The Ghostly Harvest (Mid)  

Start Zone: Vale of Mularn
Start Location:Mularn
Start NPC:Foa Muldisson
Related Zones:
  Cruachan Gorge
  Jamtland Mountains
  Yggdra Forest
Min Level:45
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Gregory McAllen
  Magnus Alfra
Last Updated:Sat Oct 30 03:47:07 2010
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

This quest is only active during the month of October during the Halloween celebration.

Speak with Foa Muldisson outside Jordhiem's north gate in Mularn, loc=52224,58686.

Sssh! Be quite, you never know who might be listening. I need your help. I've heard reports of odd occurrences in the frontiers. Strange sightings, dark rituals. I have seen this before. It happens every year.

Something is going on here. It coincides with the appearance of a strange moon and an ancient witch peddling her wares. It all points to some dark conspiracy. That is where you come in.

I need you to visit these sites, they are disguised as ordinary pumpkin patches. Be careful, dark agents of the undead are likely to have taken up residence there.

I would do it myself but I'm risking a lot just talking to you. Good luck my friend, I'll wait for you here.

Trust no one.

Visit the pumpkin patches in the Frontiers, then return to Foa Muldisson near the Jordheim Gates outside Mularn.

Quest Goal: Visit the Pumpkin Patch in Jamtland Mountains.
Quest Goal: Visit the Pumpkin Patch in Yggdra Forest.
Quest Goal: Visit the Pumpkin Patch in Uppland.
Quest Goal: Visit the Pumpkin Patch in Breifine.
Quest Goal: Visit the Pumpkin Patch in Cruachan Gorge.
Quest Goal: Visit the Pumpkin Patch in Mount Collory
Quest Goal: Visit the Pumpkin Patch in Snowdonia
Quest Goal: Visit the Pumpkin Patch in Forest Sauvage
Quest Goal: Visit the Pumpkin Patch in Pennine Mountains

You MUST right-click on pumpkin patch to receive credit!

There is a named mob connected to each patch. The mob may be up when you arrive. If not, it will pop when you right-click. Whether it is already up or not, you must right-click the patch; killing will not get you credit. If you are uncertain, check your log.

Some mobs are neutral and talk to you. When they offer two responses, choosing the second one will get you an item, the first will get you a fight.

Pumpkin patch locations show as red dots on your map.

Cruachan Gorge:
loc: 40k, 30k
mob: Ramia (orange con)
Ramia gives Bracer of Sudden Finality
Ramia drops Poem to Ramia

loc: 43.5k, 31.3k
mob: On'Ocan (Orange con)
On'Ocan drops: Decaying Pumpkin Rind

Mount Collory:
loc: 48.5k, 9.2k
mob: Corvus (yellow con)

Forest Sauvage:
loc: 13k, 30k
mob: Brecus orange con was agro all 4 pops. couldn't talk to him. no drop

loc: 49k, 20k
mob: Hgyyrn troll orange con neutral
Hguryn gives Hguryn's Fungal Pendant

Hguyrn drops Aurulite Cluster (no not kidding)
Hguyrn says, "Hail Sylvan, can I interest you in some [mushrooms]?"
Hguyrn says, "I [acquired] these the night I died, slain my that demon's blade."
Hguyrn says, "What? A troll can't have an interest in [fungus]."
Hguyrn says, "Fine I stole them, are you happy now? I was doing research for the [king]. He wanted to know the secrets of the mushrooms the Hibernians use in [battle]."

in response to [king]: "You don't believe me! Eirik, himself, gave me the order. This conversation is over."
(Hguryn attacks)

in response to [battle]: Hguryn says, "Here take this and remember that without risk there is usually no reward."
You receieve Hguryn's Fungal Pendant from Hguryn!

Pennine Mountains:
loc: 13.9k, 43.2k
mob: Heirnlar orange con, gargoyle
Heirnlar drops Still Beating Heart
Heirnlar drops Decaying Pumpkin Rind
Heirnlar drops AND gives Tales of All Hallows Eve
Heirnlar says, "Shwa' Nit dae. Grarn tu hol' ec geet. [Pae] na Nmae bil ec gul frait vo! Kes ec qaec."
Heirnlar says, ""Pae? Pae ec [laemna] va scosh klieg far. Dro [xiec] wat tol."

in response to [Laemna]: Heirnlar says, "Laemna? Ic lo frax!"
(Heirnlar attacks)

in response to [xiec]: Heirnlar says, "Xiec ven haru. lascit tuv ec tae. Tae ec tae ilgorand esh fiel. Draco us ec juld."
You receive The Tales of All Hallows Eve from Heirnlar!

Oh no.

Upon visiting all 9 pumpkin patches listed, the quest in your log CHANGES to read

The Ghostly Harvest Continues Level 45

Log says:
You have neared the end of your quest. Only four more patches remain. Be cautious; they reside in the most dangerous areas of the frontiers.

Quest goal: Visit the pumpkin patch in Emain Macha
Quest goal: Visit the pumpkin patch in Hadrian's Wall
Quest goal: Visit the pumpkin patch in Odin's Gate
Quest goal: Visit the pumpkin patch in Agramon
Quest goal: Return to Foa Muldisson in Mularn

Emain Macha: 11648, 31785
mob: Magnus Alfra orange con
Magnus Alfra drops Rotting Zombie Eye *new*
Magnus Alfra gives Sphere of the Damned *new*
Magnus Alfra drops Still Beating Heart, item 29778

Magnus Alfra says, "Ha ha! Stupid old codger... Hello there! Whom might you be? For that matter where is here? Have I made it back? Could this [be]..."

in response to [be]:

Magnus Alfra says, "Do you know what this means? I'm free, I'm finally free of him. It has been so long. Look at me. Look at me! I used to be and [elf]. One of the proud brethren of Hibernia. Now? Now I'm an utter disaster. If only I hadn't been on the [road] that night."

in response to [elf]:
Magnus Alfra says, "How dare you [question] me! I may not look it, but if I hadn't been on the [road] I would this day be one of my most powerful brethren

in response to [road]:
Magnus Alfra says, "I was on my way home from Connla to my home in Tir na mBeo. I was only away for three days. I wanted to get my son a horse he could be proud of.. My goodness my son! He.. he must still be alive. I must go now Meridruantia. Thank you for everything you have done.
You receieve Sphere of the Damned from Magnus Alfra!

Odin's Gate: 28.5k 46k
mob: Gregory McAllen orange con agro
Gregory McAllen has nothing to say to you. He won't let you talk; he just gets right into fighting.
Gregory Mc Allen drops Decaying Pumpkin Rind, item 29776
Gregory Mc Allen drops Rotting Zombie Eye *new*

Be careful! This location is near many dangers. There is a mid tower, a camp of agro oj-to-purple horses, the Glacier Giant, and Melechan Vezian a named blue-con who isn't much threat but will cast on you when you are at the pumpkin patch.

Note from Nylisa:
Pumpkin patch locations in Midgard:

15000, 35000 Jamtland Mountains
Henly Scour (zombie mob) gives you a Decaying Pumpkin Rind.
Watch out for the orange, red, and purple frore liches / mature wyverns around the patch.

40387, 35457 Uppland
Alnius (skeleton mob) gives Cloak of the Highwayman.
Cloak of the Highwayman: Level 50 item, 96 quality, 5 stealth / 21 dex / 21 quick / 7 dex cap / 7 quick cap

24171, 33300 Yggdra Forest
Cortus (undead mob) gives you Cortus' Journal.
Watch out for blue con aggressive glacial maulers near the patch.

73 gold 52 silver 37 copper
Feallan Circlet of the Sword -- chain
Feallan Circlet of the Revered -- chain
Feallan Strap of the Sword -- studded
Feallan Strap of the Tactful -- studded
Feallan Strap of the Brawler -- leather
Feallan Strap of the Unseen -- leather
Feallan Cap of the Arcane -- cloth
Feallan Cap of the Mindful -- cloth

Lvl 50 received 3,012,000,000 experience

1560 Champion level experience gained.

  Feallan Circlet of the Sword
  Feallan Circlet of the Revered
  Feallan Strap of the Sword
  Feallan Strap of the Tactful
  Feallan Strap of the Brawler
  Feallan Strap of the Unseen
  Feallan Cap of the Arcane
  Feallan Cap of the Mindful
  Cloak of the Highwayman
  Belt of Consumed Souls (co-op)
  Feallan Steeple of the Sword
  Feallan Studded Steeple of the Sword
  Feallan Steeple of the Tactful
  Feallan Steeple of the Arcane
  Feallan Steeple of the Revered
  Feallan Steeple of the Brawler
  Feallan Steeple of the Unseen
  Feallan Steeple of the Mindful


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