Bad Influence  

Start Zone: Connacht
Start Location:Ardee
Start NPC:Barkeeper Felemu
Type:Mini Quest
Min Level:9
Max Level:15
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Siabra Raider
Last Updated:Wed May 6 02:25:17 2009
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Speak with Barkeeper Felemu in Ardee, loc=55250,51780 Connacht.

Welcome to my tavern, (Your class and name). Ardee is abuzz with gossip about the Siabra. Between Demons' Breach and the tear in the Veil, the Siabra need to use little of their own magic to start trouble. Don't get me wrong, they're using magic, but the magical overload that rippled through the land from the Veil tear and the rise of Demons' Breach has certainly taken its toll on our creatures. They're already mad, so it takes little influence to make them turn on our people. Creatures who were once peaceful, even those of the fae, are now showing hostility towards us.

One of my patrons noticed some Siabra near every incident of trouble. Most recently, one of our Rangers spotted a Siabra camp nearby. This leads many to believe they're directly influencing our fauna. Tethra feels that the damage is done and will not be reversed, even if the Siabra are removed. I'd like to think he is wrong and change his mind. I'll pay you if you show those Siabra a thing or two and bring me proof of the deed.

Take out three of the siabra raiders and return to Barkeeper Felemu with proof of the task.

Quest Goal: Kill 3 siabra raiders.

28 silver 41 copper

lvl 10 received 34,500 experience.

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