Blodfelag Jailbreak (Epic 4)  

Start Zone: Jordheim
Start Location:Temple of the Aesir
Start NPC:Visindakona Siv
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Min Level:20
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Speak with Visindakona Siv at loc=23661,26482 Jordheim in the Temple of the Aesir.
2) Speak with Varn at loc=54723,44326 West Svealand, in Huginfel.
3) /USE the Phial of Loki Sight from Varn at loc=36000,32866 West Svealand.
4) Speak with the Banished Blodfelag in the camp at loc=35948,33247 West Svealand
5) Return to Varn and speak with him.
6) Return to Visindakona Siv for your reward.

lvl 31 Warrior received 4,587,520 experience, 26 silver and a Veteran Cloak.

Quest Dialog:
Speak with Visindakona Siv at loc=23661,26482,8029 dir=343 Jordheim in the Temple of the Aesir.

Visindakona Siv says, "Ah, (Your Name)! I have been waiting for you! My visions become more vivid with each passing day. I see treachery in the Blodfelag ranks, yet there is [one of their own] who stands against them."

Visindakona Siv says, "Alas, she has been punished and imprisoned for her objections, but I know not where! Seek Varn in Huginfel, as he has much knowledge of the Blodfelag lands and may know where they would hold such a captive."

Will you aid Visindakona Siv and free the Blodfelag captive? [Level 20]
You have been given the Blodfelag Jailbreak (Epic 4) quest.

[Step #1] Seek out Varn in the northern part of Huginfel. It is in the south end of West Svealand on your map.
(Varn is at loc=54723,44326,4672 dir=102 West Svealand, in Huginfel.)

Visindakona Siv says, "Move swiftly, I fear without her help our fate is irrevocable!"

Varn says, "Well met, (Your Name)! Lady Siv informed me of your arrival. I have indeed seen an [encampment] where the Blodfelag imprison clansfolk of its own village! "

Varn says, "Look to the path that begins just north of the Blodfelag encampment marked on your map and you will find them. The Visindakonar have also sent this [charm] to aid you in freeing the captors."

You receive the Phial of Loki Sight from Varn!

Varn says, "I was not told what it will do, just that when used inside their camp it will turn their own hatred against them."

[Step #2] Use the phial of Loki sight at the path end near the Blodfelag encampment in the center of West Svealand on your map. (right click on the object in your inventory and type /use)
(Travel to loc=36000,32866,5708 dir=187 West Svealand, when there you will get a pop-up window stating "Use the salve now.")
You use the Phial of Loki Sight.

[Step #3] Speak with the Banished Blodfelag. If you are unable to find him return to Varn.
(The Banished Blodfelag is in the camp, loc=35948,33247,5697 dir=248 West Svealand, and he is a she.)

You examine the banished blodfelag. She is neutral towards you.

The banished blodfelag says, "Thank you for freeing me! I cannot believe my own people would do this! They banished my son from the Blodfelag because they said he wasn't pure and when I protested they held me here! Botolf is planning a massive assault on all Svealand with the intent of creating a separate Blofelag nation! You must inform whoever sent you here of this sedition!"

[Step #4] Tell Varn what you have learned.

Varn says, "This is indeed grim tidings. Return to Lady Siv for further instruction. I'm sure she will gladly reward you for unveiling such a sinister plot!"

[Step #5] Return to Visindakona Siv to receive your reward.

Visindakona Siv says, "By Odin's eye! This plot will not go unanswered! Here is a reward for discovering this atrocity! Leave me now, as I must consult with my peers to divine a course of action. Pity you are not more experienced, I would enlist your help as well..."

You are awarded 4,587,520 experience!
You are awarded 26 silver and some copper!
You receive the Veteran Cloak from Visindakona Siv!
You have completed the Blodfelag Jailbreak (Epic 4) quest!

lvl 20 received 1,261,568 experience
lvl 31 received 4,587,520 experience

Veteran Cloak -- Warrior
Prey Stalker Cloak -- Hunter
Ursinge Pillager Cloak -- Berserker
Tribal Defender Cloak -- Savage
Pugilist Cloak -- Mauler

  Prey Stalker Cloak
  Tribal Defender Cloak
  Ursine Pillager Cloak
  Veteran Cloak
  Pugilist Cloak

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Blodfelag Jailbreak (Epic 4)
# Sep 13 2006 at 11:41 PM Rating: Decent
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For Step#2 of this Epic quest, the pop-up window appears when you are a few steps to the east of the Banished Blodfelag.

Level 20 was awarded 1,261,568 experience, 26 silver, and the Prey Stalker Cloak.
Berserker Cloak
# May 27 2006 at 1:36 PM Rating: Excellent
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Typos, the name is "Ursinge", not "Ursine" (like other names yet) or "Urine"! :) Image to come.
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