Unraveling: Illusions of Grandeur (Hib)  

Submitted by:Meri of Bedevere
Start Zone: King Lamhfotas' Throne Room
Start NPC:Seneschal Desmond
Darkness Rising expansion Required
Chapter:2 - 2
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  Unraveling: Infernal Investigation (Hib)
Related Zones:
  Silvermine Mountains
  The High Consul's Sanctum (Hib)
  The Labyrinth
Min Level:50
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Crystalrot River Beetle
  Feral Feccan Hunter
  Graoch Ranger
  High Consul Maewn
  Rabid Bear (Hib)
Related Items:
  Crystalrot River Beetle Tooth
  Feral Feccan Hunter's Nose
  High Guardian's Leggings (Hib)
  High Guardian's Vest (Hib)
  History of the Uruz
  Purple Gem
  Rabid Bear Ear
  Rotten Fish
  Signaling Whistle
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Per patch 1.93 (4.02.08)
- Unraveling: Illusions of Grandeur - The Signaling Whistle no longer refers to the Minotaur scout by name as the name is different for each realm.

Log says: Speak with Cireya in Howth. If she asks your business with her, tell her you need help with an [illusion] to speak with the high council.

Cireya is in the building at Howth, Silvermine Mountains 22341, 42998 say [illusion] to her

Cireya says, "Well I suppose I could create the illusion you require, but I don't have all the components I would need on hand. Let's see... I'd [need] a crystalrot river beetle's tooth for that grizzled guard look, a rabid bear ear for color, and the feral feccan hunters nose for body."

Cireya says, "Crystalot river beetles actually burrow into large crystals in bodies of water to wait inside and ambush large prey that swims by. They're not usually around at this time of the year, but you can check the lake river near Fishing Bear Island. Swim around the bottom near the largest outcropping of crystals. If there's a crystalrot river beetle in one, don't worry you'll see [him]."

Cireya says, "The ear can be found on a local rabid bear that's been harassing the fishing bears. The locals think it may be a threat. The Druids are on my case about not taking care of this situation, but I've just been too busy with my studies. That rabid critter needs to be lured out of hiding and taken care of. You can lure it out of hiding by dropping this rotten fish near it's [hiding] place on Fishing Bear Island."

You receive the Rotten Fish from Cireya!

Cireya says, "The feral feccan hunter set up an ambush point in a valley just near here. He hunts human and feccan alike, so you should have no problems drawing him out."

Log says: Cireya requires a tooth from a crystalrot river beetle. Swim west into the largest clump of crystals in the water near Fishing Bear Island. Kill the crystalrot river beetle when it appears for one of it's teeth.
The crystals are underwater (you will need water breathing potion or spell.) They aren't exactly near the island. The ones that popped Crystalrot River Beetle were at Silvermine Mountains 28255, 28639. I received a broadcast "The Crystalrot River Beetle comes out of hiding." He was yellow at 50 and killable even by a regrowth druid.

You receive the Crystalrot River Beetle Tooth from the Crystalrot River Beetle!

Log says: /Use the Rotten Fish near the rock on Fishing Bear Island to lure the rabid bear out of hiding. Kill the bear for its ear. (To use an item right click on the item and type /use).
Fishing Bear Island is the only island in Silvermine Mountains and should be indicated on your map. There is only one rock, 36777, 27321 Silvermine Mountains. /use the fish and watch yourself make a funny emote! "You drop the Rotten Fish on the ground in attempt to lure the rabid bear out of hiding." Rabid Bear is yellow at 50 and killable even by a regrowth druid. The Rotten Fish remains in your inventory even after /use so if you do die you still have it.

You receive the Rabid Bear Ear from the Rabid Bear!

Log says: Cireya needs the Feral Feccan Hunter's nose. Run to the valley just west of Howth. The feral feccan hunter was last seen hiding behind a tree. When the feral feccan hunter tries to ambush you, slay him and retrieve his nose.
I found Feral Feccan Hunter in Silvermine Mountains 6607, 41420 was orange-con, and was visible when I approached. He uses bow for ranged attack and started firing before I was in melee range. I killed him solo with regrowth druid, fully-buffed, but he put up a good fight. He repopped in a few minutes so get away from his area if you don't want a second fight.

You receive the Feral Feccan Hunter's Nose from the Feral Feccan Hunter!

Log says: Take all three spell components back to Cireya in Howth. Hand her the Crystalrot River Beetle Tooth first.
Hand her the items as she demands them.

Cireya says, "You returned fast. Maybe you didn't get the items I said I needed? If you did then let's see them. Hand me the Crystalrot River Beetle Tooth first."
Hand her the tooth.
Cireya says, "This is a front tooth and I wanted a back tooth. You'd better be glad I have a spell that can fix that. Now, hand me the ear."
Give her the ear.
Cireya says, "Hey, this ear is tattered and wet! Do you want this to work or not? Well don't just stand there, give me the nose you got."
Give her the nose.
Cireya says, "And there's blood on the nose. Are you trying to make me sick?"
Cireya casts a spell with some pretty effects.
Cireya says, "I could have [finished] that in half the time if the ear wasn't tattered and you hadn't gotten in wet."
You receive the Purple Gem from Cireya!
Cireya says, "There you go. When used in the High Consul's Sanctum the magic in this gem will create perfect illusionary replicas of the High Guardians' armor that will even change your form to resemble the High Guardians. Be sure to wear moth the [vest and the leggings] for the illusion to be complete."

Cireya says, "Oh and don't go thinking it'll work outside the High Consul's cave. The illusion relies on actual High Guardians being nearby to function properly. Now leave me be. I have research to do."

Cireya dismisses you.

Log says: Go northwest of Howth, just south of the Spraggon's Den and enter the High Consul's Sanctum. Once inside, use the Purple Gem to summon the Vest and Leggings to cloak yourself in the illusion of the High Consul's Guardians, then speak to the High Consul.
Sanctum Entrance is in Silvermine Mountains 9806, 34155. Zone in. /use the gem.

You receive the High Guardian's Vest from the Purple Gem!
You receive the High Guardian's Leggings from the Purple Gem!

Wear both the Vest and the Leggings. You transform into a minotaur.
There are High Guardians yellow and orange con, and may be neutral or lower faction to you. Just walk past them to High Consul Maewn.

As you enter the High Consul's chamber, magic begins to pulse from the earthen fetish on the altar. You illusionary armor fades away.

High Consul Maewn says, "Meribor what are you doing in here? Oh I see. I had hoped we could avoid discussing this until your people had gained a little more [trust] in us."

High Consul Maewn says, "I did know about the demons in the Labyrinth, but you must believe that I did not mean to deceive you. The demons' involvement with my people is an embarrassment that still [shames] us to this day."

High Consul Maewn says, "The gods that asked us to build our relics were not gods at all. They were demons in disguise, seeking to corrupt and weaken the Uruz so we would be easy to conquer. Their plan worked nearly flawlessly, as the other clans fell quickly to their greed. When the demons finally attacked, we were already engrossed in civil war. We were forced to flee for our lives, seeking refuge in [faraway lands]."

High Consul Maewn says, "These scrolls are for Seneschal Desmond, though you may read them if you wish. The scrolls explain our full history. I would have returned with them to Tir na Nog sooner, but I have been delayed dealing with far greater concerns. Take the scrolls to the Graoch Ranger stationed in this valley, west of Ardagh, so that he can deliver them to Tir na Nog. Then return to me. Don't worry about my guards. You are welcome in my home now."

You receive the History of the Uruz from High Consul Maewn!

High Guardians changed to Friendly. You no longer wear the illusion armor, so re-equip your own!

Log says: Go to the valley west of Ardagh and hand the History of the Uruz scroll to the Graoch Ranger stationed there. Return to High Consul Maewn when you've done this.

Graoch Ranger is at 17492,9637 Silvermine Mountains.
The Graoch Ranger says, "Do you have business with me?"
Hand him the History of the Uruz.
The Graoch Ranger says, "I will deliver these to Seneschal Desmond immediately."

Log says: Return to the High Consul's Sanctum to continue your conversation with High Consul Maewn.

High Consul Maewn says, "The scrolls for the Seneschal also contained a note explaining what I shall [explain] to you now. You will understand this much better if you already [read the scrolls] yourself."
I had not read them, so I selected [explain]:
High Consul Maewn says, "Further examination of the map you gave me that it wasn't written by the Korazh or the Deifrang. It appears to have been written by the Thelo, the corrupt Uruz still living within the Labyrinth. We believe they may be trying to form some sort of alliance with the other clans in order to finally drive out the demons once and for all, likely in exchange for some of the [relics]."
High Consul Maewn says, "The consequences of allowing such an alliance would be extremely grim for the entire realm. If this is true, we must stop it immediately. I want you to travel at once to Agramon and meet with Carnue, our best scout. He's been making exploratory expeditions into the Labyrinth for us and may have information about this [possibility]."
High Consul Maewn says, "Take this signaling whistle. Use it at the tree just northwest of the closest entrance to the Labyrinth on Agramon, Carnue's rendezvous point. This will let him know that the area is clear and he is safe to reveal himself."

You receive the Signaling Whistle from High Consul Maewn!

Log says: Travel to Agramon and find the tree just southwest of the Hibernian entrance to the Labyrinth on Agramon. Use the Signaling Whistle there to let Carnue know it is safe to reveal himself. If you lose the whistle, ask the High Consul for another.
The tree is growing in a groove in the rock surrounding the stairs at 13658, 53045. It sounds like a puppy whistle. Note: I put the whistle on my bar and it doesn't work. You have to right-click and /use.

Carnue comes to you, he is a minotaur.
Carnue says, "I was starting to think you weren't coming. Now stay low, keep quiet, and I'll tell you what I know."
Carnue says, "I never would've imagined that the Korazh and the Deifrang would be so low as to join with the Thelo, but there are definitely negotiations taking place. Sure, they still fight each other, but for now it's [slowing down]."
Carnue says, "In my stealthy explorations of the Labyrinth, I've seen countless quiet meetings between individual Uruz and their corrupt counterparts. Often it's a simple exchange of a note or a single word before they part, but it never ends in violence.
Talking to him finishes this quest and starts the next quest and gets you an item for that quest.

16 billion experience, 518 gold and 8000 Champion level experience

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