Tears of Fire (Mid)  

Submitted by:Betha
Start Zone: Oceanus Notos
Start Location:Aerus Haven
Start NPC:Maissa
Trials of Atlantis expansion Required
Related Zones:
  Oceanus Anatole
  Oceanus Boreal
  Stygian Delta
Min Level:48
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Diamond Dust Devil
  Salamander Hatchling
Last Updated:Wed Jul 21 04:00:28 2010
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Step #1: speak with Maissa to learn the story

#2: find Gyosti in Volcanus Haven, speak with him about his search

#4: get gold from Gyosti and speak to Bjarne. Gyosti gives you 10 gold.

#5: Bjarne asks for 100g for the page [or] you can hunt a salamander hatchling for a Pristine Salamander Skin for him.

These mobs are yellow/oj to 50 and an easy kill. Just go east from the haven to Typhon's and go a little to the left as you see lava. It's the same spot as the ML6.5 step.

Return the skin to Bjarne and get the page, return the page to Gyosti.

#6: Speak to Micalla about Diamond Devil Dust. Gyosti gives you 16g. Micalla sells Volatile Electrical Catalyst, buy it (for the 16g that Gyosti gave you), try to give it to Gyosti, return to Micalla and sell it back, tell him you're not sure. He tells you where to find a Diamond Dust Devil.

#9: port to Stygia, the island is SE of the docks, at loc 17k, 4k Boreal. yellow to 50, calls for help from blue to 50 dust devils in the area.

#10: Return to Volcanus and deliver the dust to Gyosti.

#11: Find Eshani near Aerus Haven and retrieve the Phoenix Tears. She's SW of the haven in the middle of a set of three rocks. Orange to 50, I saw her from loc 10.5k, 4k, Green Glades. She also calls for help.

#12: Return the bag of tears to Maissa. Receive 50g (for a total of 68g), 2,583,691,264 exp and the Phoenix Tearat lvl 50.

lvl 50 received 2,583,691,264 experience.

Champion level experience gained: 1356

  Phoenix Tear


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