 experience!
    You have completed the Bed Bugs quest!

    Marnath says, "Thank you again for your help! I can now [use] my own bed again."

    Marnath says, "Why am I not using it now? Well, much as it pains me to say it, I think I hit that point where you have been up too long and can't get to sleep. Ironic, no?"

    lvl 31 received 5,400,000 experience.
    lvl 49 received 640,000,000 experience.
    lvl 50 received 640,000,000 experience.

    Champion ecperienced received: 320

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