700 AC/WC/Tailoring Tradeskill Quest (Alb)  

Submitted by:Eterar
Start Zone: Camelot
Start NPC:tradeskill trainer
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Min Level:10
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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  Arliss Eadig
  Coventina Bordin
  Freyne Aeoelred
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Last Updated:Wed Apr 1 03:13:24 2009
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Per patch 1.97 (03.11.09):
- The 700 skill crafting quests for Armorcraft, Weaponcraft, Tailoring, and Fletching in all three realms have been adjusted to require only three specific sub-skills each to complete. These are as follows.

For Armorcraft: Clothworking, Leatherworking, and Metalworking
For Weaponcraft: Woodworking, Leatherworking, and Metalworking
For Tailoring: Clothworking, Leatherworking, and Metalworking
For Fletching: Woodworking, Leatherworking, and Metalworking

Per patch 1.96, 11.05.08:
- AC 700 Tradeskill - This quest no longer asks players to create an item that requires Woodworking skill.

To start this quest you must have 700 in a tradeskill. Quest begins only in Camelot.

The quest below was done by a tailor, it is the same quest for WC and AC tradeskills with the only differences being who you start with and final product you will be required to make.

Go to Arliss Eadig (the tailor master) in Camelot and pick (something)
(for Weaponcrafters, speak with Freyne Aeoelred)

700 quest:
do the 4 riddles, and make the following: gossamer bedroll pillow (it has been mentioned that you could have a tailor make this for you, since most WC'ers do not have clothworking trained high enough to make this) , rigid saddlebag, fine alloy wrought jewelry box, and a heartwood curio box. All must be 96%+.

Talk to Coventina Bordin (she's the second merchant square outside from Arliss Eadig) And she'll spout out about her favorite food (fresh fish)(Freyne Aeoelred's, WC master, favorite food is beef stew). Go back to Arliss and talk to him. He will ask you about Coventina's favorite food. Reply fresh fish and he will ask you to make a pair of sylvan gloves and boots.

The gloves go to Thol Dunnin at Snowdonia station and the boots go to Tyna Blade at Caer Witrin. (yeah, long horse ride, but I used the port at CS to bypass it)

Return to Arliss for your reward.

I got the "smarter" item which is a 16 charge item that gives you a 7% bonus to increase your skill.

Dialog for tailor version of the quest by Escaliana Dartinate:

Arliss Eadig says, "Chenirsil, I have been watching you progress from an apprentice to what you are today. I am impressed. So impressed, in fact, that I have [something] I would like for you to do."

Arliss Eadig says, "There comes a time in every young crafter's life when they must make a journey in order to gain more knowledge of their realm and their people. I believe it is [time] for you to make such a trek."

Arliss Eadig says, "But first you must prove to me that you are certain you wish to begin this. Are you [ready] to make this journey?"

Will you begin a new quest at the behest of your trainer [Yes] [No]?

Click Yes

Arliss Eadig says, "Your journey shall begin with me. I have four riddles which must be answered before you can move on to the next leg of your journey. All my riddles can be answered with something that you create with your [own hands]."

Arliss Eadig says, "My first riddle is this. These are excellent when camping out of doors and are made of gossamer. I will only take the highest quality, preferably a ninety-six or higher. When you have solved the riddle come back to me and we shall talk more."

Make a gossamer bedroll pillow 96 qu or higher and hand it to Arliss Eadig.

Arliss Eadig says, "Yes, you have solved the first riddle! Very good my student, very good. Now for my second riddle. We use these to keep our valuables safe on horse trips and they are rigid. When you have solved this one, return to me."

Make a rigid leather saddle bag, 96 qu or higher and hand it to Arliss Eadig.

Arliss Eadig says, "Excellent work again my young pupil. Now for my third riddle. People keep their adornments in these and they are made of the finest alloy. When you know the answer return to me."

Make a fine alloy wrought jewelry box 96 qu or higher and hand it to Arliss Eadig.

Arliss Eadig says, "This is most impressive Chenirsil. Now for the final riddle. We keep our trinkets in these and it is made from the heart of the wood. When you have found the answer to this final riddle, return to me."

Make a heartwood curio box 96 qu or higher and hand it to Arliss Eadig.

Arliss Eadig says, "Excellent! You are truly an amazing crafter. Now that you have answered my riddles it is time for the next phase of your journey. There are people within Camelot that you have become [acquainted] with during the course of your studies."

Once you click on acquainted, you speak to Coventina Borden and find out about her favorite food. Go back to Arliss Eadig and tell him fresh fish.

After that he will ask you to bring a pair of sylvan gloves to Thol in Snowdonia Station and a pair of boots to Tyna Blade at Caer Witrin. Luckily there is a horse route to both places.

Return to Arliss Eadig and he will offer you three choices:

Crafted Needle (faster)

Crafted Scissor (better)

Crafted Skinning Knife (smarter)

The first time I ran this I got the Crafted Needle, it gives +13 to strength and has 70 charges with a 16% bonus to speed of crafting.

The second time I ran this I got the Crafted Pair of Scissors, it gives +13 strength and has 7 charges with a bonus to minimum quality of items of 1%.

  Crafted Needle
  Crafted Pair of Scissors
  Crafted Pestle
  Crafted Weaponcrafting Hammer
  Crafted Armorcrafting Knife
  Crafted Armorcrafting Hammer
  Worn Pestle

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Worn Pestle
# Mar 31 2009 at 5:06 PM Rating: Decent
18 posts
Latest reward for Alchemy is a Worn Pestle - +6 strength, 10 charges, 5% bonus to frequency of crafting skill gain.
Freyne's new favorite
# Feb 08 2008 at 12:05 PM Rating: Good
83 posts
Today (2/8/08) Freyne's favorite thing is good mead.
Macro for 700 tailoring
# Jan 17 2007 at 9:17 AM Rating: Decent
/macro <name, i used 700> /s senior ready own hands acquainted fresh fish leg gift

on the own hands part doesnt work all the time so just hit the macro again if it doesnt take on the first one.

Ingedensts need:
2 heartwood
2 gossammer heavy thread
2 gossammer cloth squares
2 Fine alloy metal bars
6 sylvan cloth squares
5 sylvan heavy thread
6embossed leather squares
1 ridgid leather squares

*note: this is for the 700 tailoring, looks like its the same for all but make sure!
WC Favorite food NPC
# Mar 01 2006 at 5:17 PM Rating: Decent
143 posts
The NPC you want to see for the WC quest is Freyne Aeoelred, who is in the same building as Shandley, and his favorite food is beef stew. I've discovered that /where doesn't work if you don't know the last name. Obviously the guards have been instructed to be very formal in the performance of their duties...no first name basis.
favorite food changed
# Mar 27 2005 at 4:21 PM Rating: Decent
For WC Freyne's favorite food is beef stew now.
Stuck with Tarnish!!!
# Dec 05 2004 at 1:02 PM Rating: Decent
Question? I'm now at 745 in tailoring, but everytime I go to Camelot to see my master tailor he keeps sending me the tarnish quest. I just can't get this one, the 700. Is it because my skill in woodworking is at 1?

Edited, Sun Dec 5 13:03:09 2004
RE: Stuck with Tarnish!!!
# Dec 06 2004 at 6:39 PM Rating: Decent
57 posts
There is a good chance he won't give it to you if you cannot complete the quest- ie don't have the appropriate secondary skills.

RE: Stuck with Tarnish!!!
# Dec 10 2004 at 1:31 PM Rating: Decent
Well I figured it out now. If you're going for Master Tailor, you won't get this quest before you hit 800 in Tailoring skill. /shrug Looks like if you are going for Armor Crafting, then yes, I presume you can get this quest.

So all my skill were at 800, meaning Tailoring, Metalworking, Leatherworking and Clothworking, but only Tailoring can be at 800 and the rest lower and you'll get the quest. I had to bring up my Woodworking skill to 450 to be able to make the Heartwood Curo Box is all. Looks like I'll have to be 900 in Tailoring before I can get the other Tailoring quest that says 800 from this website.

Maybe Mystic upgraded the requirements of 100 to be able to get these quest now but i can't confirm this.

# Aug 14 2004 at 12:47 PM Rating: Decent
Freyne is now found in a large building near the courtyard with a fountain and merchants.
ArmorCrafter version
# May 31 2004 at 1:53 PM Rating: Decent
Asks to talk to Freyne, in Camelot below ArmorCrafter Master.

He is from Prydwen Keep.

Make a mithril boned vest at least 96 qual and give it to master. That was it; no travelling.
# Apr 29 2004 at 9:56 PM Rating: Decent
Did anyone think it was odd that a tailor needed to have around a 450 skill in woodworking in order to make the heartwood box that is needed for the 4th riddle? I did...
# Apr 21 2004 at 9:53 PM Rating: Good
18 posts
NOTICE! Currently, The quest is still bugged.

The gloves and boots according to my journal are supposed to be Sylvan but here's the bug....

As of today 21 April 04, Thol in Snow Station will not accept Sylvan gloves but will accept Seamist gloves (qual 96% or greater). Tyna in Witrin will accept Sylvan boots to complete that portion of the quest.

YES, I have appealed it hopefully they will fix it soon. I thought I would post it here for those having trouble completing this buggy quest.

# Apr 29 2004 at 2:18 PM Rating: Good
18 posts
ITs been fixed... Thol at Snowdonia Station now takes Sylvan gloves...
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