Attack of the Wood Ogres  

Submitted by:Iake, Bloodguard, Iseult
Start Zone: Campacorentin Forest
Start Location:Caer Ulfwych
Start NPC:Langston Fall
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  Wood Ogre Menace
  Revenge of the Merchants
  Wood Ogre Strikes Back
  Return of the Hunter
Min Level:21
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Related NPCs:
  Lord Ulfwych
  Wood Ogre Raider
Last Updated:Mon Feb 4 19:46:29 2008
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

The second of the Wood Ogre quests, which you can get at 21.

Return to Langston Fall, in the shed West of the tower at Caer Ulfwych, who has more work for you. He needs to have the raids stopped, and says that Lord Ulfwych has been dragging his feet too long. Langston tells you to go to Lord Ulfwych and volunteer to help, and that he (Langston Fall) will pay for you himself.

1) Lord Ulfwych is just inside the tower on the left. He commends your bravery, and says that Hunter Valdis has failed to stop the raids. He tells you that Valdis claims that there is an ogre leader who needs to be killed to stop the raids, but that this is ridiculous since ogres are animals who can't get organized. He tells you to go kill 2 wood ogre raiders and bring back their heads.

2) The wood ogre raiders are about halfway up the hill / ridge which is North of the road as you approach the tower. Kill 2. The second one blows a signal horn as he dies, but no reinforcements appear at this time (at least they haven't for me).

3) Turn in the heads to Lord Ulfwych. He commends you, mentions that Hunter Valdis hasn't contributed, and reminds you the Langston Fall is going to reward you so don't ask him.

4) Get your reward from Langston Fall. He thanks you and says that there will be more work when you're older.

lvl 21 received: 825,000 experience and 19 silver.
lvl 22 received: 1,115,0000 experience and 19 silver.

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