Reaver Guild Gift  

Start Zone: Camelot
Start Location:Guild of Shadows
Start NPC:Charone
Min Level:10
Max Level:29
Grants XP:No
Grants Coin:No
Last Updated:Fri Apr 6 01:38:11 2007
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Per Patch 1.88 (03.28.07)
- New weapons have been added as gifts from each class guild obtainable every five levels from levels 10 to 29. Each is awarded only by the primary trainer of each class in the capital cities.

Speak with Charone in Camelot, loc=24k,18k Guild of Shadows

(Your Name) word of your deeds has reached us here. To thank you for your efforts, on behalf of the Temple of Arawn, I am authorized to give you a brand new weapon!

You should take your time and peruse the selection. When you make your decision, speak with me again and point out the weapon you want.

Speak again to Charone to select your new weapon. When offered the weapon of your choice, chose the one that best matches your weapon specialization.


Novice's Hammer - lvl 10
Novice's Morning Star - lvl 10
Novice's Arch Mace - lvl 10
Neophyte's Hammer - lvl 15
Neophyte's Morning Star - lvl 15
Neophyte's Arch Mace- lvl 15
Hammer of the Tyro - lvl 20
Morning Star of the Tyro - lvl 20
Arch Mace of the Tyro - lvl 20
Hammer of the Adept - lvl 25
Morning Star of the Adept - lvl 25
Arch Mace of the Adept - lvl 25

  Novice's Hammer (Alb)
  Neophyte's Hammer (Alb)
  Hammer of the Tyro (Alb)
  Hammer of the Adept (Alb)
  Novice's Morning Star
  Neophyte's Morning Star
  Morning Star of the Tyro
  Morning Star of the Adept
  Novice's Arch Mace (Alb)
  Neophyte's Arch Mace (Alb)
  Arch Mace of the Tyro (Alb)
  Arch Mace of the Adept (Alb)


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