Worn Tradeskill Tools (Alb)  

Submitted by:Callisto aka Ressurection Dragon
Start Zone: Camelot
Start NPC:Crafting Trainer
Related Quests:
  Tarnished Tradeskill Tools (Alb)
Related Zones:
  Campacorentin Forest
Min Level:5
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Related NPCs:
Related Items:
  List of Ingredients
  Basket of Blueberries
  Blue Dye Pot
  Indigo Leaves
  Red Cabbage
  Red Cedar Root
Last Updated:Fri Feb 22 04:35:24 2008
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

This quest requires 500 skill in a trade before your trainer will give you this quest.

Before you start set up this macro:

/macro say /say interested chances learned so early a favor list lack (enamel/cloth/leather = whichever dye you like to get from Rowena)

That's for fast forwarding thru all the chatter with NPC's I set it up to go for enamel and the leveling item. It then looks like this: /macro say /say interested chances learned so early a favor list lack enamel increase your skill

- Go to your craft guildmaster in Camelot, rightclick and hit macro.

- Go to Shandley, he's in the house near tailor guildmaster with all the guys with the /level armour, rightclick and hit macro.

- Make the item he requests, if you're gonna do this quest a number of times in a row, just make a bunch of them in advance. It has to be of 96% quality or up!!

- Go to Rheda in Cotswold, she's in the house right behind the Inn, directly right of the doorway, give her the item and hit macro. You get a letter of recommendation

- Go back to Shandley, give him the letter and hit macro.

- Go out the east gate and get a horse ticket to Campacorentin Station, walk into the Lethantis Association, walk straight ahead and talk to Rowena, hit macro. She hands you a list of ingredients. No need to read it if you have it in your pack and know where to go, the items will appear in your pack automatically.

- Items:
- red cabbage, directly next to the bindstone in the stone circle (loc=16980,8425)
- elderberries, in the bushes near the big pinetree behind the ruined house with the goblins, south of the lethantis association. (loc=14940,19050)
- blueberries, down the road, on the right side is a fallen tree with a big root sticking out the back, they're around the root near the treetrunk (loc=26408,30330)
- indigo, on the docks of the hermit's island, around the bit of sand sticking out of the water (loc=14310,50650)
- red cedar root, from the dock, swim to the guardtower, there's
two trees in fron of it. the root can be found inbetween those trees, towards the right one of the two. (loc=18565, 52885)

- Head back to Rowena, give her the items, she gives you a basket of tarts.

- Head to Lanston, he's by the pinetree next to the tower in Campacorentin Station, opposite the horseride merchant. give him the basket, hit macro. You get some empty dye pots.

- Head back to Rowena, give her the dye pots, choose a dye or hit macro if the type of dye is in there. Then take horse back to camelot.

- Go to Shandley, give him the Blue dye pot.

- Go to your guildmaster for your reward.

You can have more than one of the same item in your pack on writing this, so if you want more, just set up the reward in your macro aswell and you can do infinite runs on it.

The rewards are untradeable and unsellable, the charges can not be recharged.

Faster: +6 STR, +10% speed (50 charges)
Worn Needle - Tailor/Armorcrafter
Worn Gem Chisel - Spellcrafter
Worn Herbcutting Knife - Alchamist
Worn Weaponcrafting Hammer - Weaponcrafter

Smarter: +6 STR, +5% (10 charges)
Worn Skinning Knife - Tailor/Armorcrafter
Worn Gem Hammer - Spellcrafter
Worn Mixing Bowl - Alchamist
Worn Weaponsmith’s Knife - Weaponcrafter

Better: +6 STR, 1% quality (5 charges)
Worn Pair of Scissors - Tailor/Armorcrafter
Worn Gem File - Spellcrafter
Worn Stirring Rod - Alchamist
Worn Weapon Etching Tool - Weaponcrafter

  Worn Pair of Scissors
  Worn Needle
  Worn Skinning Knife
  Worn Gem File
  Worn Gem Chisle
  Worn Gem Hammer
  Worn Weaponcrafting Hammer
  Worn Weaponsmith's Knife
  Worn Weapon Etching Tool
  Worn Herbcutting Knife
  Worn Mixing Bowl
  Worn Stirring Rod

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Fletching Version of Worn Tradeskill Tools Quest
# Apr 15 2005 at 12:56 PM Rating: Excellent
32 posts
These notes are based on the quest as found on Albion Guinevere as of patch 1.75b.

This quest is one of the longer tradeskill tool quests. If not performed efficiently it can take more than 45 minutes or an hour. With some shortcuts it can be done in a little under 29 minutes at normal running pace. You may be able to shave a few minutes off using caster or minstrel speed.

STEP 1. MAKE heartwood longbows 96%+ quality. Before you start the quest, decide how many times you want to run the quest. In my opinion the only tradeskill tool worth questing for is the one that helps you gain skill faster. That tool for this quest has 10 charges. It cannot be recharged. I run the quest 10 times (usually 5 times, take my skill to 550, then run it 5 times more). Whatever number of times you wish to run the quest, make that many heartwood longbows. They must be of 96% quality or better.

STEP 2. MAKE macros. During the quest you will have to speak to a few NPCs and you will have to run around in Campecorentin Forest and gather various items. Making macros to shortcut the process of speaking to the NPCs and to help you quickly find the locations to obtain the items helps reduce the time spent on the quest. Make the following macros.

/macro Quest /say interested changes a favor list enamel what you want increase your skill

NOTE - This macro is different from the macro shown in the walkthrough above. That macro has some unneeded elements, and is based on the text as given by the Tailors Master. The Fletcher's Master has some different responses near the end. If you want cloth or leather dye instead of enamel, then substitute the word cloth, or leather, for the word enamel. If you want one of the other tradeskill tools instead of the one that helps increase skill you must replace the phrase "increase your skill" with either "speed" or "quality.

/macro Cabbage /faceloc 17001 8469

/macro Elderberries /faceloc 15017 19081

/macro Blueberries /faceloc 26304 30044

/macro Indigo /faceloc 14352 50608

/macro Cedar /faceloc 18496 52598

/macro Lanston /faceloc 9043 10316

NOTE - Lanston macro is optional, he is pretty easy to find after the first time.

STEP 3. GO TO Fletchers Master in Camelot, USE the Quest macro. ACCEPT the quest. The quest is only given by the Fletchers Master in Camelot. The Fletchers Master in Gothwaite Harbor does not give the quest. The Fletchers Master in Camelot is Acey Dalston, located 25217, 19259, in the lower floor of a three storey building which is entered off a back street/alleyway.

STEP 4. GO TO Shandley in Camelot. USE the Quest macro. Shandley is located in a long building at location 28228 21057 in Camelot. This is just west of the new porter in Camelot, Channeler Deng'ani.

STEP 5. GO TO Camelot East Gate, zone out to Camelot Hills.

STEP 6. GO TO Cotswold (just across the bridge from Camelot East Gate) and find Rheda. GIVE her the heartwood longbow 96%+ quality. RECEIVE a Letter of Recommendation. Rheda is located at 11370, 26514. You do not need to speak to Rheda, just give her the heartwood longbow and head back to Camelot East Gate.

STEP 7. ENTER Camelot East Gate. GO TO Shandley. GIVE him the Letter of Recommedation. USE the Quest macro.

STEP 8. GO TO Channeler Deng'ani and PORT to Gothwaite. Deng'ani is located just East of Shandley at 27893, 22682. You will be ported to Gothwaite Harbor near the portal in the middle of town.

STEP 9. GO TO Master Aslin, the porter in Gothwaite Harbor. PORT to Avalon Marsh. Master Aslin is located at 34197, 50949.

STEP 10. GO TO Stable Master Grank and TAKE HORSE to Campecorentin Station. Grank is located at 48335, 19503. Stay on the horse until it kicks you off at Campecorentin Station. Good time for an afk if you need one.

STEP 11. GO TO the Lethantis Association. This is a tower/building located a short distance Northeast from Campecorentin Station.

STEP 12. GO TO Rowena inside Lethantis Association. Rowena is locate at 13979, 5929. USE the Quest macro. RECEIVE a List of Ingredients. NOTE - Rowena's location has been changed. She is now just inside the door at Lethantis Association instead of the back walkway.

STEP 12. Step outside of the Lethantis Association. USE the Cabbage macro. RUN in the direction it points you. This will take you a short distance to a bindstone located in a ring of standing stones. Stand very close to the bindstone. After a few seconds of standing there you will RECEIVE a Red Cabbage.

STEP 13. USE the Elderberries macro. RUN in the direction it takes you. You will come to a large pine tree near a ruined building. Stand in some low bushes on the South side of the large pine tree until you RECEIVE the Elderberries.

STEP 14. USE the Blueberries macro. RUN in the direction it takes you. You will come to a large fallen log. Stand close beside the log on the North East side until you RECEIVE the Basket of Blueberries.

STEP 15. USE the Indigo macro. RUN in the direction it points you. You will come to a small sandbar near a dock and a raft at the South tip of a small island in a small lake. Stand on the sandbar until you RECEIVE the Indigo Leaves.

STEP 16. USE the Cedar macro. RUN in direction it takes you. You will come to a large tree. As you approach the tree, go to the left side (North side) and stand very close to the tree. Stand there until you RECEIVE the Red Cedar Root.

STEP 17. USE the Cabbage macro. RUN back to the Lethantis Association. (using the cabbage macro will take you back very close to the Lethantis Association)

STEP 18. GO TO Rowena. GIVE her the items you have found. RECEIVE a Basket of Tarts. When you give the items to Rowena they must be in the correct order, which is Red Cabbage, Elderberries, Basket of Blueberries, Indigo Leaves, and Red Cedar Root. Note that when you give her the first item the List of Ingredients will disappear from your inventory.

STEP 19. GO TO Campecorentin Station and find Lanston. Use the Lanston macro if you made one. Lanston is located Southwest from the Lethantis Association at 9043, 10316. He stands close to a large pine tree, a short distance Southwest of the Stable Master.

STEP 20. GIVE Lanston the Basket of Tarts. RECEIVE the Empty Dye Pots. It is not necessary to talk to Lanston. Just give him the Basket of Tarts and return to the Lethantis Association.

STEP 21. GO TO Rowena. GIVE her the Empty Dye Pots. RECEIVE a Blue Dye Pot. USE the Quest macro. RECEIVE a Royal Turquoise Enamel (or dye, as you chose when making your Quest macro).

STEP 22. GO TO Stable Master Ridder at Campecorentin Station. TAKE HORSE to Adribard's Retreat. Stay on the horse until it kicks you off. Good time for afk if you need one.

STEP 23. GO TO the porter Apprentice Ni'tul. PORT to Gothwaite. Apprentice Ni'tul is located at 44131, 18314, West by Northwest from where the horse drops you in Avalon Marsh. It is the platform that used to hold the portal to Gothwaite before it was moved to Camelot Hills.

STEP 24. GO TO the porter Master Aslin. PORT to Camelot.

STEP 25. GO TO Shandley. GIVE him the Blue Dye Pot. It is not necessary for you to talk to Shandley this time. When you port to Camelot from Gothwaite via Master Aslin, you come in conveniently placed right at the entrance to the building housing Shandley.

STEP 26. GO TO Fletchers Master Acey Dalston. USE the Quest macro. RECIEVE a Worn Arrowhead Chisel (or other quest tool as you have set in the macro).

Finished. If you wish to repeat the quest again, use the quest macro once more after you receive the chisel and it will start the quest anew.

Edited, Fri Apr 15 15:17:59 2005
A minimum crafting skill required?
# Apr 21 2004 at 3:17 AM Rating: Decent

Edited, Tue May 4 23:51:40 2004
Ahh...that's better
# Mar 24 2004 at 4:34 PM Rating: Decent
I did end up needing not only a CSR but a server team lead (?) to help get the items restored that I had (whoops) destroyed some time ago. I wasnt able to repeat it however because my crafting skill was out of the range allowed. If your skill is over 600 apparently, you jump right to the tarnished trade skill tools quest :)
Thanks for the help all :)
Quest is messed up...help!
# Mar 12 2004 at 11:09 PM Rating: Decent
Does any one know of a way to reset this quest from the middle...? Apparently some time ago I must have destroyed the list and cant get it finished, and can't seem to find how to get it again...
Help is appreciated...

Luck Runs Out Guild Site
RE: Quest is messed up...help!
# Mar 24 2004 at 12:25 PM Rating: Decent
Did you try running the macro again with all of the NPC's? Sometimes just saying the keyword to the right NPC will resume the quest. I had a similar problem with another quest.
RE: Quest is messed up...help!
# Mar 13 2004 at 7:11 AM Rating: Excellent
152 posts
There is no way currently in DAoC to delete unfinished quests in your journal (boy I wish there was though!). /appeal to a CSR and tell them what happened, they should be able to restore the list for you so you can finish the quest. Had this happen to a friend a while back and that is what they had to do, just took a good long while for the CSR to reply though iirc, but they did get to finish the quest.

Hope you get a speedy reply Smiley: smile,

RE: Quest is messed up...help!
# Apr 15 2004 at 11:27 PM Rating: Decent
Got it fixed by a couple of CSR's. Took Two, one to restore the list, then once i realized I was missing items in the middle, another appeal solved that problem. Thanks :)
# Mar 01 2004 at 2:39 PM Rating: Excellent
Coordinates found for items, all in Campa Forest:

Red Cabbage: 16980,8425
Elderberries 14940,19050
Blueberries 26408,30330
Indigo 14310,50650
Red Cedar Roots 18565, 52885

Hope they work for you, I recorded them as soon as I got the message.
Red Cedar Root
# Jan 22 2004 at 6:41 PM Rating: Decent
I cannot find the red cedar root. Does anyone have the coordinates? Been back and forth between the 2 evergreen trees in front of the guard tower and nothing... :(
RE: Red Cedar Root
# Feb 04 2004 at 8:09 PM Rating: Decent
18 posts
This quest later turns into the Tarnished Tools Quest after about 8 times doing it. The quest is repeatable and I suggest that you do it several time then sit down to craft.

Example: Worn Tool vs Tarnished Tool: Worn tool for increasing your crafting skill has 10 charges and a 5% increase to gaining a skill pt. Tarnished Tool has 13 charges and 6% chance to increase skill.

While I found the tool for raising skill awsome (won't power craft without one now!) the other tools are not so great.

The one that increases quality only makes it so you will only create 95% qual items and it doesn't increase the chance of anything above 95% (like getting a MP). Only about 12 charges in the worn version of the quest and they go fast.

The tool to help you craft faster is nice but only at the higher levels when making items takes a while. Lots of charges but again if your doing a lot of crafting it don't take long to use them up!
RE: Red Cedar Root
# Feb 04 2004 at 8:01 PM Rating: Decent
18 posts
if your standing on the dock (the one on the island) facing the tower across the water there are 3 trees. Its the center one. Its almost in a direct line with the tower. You may have to stop and pause several times about the tree but that's the tree
Later patch adds it
# Nov 28 2003 at 8:31 PM Rating: Decent
Crafting quests are for a patch that isn't installed yet on the EU servers, you will have to wait a bit more before you can do the quest. If you havy any similar problems, you can read the patch notes on camelot herald, and see which patch adds the quest, and compare the patch number with the one you see on some start up screens.
# Nov 20 2003 at 6:52 AM Rating: Decent
any one know if it is bugged? or only on the us servers i cant seem to get the quest on europen server
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