Bears and Taxes  

Submitted by:Reinan
Start Zone: Jordheim
Start Location:Great Hall
Start NPC:Midgard Sergeant
Darkness Rising expansion Required
Type:Mini Quest
Related Quests:
  Dark Rituals
Related Zones:
  Svealand East
Min Level:10
Max Level:12
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Juvenile Mauler
Last Updated:Thu Nov 15 04:11:26 2007
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Midgard Sergeant is located in the Great Hall in Jordheim.

Midgard Sergeant says, "Good day Troll. In these troubling times, the realm could use the support of a Warrior like you. There is much work to be done. I can offer you a variety of [missions] which will aid our cause."

Midgard Sergeant says, "There are several ways in which you could lend a hand. I can offer you an important [delivery] task or give you the responsibility of running of a [dispatch] to various agents across the realm. I may also be able to make use of your skill in [combat]."

You say, "combat"

Midgard Sergeant says, "May, from Audliten, reports that neither of the last two tax collectors sent from Jordheim have arrived. The message says that they were eaten by bears..."

Midgard Sergeant says, "Yes, it does sound strange. Nevertheless, we need to find out what happened to those tax collectors. Travel to Audliten and speak to May."

You have been given the Bears and Taxes quest. [Level 10]

[Step #1] Travel to Audliten and speak to May about the missing tax collectors.

May says, "Hello, Warrior. Am I to guess that you're here to find out about the missing tax collectors? It's no real mystery, really. They were eaten by [bears!]"

May says, "Yes, bears. Don't look at me like that...I saw it happen myself! Two black mauler juveniles got the both of them. I'll tell you what - you find proof of their guilt, and I'll reward you. Deal? You can find them to the east."

[Step #2] Kill juvenile maulers and find proof of May's claim that the tax collectors were eaten by bears.

You kill a juvenile mauler.

[Step #3] You've recovered a Torn Ledger from the belly of the black mauler juvenile. It's suspicious, but you need more proof. Kill another.

You kill a juvenile mauler and receive the Chewed Coinbox!

[Step #4] Return to May in Audliten.

May says, "Welcome back. I can see that you found some maulers. Is that a coinbox? Hand it to me please."
You hand her the coinbox.
May says, "Interesting. Was there anything else?"
You hand her the Torn Ledger.
May says, "I knew it! Here is proof that none can refute. Thank you. I will return these things to their rightful owners and we will honor the fallen. Take these coins as payment for your valiant service."

You are awarded 12,800 experience!
You are awarded 4 silver and some copper!

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