Juuso's Potion  

Submitted by:Habalton Marksane
Start Zone: Aegir's Landing
Start Location:Dyrfjall
Start NPC:Juuso
Shrouded Isle expansion Required
Related Quests:
  Kyllikki's Scrolls
Related Zones:
  Gripklosa Mountains
  Munin Sound
Min Level:33
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
(Average from 6 ratings)
Related NPCs:
  Morvalt Streber
  Morvalt Vandarare
  Woolly Mammoth
Last Updated:Fri Mar 19 05:43:25 2010
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

You need to complete the quest Kyllikki's Scrolls before Juuso will offer you this quest.

Juuso can be found in Dyrfjall.

Juuso says, "Please tell me that you are here to help me! I have gotten
myself in a bind and I'm not sure how to get out of it alone. If only I
hadn't agreed to help [that crazy woman] I wouldn't be in this situation, but she scares me!"

Juuso says, "I think you know whom I speak on! None other than Catla! You
must have realized that she is very unstable. If she continues with her plan it won't be long for her to be completely insane. I'm sure she has told you she wants to tap into the power of the mother of the Morvaltar. She refused to accept the fact that humans cannot wield that power! You know she has been asking ever Valkyn in Aegir's Landing to help her out, right? There was [only one] who was brave enough to take on working with Catla."

Juuso says, "I'm sure Catla mentioned Kyllikki to you. Anyone who has talked
with Catla has heard of Kyllikki and how she has refused to teach Catla
anything else. You are not the only one who was asked to get those scrolls.
Catla wanted them more than anything and she asked everyone she ran into to
get them. I know you helped her because she came to me and [ordered me] to help her when the scrolls didn't give the information she wanted."

Juuso says, "Yes, she ordered me to help her! She said she heard that I knew of a potion that would let her use the power of the mother and I was to make it for her so that she could use that power. It is true that I have learned some ways to draw upon that power, but most of my strength come from Bogdar and the potion is very dangerous. I tried to tell her that but she would hear none of it! All she wants to hear is that she can use the power of the mother to [destroy her enemies]."

Juuso says, "She longs to destroy Albion and Hibernia for what happened to her family and I swear she'll destroy anyone who gets in her way of doing that. I've even heard her make remarks about taking control of Midgard! She scares me! She threatened to have my spirit sucked into the depths of Hel's domain if I didn?t do as she ordered. What was I to do? I must make the potion but I must also go to Catla and tell her everything I know about Morvaltar. She doesn't understand I can't do both at once and that I [need someone] to collect the ingredients for the potion."

Dialog box: Will you help Juuso make the potion to save him from Catla's wrath?

You have been give the Juuso's Potion quest.

Juuso says, "Thank you! You may have save both of our lives if you are able
to get the things that we need for the potion. It will not be an easy task,
but I have many friends that will help me reward you well for this. And it
is to [one of these friends] that you must go first."

Juuso says, "Before I came here to Aegir's Landing I spent some time with
the Skalklan in Munin Sound. An oyster-gathering Skalklan named Edrigu taught me many secrets of the Skalklan. One of those secrets was the potion Catla spoke of. Edrigu had enough purpose for it, but it had an interesting side effect on many. It allowed the drinker to speak directly to the spirit of the mother, who would then grant more of her power to use. One of the ingredients can [only be obtained] from Edrigu."

Juuso says, "That is a problem for you. The Skalklan are not very welcoming
to outsiders and will not talk to you if you approached them. But fear not!
Edrigu and the other Skalklan know me and will speak to one who carries a
sign from me. I have an amulet that Edrigu would recognize but it's missing [one piece]."

Juuso says, "The Skalklan do not like the creatures called ingesters that
live in Munin Sound. Getting a wiggly tentacle from one would help prove
that you want to be a friend to the Skalklan. Once you get a wiggly
tentacle, you will need to set it in the middle of this amulet. The Skalklan
will leave you alone as long as you wear it, but if you should harm a single Skalklan while you wear it, it will destroy the amulet and they could
possibly hate you! Seek out Edrigu and tell him Juuso sent you. He will know
what I seek. I wish you luck!"

You receive an unfinished Skalklan amulet from Juuso!

[Step #1] Obtain a wiggly tentacle from an ingester that lives in Munin Sound. They can be found on the northern end of the island that is east of Knarr.

== The ingesters are exactly where step #1 says they are. If you swim east
from Knarr, and go to the northside, you'll find the ingesters which are
blue/yellow to a 34 healer. Be careful of the flying griffons which are blue
and will drop down on you while swimming. ==

You receive a wiggly tentacle from the ingester!

[Step #2] Use the amulet Juuso gave you to complete it so that you may speak
with Edrigu, then put it on. Remember, do not attack any Skalklan while
wearing the amulet! Follow the road to Knarr. When the road nears the water,
turn west to find Edrigu.

== To use the amulet, drag it to the hot bar, and the while holding down the
use key (default to E) click on the amulet. ==

You attemt to use the unfinished Skalklan amulet.
You use the unfinished Skalklan amulet.
You receive a finished Skalklan amulet from the unfinished Skalklan amulet!

You complete the amulet give to you by Juuso!

[Step #3] Seek out the ancestral Skalklan member named Edrigu in Munin
Sound. Remember to wear the amulet or he will not talk to you! Follow the
road to Knarr. When the road gets close to water, turn west to find Edrigu.

== Edrigu can be found at about loc=15200,24400. He is a yellow in a camp of grays to a 34 Healer. ==

Edrigu says, "You wear an amulet I know. Who sent you to me?"

[Step #4] Tell Edrigu that [Juuso sent] you for the ingredient for the

Edrigu says, "Juuso. He wishes to make the potion again? I wish he would not
do that. It is not good for him. Too much power makes goo people bad. I see
it many times. I will give you what Juuso needs. I know I cannot change
Juuso?s mind, but I ask you not to drink the potoin he makes. It is bad and you seem good. Take it and go from here. No good will come from this potion. I know it!"

You receive a skin of fluid from Edrigu!

== At this point he starts attacking me. I still had the necklace on, but he
didn't like me anymore. ==

[Step #5] Return to Juuso in Dyrjfell.

Juuso says, "Do you have the fluid from Edrigu? Catla has been by three times asking for the potion! I fear if she has too wait to long Bogdar will
not be able to save me. I gave my promise that I would deliver the potion. Now please, give me the fluid."

[Step #6] Give Juuso the skin of fluid you obtained from Edrigu.

[Step #7] Finish talking to Juuso then go hunt a woolly mammoth for its fur.
Woolly mammoths can be found in the Gripsklosa Mountains. Make sure you have the two vials from Juuso! You may also be asked to get a fur from a Megaloceros Fawn instead.

Juuso says, "This helps a great deal, but we are not done yet! All will be
well when you get the rest of the ingredients! This fluid is only one part of the potion. You must now travel to Gripklosa Mountains and see out [three creatures] that dwell there."

Juuso says, "First you must find a woolly mammoth and obtain some of its
fur. The fur will tether Catla in this world so that she will not become
lost in the spirit world while she searches for the mother. After you have
the fur, you will need the blood of [two Morvaltar]."

You receive a empty vial from Juuso!
You receive a empty vial from Juuso!

Juuso says, "Take these vials and return them filled with the blood of the Morvalt vandarare and the Morvalt streber. Their blood, when mixed with the fluid from Edrigu and the fur, is what allows the communication with the
mother. It will not work for Catla but she must learn that for herself. She
will not listen to reason! Once you have filled both vials return to me so
that I may complete the potion and save us both from Catla's wrath!"

== The mammoths are found by going east from the city Bjarkan down a valley
that will eventually become snowy. It will come to an opening with mylings,
morvalt strebers, morvalt beskyddas, frost dusters, and Megaloceros Fawns.
They all range from blue to red at level 34. The mammoths spawn from there
to and then up to the north, they are usually yellow/orange con. ==

You receive a tuft of woolly mammoth fur from the woolly mammoth

[Step #8] Find a morvalt vandarare in Gripklosa Mountains and get some of
its blood.

== The morvalt vandarare, green con, can be found just outside of Bjarkan on
the hill just past where the bergklans walk, approx loc=15900,48600. ==

You receive vandarare blood from the morvalt vandarare!

[Step #9] Find a morvalt streber in Gripklosa Mountains. Get some of its
blood for Juuso.

== The morvalt strebers, con blue/yellow, can be found back in the same location at the woolly mammoths. Approx loc=31300,48500 ==

You receive streber blood from the morvalt streber!

[Step #10] Return to Juuso in Dyrjfell.

Juuso says, "Please, give me the fur so that I may finish this potion. I have appeased Catla for a while with some spells to try, but every hour that
passes without the potion being complete adds to my fear that she will send my spirit to Hel."

[Step #11] Give Juuso the fur you obtained.

Juuso drops the fur into skin of fluid from Edrigu.

Juuso says, "Now, give me the vandarare blood. I must add it now."

[Step #12] Give Juuso the vandarare blood.

Juuso slowly pours the vandarare blood into the skin of fluid.

Juuso says, "Carefully hand me the streber blood! I don't want to spill it
or the potion will be ruined!"

[Step #13] Give Juuso the streber blood.

Juuso pours the streber blood into the skin of fluid.

[Step #14] Talk to Juuso and choose your reward.

Juuso says, "There, it is done! I must deliver this to Catla. But before I
go, I must reward you. I owe you my life. I have many friends who make fine
weapons. If you tell me [what you want], I will give it to you."

Juuso says, "My friends have given me [swords], [hammers], [axes], [staves], a [spear], a [bow], and axe for your [left hand] and [hand to hand], weapons. Which would you prefer? Once you choose you cannot change your mind!"

== I picked the hammer. ==

Juuso says, "Would you like a [one-handed] or a [two-handed] hammer?"

== I picked the one-handed hammer ==

Juuso says, "Here is your Beinbrottsjo war hammer. I hope it will help to
defend you against Catla if she should ever completely lose her grip on
sanity. I must go to her now and deliver this potion that will not work for her. Wish me luck!"

You are awarded 63,438,848 experience!
You are awarded 2 gold and some copper!
You have finished the Juuso?s Potion quest.

You receive a Beinbrottsjo War Hammer from Juuso!

If you choose the staves, you are asked if you want a staff for [cursing], [darkness], [suppression], [runecarving], [summoning] or [bone lore].

Lvl 33 received 39,963,964 experience and 2 gold.

  Beinbrottsjo War Hammer
  Sjeltyv Sword
  Skjaerer two-handed Sword
  Sann Flykt Bow
  Bladdanser Axe
  Innskrenk Staff
  Farlig Great Axe
  Morkskygge Staff
  Lynspyd Spear
  Hode Knuse War Hammer
  Skinned Hunter Shield
  Venstre Axe
  Morkskygge Cursed Staff
  Sjeltyv Mauler Fist Wrap
  Sjeltyv's Mauler Staff
  Beindans Staff

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Mauler Staff Reward
# Dec 24 2006 at 2:36 AM Rating: Excellent
344 posts
A mauler can also receive a staff as a reward, Sjeltyv Mauler Staff, delve info is same as the fist wrap reward, except Mauler Staff +3 instead of Fist Wraps +3.

Reminder : You need to complete the quest Kyllikki's Scrolls before Juuso will offer you this quest.

Reminder : Don't kill Edrigu once you got the Skin of Fluid, or you'll have to restart the quest, you can see in chat window, once dead, "You have failed the Juuso's Potion quest".

Edited, Dec 27th 2006 3:32pm by Goingbald
Juuso's Potion
# Sep 20 2006 at 11:43 AM Rating: Decent
169 posts
Level 33 was awarded 39,963,964 experience, 2 gold, and the Lynsypd Spear.
Wolly mammoths
# Nov 07 2004 at 5:46 PM Rating: Decent
where in the world or the wolly mammoths????
I search everwhere haven't seen one :(
Ventre Axe
# Nov 04 2004 at 10:47 PM Rating: Decent
I did this quest as a Berzerker, and chose the Left Axe. This is the axe I got:

Venstre Axe
Left Axe-3pts
100% Quality
100% Condition
11.7 DPS
2.4 Speed

An insane weapon for a mid 30 level quest. A must do!
Quest Notes
# Mar 20 2004 at 2:08 PM Rating: Decent
My Thane had neutral faction with the Skalklan. Juuso said he sensed they would welcome me, and so I received no amulet and was able to skip over that part of the quest.

I went straight to Edrigu and he had me get a feather from a Bobbing Boobrie. They can be found on the island east of Knarr.
Different first step
# Aug 21 2003 at 8:09 PM Rating: Decent
I did this quest with my Runemaster lvl 35.
My first step asked me to kill a Sioalf Disciple,blue/yellow con, instead of the Ingester.
Sioalf Disciple can be found approximately at loc 50k 18k (be careful is a dangerous area with several aggro mobs around and the first time I died beacuse some disciples link with other ones and they are all casters)
Didn't get quest
# Jun 21 2003 at 5:29 PM Rating: Default
33 healer who completed Kyllikki's Scrolls was unable to get the quest
# Jun 18 2003 at 9:12 AM Rating: Default
i was doing the quest and wearing the finished necklace and i went to speak to Edrigu but he attacked me so i killed him and it said i had to start the quest over.
this quest
# Jun 15 2003 at 6:17 PM Rating: Default
i didn't do kyllikki's scroll, but i was able to get this quest at 33

Oseriduun 33 Savage Guinevere
formerly 50 mentalist of guinevere (deleted)
Darkness staff
# Jun 02 2003 at 7:56 AM Rating: Default
Morkskygge staff

100%/100%/100%, dps 11.7, spd 4.0, bon 15%

Magical Bonuses:
Power: 4 pts
Darkness: 3 pts
Piety: 4 pts

Focus Bonuses:
Darkness: 35 lvls

2h Axe
# Apr 26 2003 at 3:02 PM Rating: Decent
The 2h Axe you get is:
Farlig great axe
11.7dps / 5.4 dly
axe 3
str 4
hits 12
spirit 4%
Can't get the quest
# Apr 24 2003 at 4:49 PM Rating: Decent
I'm a lvl 50 Shaman and i can't het this quest. I did Kyllikki's Scrolls quest so must be working, but it's not :/
H2H Slash Rewards
# Mar 25 2003 at 6:55 PM Rating: Decent
20 posts
Just completed this quest with my savage.
For my reward, I chose the H2H slash weapon and got:

H2H slash, lefthand useable
3 H2H
4 Dex
4 Qui
9 Hits
DPS 11.6, Spd 3.0

Overall, not a bad weapon.

33 - Savage

Edited, Tue Mar 25 18:20:27 2003
# Mar 20 2003 at 2:16 AM Rating: Excellent
185 posts
if you choose the staves, you are asked if you want a staff for [darkness], [suppression], [runecarving], [summoning] or [bone lore].

i chose suppression and got:

Innskrenk Staff
Staff, 11.6 dps, spd 4.0
100% qua, 15% bonus
4 power
3 suppression
4 piety

focus 35 suppression
H2h piercer
# Feb 19 2003 at 7:35 AM Rating: Decent
Im trying a hammer/h2h spec and chose the pierce h2h weapon.
It is not L-Hand wieldable so dont bother choosing it.

Its called Krigvill
3 h2h
4 dex
4 str
9 Hp
11.7/3.1 very cool weapon for bg3 too bad i will have no use of it.
Useful Info
# Feb 18 2003 at 11:18 AM Rating: Excellent
(Done by a level 40 Skald that did the kyllikki's scrolls quest.)

Juuso can be found at loc 32891 15347 in Aegirs Landing(Dyrfjell).

[Step #1] Seek out the ancestral Skalklan member named Edrigu in Munin Sound. Follow the road to Knarr. When the road Approaches the water head west to find Edrigu.

Edrigu can be found at loc 15021 23788 in Munin Sound. Con Blue to level 40 but was neutral towards me.

Tell Edrigu that [Juuso sent] you for the ingredients for the potion.

[Step #2] Get a skinny green tail from a little greeber fro Edrigu. They can be found on a hill behind The second skalklan camp east/northeast of Edrigu's camp.

Little greeber can be found at loc 36995 16380 in Nunin Sound. They con green to blue at level 40.

[Step #3] return to Edrigu in Munin Sound.

[Step #4] Return the Tail to Edrigu

[Step #5] Return to Juuso in Dyrjfell.

[Step #6] Give Juuso the skin of fluid you obtained from Edrigu.

[Step #7] Finish talking to Juuso. then go hunt a megaloceros fawn fro its fur in the Gripklosa Mountains. Make sure you have the two vials from Juuso.

Megaloceros fawns can be found at loc 19549 56465 in Gripklosa mountains. They con green to blue at leve 40.

[Step #8] find a morvalt vandarare in Gripklosa Mountains and get some of its blood.

Morvalt Vandarare can be found at loc 17666 49159 in Gripklosa Mountains. They con green to a level 40. They move around on the hillside.

[Step #9] Find a morvalt streber in Gripklosa Mountains. Get some of its blood for Juuso.

Morvalt streber can be found at loc 32611 47958 in Gripklos Mountains. They come blue to me at level 40. They move around the area.

[Step #10]Return to Juuso in Dyrjfell.

[Step #11]Give Juuso the fur you obtained.

[Step #12]Give juuso the vandarare blood.

[Step #13]Give Juuso the steber blood.

[Step #14]Talk to Juuso and choose your reward.

You can choise Hammer,Sword,Axe,Staff,Spear,Bow,Left hand axe,Hand to Hand.
Sword,Hammer,Axe can choise one handers or two handers.

I picked the One hander axe.
Bladdanser axe
DPS 11.7 Spd 4.1 100% 15% Bon
Axe 3
Str 4
Hits 12
Crushing 4%
con yellow at 40.

Exp from quest 87,413,920 at level 40.
Also 2 gold.

Didn't do Kyllikki's
# Jan 02 2003 at 9:35 PM Rating: Decent
Weird, I didn't do Killikki's Scroll Quest...I turned it down. Not sure if this is unique or not
Kyllikki's Scrolls
# Dec 27 2002 at 9:07 PM Rating: Decent
20 posts
Just a note if you are trying to do this quest. You must first complete Kyllikki's Scrolls, and then you should be able to get this one.

Habalton Marksane
35 - Healer Smiley: twocents
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