Dragonslayer Weapon (Hib)  

Start Zone: Sheeroe Hills
Start Location:Tailtiu
Start NPC:Lirazal
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  Dragonslayer Armor (Hib)
Min Level:50
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Last Updated:Sat Jul 28 14:51:45 2012
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Those who have received Dragonslayer armor can then work to achieve Dragonslayer weapons. First they must attain proper faction. Each town has a merchant who sells Dragonbane weapons. When you reach the proper faction, he will also sell a stone that allows you to return instantly to their town. When you are able to purchase this stone, you should be qualified for the final quest. Players must also be level 50.

Lirazal will offer the Dragonslayer in quest in Hibernia.

Once you have completed that quest, you may return to your dragonslayer. They will offer a selection of weapons appropriate to your class.

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  Prevailing Nightshade Spell Breaker
  Surging Spell Bender
  Victorious Champion Spell Breaker
  Impervious Spell Ward
  Conquering Druid Spell Smasher
  Enduring Spell Ward
  Reliable Spell Ward
  Conquering Warden Spell Smasher
  Conquering Warden Spell Breaker
  Conquering Nightshade Spell Wrecker
  Penetrating Spell Bender
  Tenacious Spell Bender
  Withering Spell Bender
  Enchanted Spell Bender
  Triumphant Valewalker Spell Breaker
  Triumphant Bard Spell Bender
  Hallowed Spell Ward
  Sanctified Spell Ward
  Blessed Spell Ward
  Conquering Bard Spell Breaker
  Conquering Bard Spell Smasher
  Conquering Hero Spell Breaker
  Conquering Hero Spell Smasher
  Conquering Hero Spell Wrecker
  Triumphant Hero Spell Wrecker
  Victorious Hero Spell Breaker
  Victorious Hero Spell Smasher
  Conquering Druid Spell Breaker
  Conquering Ranger Spell Breaker
  Triumphant Ranger Spell Bender
  Conquering Mauler Stone Render
  Conquering Blademaster Spell Smasher


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