Mottled Apple Fly Wings -- Kill Task  

Start Zone: Avalon Isle
Start NPC:Cynwise Thatcher
Shrouded Isle expansion Required
Type:Kill Task
Min Level:26
Max Level:35
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:No
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  Apple Fly
Related Items:
  Mottled Apple Fly Wings
Last Updated:Wed Jan 25 22:12:59 2012
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Cynwise Thatcher, a dye merchant in Wearyall Village wants some Apple Fly Wings. Apple Fly's are a day spawn only and can be found around loc=45k, 57k.

650k experience per wings

lvl 28 receive 1,200,000 per wing.
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# Apr 19 2005 at 9:50 PM Rating: Good
The ones directly S of Avalon City are a little tougher (orange and yel to 28) than the ones at loc ~45k, 57k (yel and blue). However you have to wind your way through drakorans to get to them and there aren't as many. They also dissapear at night and are replaced by ghosts of the same level. I received 1.2 million xp for the wings at lvl 28.
# Jul 23 2004 at 9:56 AM Rating: Decent
The largest group of apple flies that I have found are just south/southeast of the southern entrance to Avalon City. They are in a large apple orchard, mixed in with an equal amount of the undead apple gatherers. The wings are called 'Mottled Apply Fly Wings,' and seem to be somewhat rare. I suspect that all the Shrouded Isles xp items have a much lower chance to drop than do classic drops.
# Jun 23 2004 at 1:10 AM Rating: Decent
57 posts
what is there loc!!!
# Jun 16 2003 at 3:36 AM Rating: Default
There's no upper limit on doing kill tasks, so that wouldn't explain it.
I also couldn't get the task at 25 either :(
might be lvl 24 as stated by meysura
# Jun 06 2003 at 2:54 AM Rating: Default
same here i did not get kill task at 25 either =(
# Apr 05 2003 at 4:23 PM Rating: Decent
650k experience per wings given to her
Level wrong on this?
# Feb 14 2003 at 10:53 PM Rating: Decent
I tried to get this one last night at 25, since I already had a few apple fly wings that I'd dropped killing them at 24; but Cynwise wouldn't talk to me. I was able to get the maurader helm kill task however, which leads me to think this might be a level 24 task and the helms 25, instead of 25 and 26 as they are listed here, respectively.


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