Support the Troops  

Submitted by:Reinan
Start Zone: Jordheim
Start Location:Great Hall
Start NPC:Midgard Sergeant
Darkness Rising expansion Required
Type:Mini Quest
Related Zones:
  Vale of Mularn
Min Level:13
Max Level:15
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Barkeep Nognar
Last Updated:Thu Nov 15 04:41:50 2007
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Midgard Sergeant is located in the Great Hall in Jordheim.

Midgard Sergeant says, "Good day Troll. In these troubling times, the realm could use the support of a Warrior like you. There is much work to be done. I can offer you a variety of [missions] which will aid our cause."

Midgard Sergeant says, "There are several ways in which you could lend a hand. I can offer you an important [delivery] task or give you the responsibility of running of a [dispatch] to various agents across the realm. I may also be able to make use of your skill in [combat]."

You say, "dispatch"

Midgard Sergeant says, "Barkeep Nognar has been doing an excellent job of keeping morale up for the troops when they are on leave. The quality of his goods has become the talk of the community. I've learned many of my men make sure to stop there when they have some time off. I want him to know we appreciate the job he is doing. Giving our troops just a few moments to enjoy life without thinking of the war is a very valuable service to the realm. Go there and tell him we appreciate the job he is doing."

Will you deliver the message to Barkeep Nognar in Mularn? [Level 13]
You have been given the Support the Troops quest.

[Step #1] Tell the message to Barkeep Nognar in Mularn.

Barkeep Nognar says, "Welcome to my humble establishment. We don't have a lot to offer, but we promise some good entertainment and a place to rest your weary feet after a hard day on [the job]. "

Barkeep Nognar says, "What? The realm appreciates the job I'm doing? Well I'll be. I can't believe our little place is getting that kind of attention. Granted, we often have soldiers in here. Oh the stories they tell from the front lines make us all shiver here. I'm glad I can do a little bit to take their minds off it. I tell you we have the noblest soldiers in the entire world. No one will ever be able to stand against our troops."

You are awarded 6 silver and some copper!
You are awarded 24,000 experience!

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