Inferno (Chapter 3:1)  

Submitted by:Servian
Start Zone: King Eirik's Throne Room
Start NPC:King Eirik
Chapter:3 - 1
Related Zones:
  Halls of Helgardh
Min Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Keeper Iraeda
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Chapter 3: Inferno
[Step #1] When you reach the fiftieth season, speak with King Eirik inside the Throne Room in Jordheim.

Inferno (level 50)

[Step #1] After you finish speaking with King Eirik, seek out Keeper Iraeda in the Temple of Jotuns and speak with her.

Keeper Iraeda says, "(Your Name)! It's good to see you. Allow me to thank you again for rescuing me from the clutches of the demon realm. It was an experience I hope to never have to [repeat]."

Keeper Iraeda says, "During my captivity, I often had only Rugak's egotistical boasts for company. He was arrogant and ambitious, claiming that my capture would grant him entry to his master's [Circle of Five]."

Keeper Iraeda says, "From what I gathered, the Circle consists of the five most powerful servants of the demon lord at the heart of the campaign against Midgard. He never mentioned any of them by name, although I tried to get him to reveal his master's [identity]."

Keeper Iraeda says, "Rugak had many faults, but he was not stupid. I'm fairly sure I know enough to alter the Wayfinding Amulet used in my rescue to access the demon lord's domain. I'll accompany you into the demon's lair to guide your efforts, but I will stay near the [entrance] with my escort. After my escape, I have no intention of putting myself within their grasp again."

Keeper Iraeda says, "I believe that before you can face the demon lord, you must defeat each member of the Circle of Five. I wouldn't be surprised if they acted as guardians to their master. Form a strong group of allies and make your way to the dungeon. You will want to leave Jordheim through the gates to East Svealand. Head west by following the road towards Audliten. At the stone marker in the fork in the road head west, you will run directly into the entrance. "

You receive Infernal Crystal from Keeper Iraeda!

[Step #2] Leave Jordheim through the gates to East Svealand, head towards Audliten. At the fork in the road head west, you will run into the entrance. Kill the Circle of Five demons. /Use the Infernal Crystal to view your progress.

I haven't finished this quest yet I hear it requires 2 groups or 1 uber group to complete.
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Don't have Crystal. Can quest be completed without it?
# Jul 26 2011 at 1:46 AM Rating: Decent
Will I still get credit for killing circle without crystal?
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