Anatomy of an Ancient Foe (Mid)  

Submitted by:Thaals Mythic
Start Zone: Jordheim
Start NPC:Mastif Tanyon
Related Zones:
  Jamtland Mountains
  Pennine Mountains
Min Level:30
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
Related Items:
  Doppelganger Skull
  Doppelganger Eyeball
  Doppelganger Heart
  Doppelganger Bone
  Doppelganger Organ
  Doppelganger Hair
Last Updated:Thu Dec 30 05:01:33 2010
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Per Patch 1.98 (05.06.09):

- Due to the hasty departure of the Scholars of the Ancient Ways after Queen Lilith's defeat, the following quests from the Doppelganger Invasion can now be turned in to Traurig in Camelot, Oropyehho in Jordheim, or Droevig in Tir na Nog. Please note that these quests can no longer be acquired and so this only applies to players who still have them in their journals but could not turn them in.

Speak with Mastif Tanyon in Jordheim, /loc 26000, 25400... Near the entrance for East Svealand. Users can also ask guards '/where mastif tanyon'.

Ah, another adventurer seeking out information on the Invasion. I don't have much time, so I'll speak and you listen.

On the island of Agramon, within the immense Labyrinth built by the Minotaurs, ancient evils lurk - doppelgangers that can take any shape and wield strange powers. Reports indicate that these devious foes have ventured from the Labyrinth and taken the guise of Realm Invaders. To what purpose is unknown.

Do your part by heading to the frontiers and dispatching these beasts. The King has decreed that those who aid against this threat will receive fame in the Realm. As. well, if you can collect some of their body parts and return them to me, I can use them to research the Doppelgangers directly. Find me the following items: a skull, an eyeball, a heart, a bone, a gland, and a tuft of hair. Kill numerous beasts, trade with other adventurers, I don't care how you get them, just get me a set and return here post-haste.

Locate doppelgangers posing as invaders and kill them. Collect six specific doppelganger parts and return to Mastif Tanyon in Jordheim. Reports have placed doppelgangers in Pennine, Breifine and Jamtland.

Quest Goal: Give Doppelganger Organ to Throf
Quest Goal: Give Doppelganger Heart to Throf
Quest Goal: Give Doppelganger Hair to Throf
Quest Goal: Give Doppelganger Eyeball to Throf

2 gold 16 silver 30 copper
Token of Valor
Doppelganger Skin Cloak
Doppelganger Hair Cloak
Doppelganger Bone-Inlaid Cloak
Doppelganger Eye Cloak
Doppelganger Organ Cloak
Doppelganger Skull Cloak

lvl 45 received 3000 realm points

  Token of Valor
  Doppelganger Skin Cloak
  Doppelganger Hair Cloak
  Doppelganger Bone-Inlaid Cloak
  Doppelganger Eye Cloak
  Doppelganger Organ Cloak
  Doppelganger Skull Cloak

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lvl 45 turn in
# Apr 26 2008 at 6:26 AM Rating: Decent
just turned in the quest on my level 45 hunter got 3000rps should have waitied till lvl 50 =(
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