Low Morale  

Submitted by:Reinan
Start Zone: King Eirik's Throne Room
Start NPC:Guard Heinrik
Darkness Rising expansion Required
Min Level:50
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Guard Baurin
Last Updated:Tue Dec 23 23:08:19 2008
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Guard Heinrik says, "Good to you, Healer. Are you here to petition the King as your fellow citizen's have? "
You shake your head to signal that you are [not petitioning] the King.

Guard Heinrik says, "Ah, well maybe you can help me then. As guards we accrue time over the year but due to our dwindling numbers and extended work load I have been unable to take any. I recently scheduled some time but it now appears I will [have to work]. "

Guard Heinrik says, "My family will be very disappointed. My wife has already made plans and now will either have to cancel them or go alone. She will not be happy at all. Would you be willing to help? "

Will you help Heinrik decide what to do regarding his upcoming leave?
You have been given the Low Morale quest. [Level 50]

Guard Heinrik says, "Wonderful. I have an idea which I am [hoping] will work out for me."

Guard Heinrik says, "They advised me I could take leave three weeks from now. Baurin, the guard across from me will be taking his leave the same days I had requested orginally. I am thinking of asking him if he would switch leaves with me. It doesn't [hurt to ask], right? "

Guard Heinrik says, "Unfortunately I am not the best of friends with him and a bit uncomfortable in asking. I would understand if you feel the same; so I will leave the decision to you. You can either ask Baurin if he will switch leaves with me or you can speak with my wife and advise her of the change in plans. Whatever you decide I am grateful for your help. Please hurry as I can not delay this any longer."

[Step #2] You can either speak with Guard Baurin about switching leaves or go straight to Mildrid in Haggerfel and be the bearer of bad news.

Guard Baurin says, "Hail citizen, what may I assist you with? "

You explain to Baurin the predicament that Heinrik is in and the possibility of switching leaves. You tell him that Heinriks wife made plans in anticipation of seeing her husband and how she will be heartbroken if she must wait yet even longer. This is his first leave since he took this post nearly a year ago. While his wife is only in Haggerfel he can not leave the barracks or have visitation due to security measures and being new to the [guard force].

Guard Baurin says, "I was unaware of this situation, if he had only asked I would have been more than happy to switch with him. I did not realize he was intimidated by me either. We are not allowed to converse with each other while on duty and we are in separate barracks. I will make it a point to visit him and strike up a friendship with the [fellow]. "

Guard Baurin says, "It actually works out for the better as my family will be in Jordheim during that week and I will be able to spend time with them. Thank you, Healer. Please hurry along and advised Heinrik I will be happy to switch with him."

[Step #5] Return to Heinrik and advise him of Baurin's decision. Wait for him to reward you. If he forgets what he was doing ask him about his [trip home].

Guard Heinrik says, "How did it go with Guard Baurin? Was he willing to switch leaves with me? Please tell me it is good news."

You advise Heinrik that Baurin was quite happy to switch leaves with him. You also tell him how Baurin did not mean to ignore him but being in different barracks keeps them from crossing paths during off duty ours. Also that Bauron will make an attempt to come by his barracks once in awhile to socialize since they can not while [on duty].

Guard Heinrik says, "How wonderful! I will be sure to bring that man some good ale when I return from Haggerfel. Thank you, Healer. Now I have to start planning my for my [trip home], how exciting. "

Guard Heinrik says, "Please take this reward for your time. I am indebted to you for your kindness."

You are awarded 10 gold!
You have earned 800 champion experience!
You are awarded 1,600,000,000 experience!

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