Valentine's Traditions (Alb)  

Start Zone: Camelot Hills
Start Location:Cotswold Village
Start NPC:Sir Prescott
Related Zones:
Min Level:1
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
Related Items:
  Love Spoon
  Wildflower Bouquet
  Letter to Sir Prescott
Last Updated:Tue Feb 9 03:53:16 2010
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

02.28.08 - From the Camelot Herald:
The merchants and quests associated with this holiday event are no longer available.
Look for this quest to return next Valentine season!

Speak with Sir Prescott in Cotswold Village, loc=10993,29693 Camelot Hills.

Sir Prescott says, "Well met (Your Race). Have you been to Camelot to see who you have been [paired] with for Valentine's day?"

Sir Prescott says, "By that look I will assume you have [no idea] as to what I am saying."

Sir Prescott says, "You see, every year the names of bachelors and maidens of Albion are put in a box. The names are then drawn out in pairs. The paired couples exchange gifts with each other and the maiden becomes the man's valentine for one year. The man wears the maiden's name on his sleeves and it is his duty to protect and attend to her for the entire [year]."

Sir Prescott says, "My dilema is that Valentine's Day is nearin and I have yet to get a fitting token of my love for my valentine. I was lucky enough to be paired with a fair maiden I truly love. I take it as fate that this has happened and hope by the end of the year my valentine will become my bride. I have been too busy with my work duties to go into the city. Would you be willing to help me impress the fair maiden?"

Will you help Sir Prescott by getting the gifts for him? [Level 1]
You have been given teh Valentine's Traditions quest.

Sir Prescott says, "That's wonderful!! There is a merchant who has opened just recently who is selling items just for Valentine's Day. I have already sent money ahead I just need you to pick up the gift. The merchant is an old friend and said he would hand select the perfect gift. He knows my taste and how [important] this is to me."

Sir Prescott says, "You can find Tyne near the other merchants and trainers in the square selling his wares. Please hurry as I am anxious to see the gifts that have been selected on my behalf."

[Step #2] Find Tyne outside of the castle in Camelot. He will have Sir Prescott's gifts which are from the [heart].

Tyne says, "I see Sir Prescott is still too busy to venture into the city. I was hoping to see my old friend. I have the gift that you were sent to retrieve. I actually have two gifts for you to take to him. One being a bouquet of wild flowers in hopes that their love flourishes and the second gift is a love spoon. You look at me funny but I a lot of love and hard work went into carving that [spoon]

Tyne says, "You see the handle? It has been hand carved with a heart that has a keyhole in it. The carving means that the person receiving the gift is the key to unlocking the [heart] of the giver."

Tyne says, "I felt this was the perfect token to show Sir Prescott's love for the maiden he was paired with. They have been friends for may years but he never told her how he felt. This is the perfect time for him to tell her. Tell my friend I hope to see him soon."

[Step #3] Return to Sir Prescott in Cotswold Village with the gifts. If he stops speaking ask him if he is [nervous].

Sir Prescott says, "I knew I could count on Tyne with such and important gift. I must ask one last favor of you before you go on your way. Could you present these gifts to Rheda on my behalf. While I am friends with her I am a bit [nervous] that she will not feel the same way that I do."

Sir Prescott says, "You can find her inside this building. Please let me know her reaction when you give her the gifts."

[Step #4] Take the gifts to Rheda at the other end of the building. When she asks hand her the flowers.

Rheda says, "Hello good (Your Race) is there something I can assist you with? Are those gifts for me?"

[Step #5] After the flowers, hand Rheda the love spoon. Wait to see hoe she reacts when you [reveal] his name to her.

Rheda says, "What beautiful wild flowers. The card reads 'In hopes that our love flourishes like these wild flowers'.. And yet another gift? My valentine is too generous."

Rheda says, "A love spoon, my mother has spoken of these before. The meaning behind them is touching and very [romantic]."

Rheda says, "It appears my Valentine wishes to remain anonymous unless you are to [reveal] his name."

Rheda says, "Sir Prescott? I have been waiting a very long time for this day to come. I have been to shy to let him know my true feelings, afraid I would be hurt. I assume he has been [struggling] just as I have been."

Rheda says, "I thank you for bringing me these wonderful gifts. Just give me one [moment] to write a short note to Sir Prescott."

Rheda says, "This note should reassure my Valentine that my feelings for him are mutual. Please go straight to him and do not keep him waiting any longer."

[Step #6] Return to Sir Prescott's post outside of the building. When asked hand him the note and wait to be rewarded.

Sir Prescott says, "You have returned quickly, I hope what news you have is good. A note? Please hand it to me."

Sir Prescott says, "What great news!! I knew she felt the same as I have. I am sorry but I really must get back to work if I am to see her today. Please accept my heartfelt thanks for all you have done for Rheda and myself to make this the best Valentine's Day either of us could have [wished] for."

Sir Prescott says, "I owe you more than just my thanks though. You did a lot of running around on my behalf. I am sure the coin and this cloak are nice but I have something special. My friend sent this along after you went to see Rheda. I don't think she would like it so I am giving it to you. Supposedly it summons something when used. Thanks again for all your help."

You have earned 3200 champion experience!
You are awarded 6,400,000,000 experience!
You are awarded 2 gold and some silver!

lvl 11 received 76,000 experience, 17 silver and some copper.

This quest can be done TWO times.

  Hearts Cloak (lvl 45)
  Hearts Cloak (lvl 35)
  Hearts Cloak (lvl 25)
  Hearts Cloak (lvl 5)
  Hearts Cloak (lvl 15)
  Heart-Shaped Box


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