Unraveling: Infernal Investigation (Mid)  

Submitted by:Betha
Start Zone: King Eirik's Throne Room
Start NPC:Athr Hasetti Theyr
Labyrinth of the Minotaur expansion Required
Chapter:2 - 1
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Min Level:50
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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  Keeper Iraeda
Last Updated:Fri Feb 29 06:26:43 2008
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Per patch 1.92 (02.27.08):
- Unraveling: Infernal Investigation - Destroying a Demon Summoning Stone will now grant group credit for those on the correct step of the quest.

Athr Hasetti Theyr says, "It's good that you've returned, Betha. The King is quite concerned about the chance that our battle with the demons has not yet concluded. Until the High Consul returns, your top priority is the investigation of this possibility."

You have been given the Unraveling: Infernal Investigation quest.

Athr Hasetti Theyr says, "You are to work directly with the Council, the organization Keeper Iraeda leads in its never-ending battle against the otherworldly, in rooting out this potential threat. Report to Keeper Iraeda in the Temple of Jotuns immediately."

You have spoken to Athr Hasetti Theyr.

Keeper Iraeda says, "The Council was weakened a great deal by Utgard-Lok's schemes. We have always been a small organization, but many of our members were killed by his minions during the confusion after my kidnapping. I'm very glad to have [your help] for this."
Keeper Iraeda says, "I've seen many reports showing a significant increase in infernalist activity recently. Strangely enough, it's been concentrated entirely in the frontiers. [Demon Summoning Stones] are being erected from Ygddra Forest to Odin's Gate, with more joining the rituals around them all the time."
Keeper Iraeda says, "Demon Summoning Stones are built using demon stone mined from the very depths of Darkness Falls itself, then brought to the surface to serve as a conduit for demonic energy. They also serve as anchors for the demons summoned through them, tethering them to our world once the summoning rituals have been [completed]."
Keeper Iraeda says, "I need you to venture out into the frontiers to destroy these stones, shutting down the portals and allowing you to collect pieces of them for my research. Five pieces should be enough to trace the demonic energy back to its latest source. Go to the frontier side of Svasud Faste and speak with Thurid. He can give you the latest reports of the stones' locations."

*** Thurid is in the corner near the port stone ***
Thurid says, "You must be Betha. Let's keep this brief. The [infernalists] gather more power every second we waste."
Thurid says, "I've heard rumors of infernalists gathering all across the frontiers, but I only have a few reports containing actual [locations] of Demon Summoning Stones."
Thurid says, "The demon summoning stones can be found in Uppland, Jamtland Mountains, Yggdra Forest, and Odin's Gate. I will give you a location scroll to better aid your [search]."
Thurid says, "The destruction of the stones is your first priority, but beware the infernalists that built them. Also, be careful of the sudden release of unrestrained demonic energy when the [stone is broken]."
Thurid says, "It doesn't tend to leave much behind, but you should be able to recover at least one piece sizable enough for Keeper Iraeda's research for every stone you destroy. You will need help for this mission and the Council can't spare anyone, so bring friends."

You receive the Location Scroll from Thurid!

You use the Location Scroll.
Demon Summoning Stones in the Midgard Frontier can be found in Uppland south-southwest of Fensalir Outpost and northwest of Fensalir Spire. They can also be found in Jamtland Mountains east-southeast of Hlidskialf Outpost and east of Glenlock Faste near Yggdra Forest. The stones can also be found in Yggdra Forest, north-east of Spire Arvakr and south of Outpost Arvakr. And, in Odin's Gate, the stones can be found north-northeast of Bledmeer Faste Outpost, east of Nottmoor Faste Outpost, and north-northwest of Blendrake Faste Outpost. The stones may not always be present in every location.

The Infernalists have taken to moving their activities between the various locations to avoid interference. If you don't find them at one location, you should try looking in another.

East South East of Hlidskiaf Outpost - 42459, 39274
North East of Spire Arvakr - 20636, 17883
South of Outpost Arvakr - 12679, 47155
East of Nottmoor Faste Outpost - 37991, 4695

There is one Master Infernalist (yellow or orange) and about 6 Infernalists (blue or yellow) and sometimes a demon (yellow or orange)

Thurid says, "Have you destroyed five of the Demon Summoning Stones, Betha? And do you have the Chunks of Demon Stone for Keeper Iraeda? If so let me examine them first."
Thurid says, "These will do just fine. Perhaps we can finally discover the true source of our demonic opposition once and for all. Get these to Keeper Iraeda immediately. She awaits you in her tower where the rituals can be performed. Use this teleportation stone within Jordheim to reach him."

You receive the Five Chunks of Demon Stone from Thurid!
You receive the Teleportation Stone from Thurid!

Keeper Iraeda says, "Greetings, Betha. Thurid sent word that you successfully acquired the demon stone. Please hand it to me so the ritual summoning may begin."
Keeper Iraeda says, "These are perfect! Now, I'll infuse these chunks into our facsimile Demon Summoning Stone. It will be much weaker than those the Infernalists build, but still strong enough to trace the demonic energy it channels back to its source. All that remains is your word to [begin]."
Keeper Iraeda says, "Let us commence!"

Keeper Iraeda says, "I can see the flow of demonic energy. It twists and turns west from here through the hills toward East Svealand, then turns north past the Huldu Camp. That's strange. It's not turning towards Darkness Falls. It oozes through Svasud Faste, curves southwest to Glenlock Faste, then picks up speed toward Agramon."

Keeper Iraeda says, "It rushes forth into a ruined tower and cascades down into the Labyrinth. Wait. What is that? A demon in the Labyrinth? He... he's looking right at me. This isn't right. Quickly, we must stop him from following the energy back to us!"

Iraeda shouts, 'It's too late! He's breaking through! Betha, slay the demon before he kills us all!'

Larahel says, "Fools! None may intrude upon a demon with impunity!"
Larahel is a demon (orange to a 50)
Larahel says, "This... this is not... possible! I'm a... demon!"

Keeper Iraeda says, "It would take immense demonic power to break through such a weak portal. If this kind of power lurks within the Labyrinth, there must be more to these relics the Minotaurs speak of than we realize. Report back to Athr Hasetti Theyr and tell him what you have seen."

Athr Hasetti Theyr says, "This is very serious news. Perhaps this is what Wesill wished to warn us about. Why would the High Consul have tried to hide this from us? Could he not have known? We need [answers to these questions] before word of this spreads."

You have earned 12800 champion experience! (about 4 bubbles of champion xp)
You are awarded 25,600,000,000 experience!
You are awarded 829 gold and some silver!

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Hib locations for demon summoning stones
# Jul 19 2007 at 3:34 AM Rating: Decent
I found these at the following locations:

North of Dun Ailinne - Cruachan Gorge 52.2, 16.9

North of Dun Bolg Spire - Emain Macha 35.5, 45.5 - watch out you don't set up too close to the Explorer NPCs or they will attack the infernalists and you won't get credit.

It is pretty easy to jump back and forth between the above loc and this next one:

SE of Dun Bolg Spire - Emain Macha 42, 63 - then run back to the former, as they re-pop fairly fast.

If you are bored, this one is a bit harder to get to, as it is on the cliffs West of Dun da Behnn Outpost - have to get up to the Outpost cliff first, then cross the bridge to Breifine 38.4, 52

I did these with a 50 BM and a 50 Bard. Not too bad - wiped a couple of times, as it's hard to get aggro off of healer.

Good luck!
Here some locations of Demon Stones
# Apr 20 2007 at 6:37 AM Rating: Decent
342 posts
    Demon Summoning Stone locations

9k, 37k SW of Renaris Spire
18k, 10k North of Ren Spire tower
42k, 63k SW of Dun Bolg Guardtower
42k, 8k East of Beno Spire
SE Sursbrooke Watchtower
NE Hurbury Outpost
West Hurbuy Outpost
SW Eras Outpost
12k, 48k Yggdra Forest
44, 38k Jamtland Mountains
34k, 40k Odins Gate
38k, 4.8k Odin's Gate

Edited, Jul 15th 2007 4:09pm by ThaForge
Here some locations of Demon Stones
# Sep 29 2007 at 8:47 PM Rating: Decent
I've been looking for these $#@% things for three weeks I can't seem to
find them. Do they have a pop time are something?
Anoter Location
# Dec 05 2006 at 5:31 AM Rating: Decent
Found some @ Odins Gate: 32434 40243
Anoter Location
# Mar 25 2007 at 12:20 PM Rating: Decent
57 posts
this is the demon stones North Northeast of Bledmeer Faste Outpost
One location
# Nov 27 2006 at 2:51 PM Rating: Decent
The demon summoning stone east of Glenlock Faste is near loc 59k,13k. Atleast 6 or 7 infernalists there when I was there - solo - died. Bring a few friends.
One location
# Nov 27 2006 at 2:51 PM Rating: Decent
The demon summoning stone east-south east of Hlidskialf outpost is near loc 41.4k,38.8k.

Edited, Nov 27th 2006 7:02pm by gloreng
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