Love is a Rocky Road  

Start Zone: Jordheim
Start NPC:Jondin
Min Level:30
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
Related Items:
  Heart from a wolf cub
  Ribcage from a undead wolf cub
  Potion of Undeath
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Speak with Jondin near the Catacombs entrance at loc=22779,18861 Jordheim.
2) Go speak with Tarnel in Koparens Marknard at loc=21489,26264 Jordheim.
3) Go speak with Barton at loc=25974,22910 Jordheim, west of the Great Hall entrance by the arrow merchant.
4) Go speak with Bella at loc=24917,20968 Jordheim, at the pigpen next to the Great Hall, to get a Heart from a wolf cub. (Need to /say Barton for her to talk)
5) Take the Heart from a wolf cub back to Barton.
6) Go speak with Varnis in the back of the 'The Teetering Tomte', at loc=25238,27111 Jordheim, to get a Ribcage from a undead wolf cub. (Need to /say ribcage to get Varnis talking.)
7) Take the Ribcage from a undead wolf cub back to Barton.
8) Take the Potion of Undeath from Barton back to Jondin to receive your reward.

Quest Dialog:
Speak with Jondin near the Catacombs entrance at loc=22779,18861,8777 dir=0 Jordheim.

Jondin says, "Oh my, you startled me. I was just standing here with my beloved. Pardon me if I don't turn to greet you proper, but I just can't take my [eyes off her]."

Jondin says, "Why my beloved Rockelle here."

Jondin says, "Isn't she beautiful? Large and majestic, equal parts craggy and smooth, just like I always dreamed. My [true love]."

Jondin says, "What? I know she's just a rock. You don't think I don't know that? Does that my make my love any less true? I know that within this rock lies my true love's spirit. I only need to set her free..."

Jondin cocks his head like someone else is talking.
Jondin says, "What dearest? You think this fine Thane could help us?"
Jondin says, "Why yes, I believe you could [help us]."
Jondin says, "I believe if you gather the ingredients and talk to Tarnel in town, he might be able to make a spell that could free my beloved spirit. I'd go myself, but I don't want to risk that [harm may befall] my beloved. "
Jondin says, "What harm? Why there are birds overhead, dogs marking their territory, and even turncoat trolls turned into rock smashers. Dangers abound to my amour! Please help us with this. It is for true love you know..."

Will you help the troll gain his true love? [Level 30]
You have been given the Love is a Rocky Road quest.

Jondin says, "Delightful. We will await your return eagerly. Once my love is free, I'm sure we can come up with something to thank you."

Jondin says, "Tarnel can be found with the merchants in Koparens Marknard. His salesman days are long gone, but he like to hang out there anyways."

[Step#1] Seek out Tarnel in town to see if he can create the potion Jondin requested. He hangs out in the Koparens Marknard.
(Tarnel is a kobald NPC at loc=21489,26264,8005 dir=234 Jordheim.)

Tarnel says, "My, my. I should have never given up my practice with the amount of calls I've received of late. Good to see you again, (Your name)."

Tarnel says, "Jondin wants to what? Well, I would want no part of that, even if I was still in practice, which I'm not. For what you need, go see Barton, he could do what you request."

Tarnel says, "Barton can be found west of the entrance to the Great Hall near the arrow merchant."

[Step#2] Seek out Barton to see if he can create the potion Jondin requested. He can be found west of the Great Hall entrance by the arrow merchant.
(Barton is at loc=25974,22910,8300 dir=24 Jordheim.)

Barton says, "Good day, (Your name). You are here on behalf of Jondin. Don't bother asking how I know; I'll just tell you, it's what I do. I'm psychic. Psychotic some say. To do what Jondin asks of you, I will need two things. Before I begin, I must ask you one question. Is true love worth anything?"

Barton says, "Just a simple yes or no will suffice."

You say, "yes"

Barton says, "You answer yes. Does that mean you have a noble heart or a foolish head? No matter, your resolve is known and you can handle [the tasks]."

Barton says, "The first task is to go to the pig pen by the Great Hall here in Jordheim and speak to Bella. I will need a fresh cut heart from a wolf cub. They are a delicacy and hard to come by, but Bella owes me. Just mention my name and tell her what you need. Bring it back to me immediately when you get it."

[Step#3] Talk to Bella who guards the pig pen by the Great Hall to get a fresh wolf heart.You will need to mention [Barton] to get it.
(Bella is at loc=24917,20968,8735 dir=128 Jordheim.)

Bella turns to you for a moment, seemingly with one eye always on the boars in the pin.

You say, "Barton"

Bella says, "Barton sent you, did he? Well I guess I owe him. What [delicacy] does he need now?"

Bella says, "A wolf cub heart? Fresh, even? As luck would have it, I do have one. I just hope he isn’t dabbling in anything forbidden [again]."

Bella says, "I shouldn’t get into his past; it’s his story to tell when he is ready. I would hate to see him return to his old ways and be cast out again though. I’ve said too much, take this heart and I hope you need it for the right reasons."

You receive the Heart from a wolf cub from Bella!

[Step#4] Bring the wolf cub heart back to Barton.

Barton says, "Yes, this is perfect for what we must do. Now, on to the next task. We will need a counter-reagent for the spell to be effective. This can be obtained from an undead wolf cub. The undead wolf cub has no heart so we must instead use its intact ribcage."

Barton says, "Luckily, I know another person in town that owes me a favor and collects such spectral rarities. Talk to Varnis here in town about the ribcage we need, I’m sure he can provide. He nurses a beer in the Teetering Tomte."

[Step#4] Talk to Varnis about getting a undead wolf cub's [ribcage]. He can be found nursing a beer in 'The Teetering Tomte'.
(Varnis is at loc=25238,27111,8027 dir=60 Jordheim.)

You say, "ribcage"

Varnis says, "Barton needs a ribcage from an undead wolf cub? I knew it. I knew Barton couldn’t stay [out of the game] long."

Varnis says, "The meddling game. Just remember, there is always a [catch]. Always."

Varnis says, "I’m sorry; I’m the wrong person to elaborate. I do have the ribcage you need however. Take it and give Barton my best. He’ll need it..."

You receive the Ribcage from a undead wolf cub from Varnis!

[Step#5] Bring the undead wolf ribcage to Barton.

Barton says, "Excellent job on the ribcage. Let me now prepare the potion."

You watch Barton take the wolf cub heart and suspend it within the undead wolf cage over a large vial. As he chants, the ribcage slowly begins to contract. As it begins to constrict the heart, blood drips down into the vial below. As the heart is squeezed tighter and tighter, the vial fills faster and faster. Finally, the vial is about to overflow when Barton stops and the ingredients fall to the floor, spent.

[Step#5] Barton is making the potion. If you should fail to get the potion, just talk to him again.

Barton says, "Finished. Before you take it though, you must know something. There is a [limitation] on this type of magic. "

Barton says, "This potion of undeath will bring his love free, but the effect is only temporary. They will have one minute together before she returns to her rocky confines. I wish I could do more. Now take the potion and go, I must recover from the ritual."

You receive the Potion of Undeath from Barton!

[Step#6] Take the postion of undeath to Jondin at the rock that is his beloved.

Jondin says, "You've brought the potion! I'm so happy! We will finally [be together]."

[Step#6] You have given him the potion, but you must tell him of the limitation.

Jondin says, "What? Oh my? I'll only get a minute of time with her before the potion wears off? Oh what cruel twist of fate is this..."
Jondin says, "Yes... Yes... Yes, I know."
Jondin says, "Rockelle makes sense. It is better to have one minute of time together than to spend eternity apart. "
Jondin says, "Thank you so much! I appreciate your help. We appreciate your help."

[Step#7] It seems the Jondin has forgotten about you with thoughts of his one minute in his head. Talk to him again to remind him about payment.

Jondin says, "Oh my, I almost forgot. Your payment. Silly me. I had started planning out [my minute] in my head and lost track of you."

Jondin says, "Well, I figure I'll save the potion and use it when we are alone so we can maximize our minute together. Here, take these coins and my gratitude. I have a magical minute to plan."

You are awarded 66 silver and some copper!
You are awarded 640,000,000 experience!
You have completed the Love is a Rocky Road quest!

lvl 49 received 640,000,000 experience.
lvl 50 received 640,000,000 experience.

Champion lvl experience earned: 320

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