Menhir Menace (Epic 5)  

Start Zone: Camelot
Start Location:Defenders of Albion
Start NPC:Sir Amren
Shrouded Isle expansion Required
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Related Zones:
  Camelot Hills
  Isle of Glass
Min Level:25
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Drakoran Disenchanter
  Lady Nimue
Related Items:
  Nimue's Recall Charm
  Nimue's Letter
Last Updated:Wed May 4 15:17:43 2011
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Per patch 1.92 (02.27.08):
- Menhir Menace (Epic 5) - Players will no longer be able to receive credit for step 4 before all the drakoran disenchanters are killed.

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Speak with Sir Amren, is upstairs on the landing in the Defenders of Albion building loc=23358,23085 City of Camelot.
2) Speak with Lady Nimue at loc=25377,15050 Camelot Hills.
3) Speak with Laeryn at loc=41894,21556 Isle of Glass and hand him Nimue's Letter.
4) Travel to loc=5780,20906,3406 dir=166 Isle of Glass and kill the 3 Drakoran Disenchanter there. (also seen at loc=5540,21226 Isle of Glass)
5) /USE Nimue's Recall Charm to return to Lady Nimue and chat with her.
6) Return to Sir Amren in Camelot to receive your reward.

lvl 50 armswoman received 5,779,914 experience 29 silver and a Legionnaire Ring

Quest Dialog:
Speak with Sir Amren, is upstairs on the landing in the Defenders of Albion building loc=23358,23085,8214 dir=102 City of Camelot.

Sir Amren says, "Greetings, Armswoman. Lady Nimue has requested your presence once again. It seems she has made a breakthrough in her studies of General Vaul's plans. Will you go and [speak with her]?"

Will you confront General Vaul and put and end to his plans? [Level 25]
You have been given the Menhir Menace (Epic 5) quest.

Sir Amren says, "Good. You know where to find her - by the pool behind Nob's stable. Hurry on, now - the Lady is waiting."

[Step #1] Speak to Lady Nimue. Go out the East Gate of the city and follow the road through Cotswold. Turn left at the fork and travel north past Nob's stable. Look for a pond off the road on your right - you will find Nimue there.
  • Lady Nimue is at loc=25377,15050,2360 dir=277 Camelot Hills.

  • Lady Nimue says, "Hello, (your name). It gladdens me to see you again. I have studied the plans of our adversary, General Vaul, for some time now. I think I know what he is [attempting to do]."

    Lady Nimue says, "You might recall the menhir where you defeated the druids. That stone is far more important than I realized. It is one of three magic obelisks which anchor a vast magical spell of protection left by Merlin. You see, Merlin could look into the future, and he foresaw Arthur's fall and his own imprisonment by evil powers. He knew that in his absence, the realm would be vulnerable to [otherworldly threats]."

    Lady Nimue says, "Indeed, creatures from other magical realms and planes of existence have long tried to enter our world for one dark purpose or another. One need look no further than Darkness Falls to see that. It is only Merlin's magical wards that keep those demons from [infiltrating Albion]."

    Lady Nimue says, "Merlin created a vast and powerful magical barrier to protect our realm, anchored by three obelisks that mark the intersection of powerful ley lines. I suspect that General Vaul is attempting to [destroy this barrier]."

    Lady Nimue says, "In order to confirm my suspicions, I must ask you to travel to Avalon Isle and speak with Laeryn, a Druid and trusted friend. I have prepared this letter, which you are to give to Laeryn when you [see him]."

    You receive the Nimue's Letter from Lady Nimue!

    Lady Nimue says, "Travel to Anniogel, on the Isle of Glass. To the east is a hill overlooking the town - Laeryn keeps a vigil there. Take this recall charm. When your mission is complete, you may use it to return to me. Go now, and deliver my letter to Laeryn!"

    You receive the Nimue's Recall Charm from Lady Nimue!

    [Step #2] Travel to Anniogel on the Isle of Glass. A hill overlooks the town to the east- seek out the druid Laeryn there and give him Nimue's letter.
  • Laeryn is at loc=41894,21556,4651 dir=64 Isle of Glass.

  • Laeryn says, "Hello? Yes? What do you want? "

    (hand Laeryn Nimue's Letter from Lady Nimue)

    Laeryn says, "What's this? A letter from my friend, the Lady Nimue? Well, let's have a look at [what it says]."

    [Step #3] Now that you have delivered Nimue's Letter to Laeryn, as him [what it says].

    Laeryn says, "Hmm..mmm-hmm..I see. I must apologize for my rude greeting. I did not know that you were a friend of the Lady NImue. I am Laeryn, a former Druid. But fear not! I am no enemy of [Albion]."

    Laeryn says, "Although I am a Druid, I have no quarrel with Albion's Church or King. Some of my brothers, however, feel differently. Word came to me of a planned uprising, and an alliance with a rogue Albion General, so I made some inquiries. As it turns out, the rumors were true, but there is [more to tell]."

    Laeryn says, "This traitor general - I think his name is Vaul - has made a pact not only with the Druids, but also the Drakorans. He has dispatched a group of each to work a magic spell on two [menhirs]. Nimue's suspicions must be correct."

    Laeryn says, "You can find them gathered around a stone menhir due west of here, beyond the forts and the picket line. It's surrounded by dead trees, on a small hill. If your mission is to put a stop to General Vaul's plans, you had better get over there!"

    [Step #3-4] Go to the second menhir and kill the three drakoran disenchanters you find there. From the center of Anniogel, run west past the forts and palisade fence. The menhir is on a small hill surrounded by dead trees.
  • You will find the 3 three drakoran disenchanters at loc=5780,20906,3406 dir=166 Isle of Glass, they are aggressive and when you attack one the other two will join the fight with ranged spells.

  • [Step #5] USE Nimue's Recall Charm to return to Lady Nimue.

    [Step #6] Speak to Lady Nimue to report on the success of your mission.

    Lady Nimue says, "Ah, my brave Armswoman has returned. One stone yet remains, and I will work diligently to learn its location. If the magic of any one of the three obelisks is removed, the entire defensive barrier will collapse, and the realm will be in [dire jeopardy]."

    Lady Nimue says, "You have done more than enough for today, (your name). Go and see Sir Amren, and he will provide you with a worthy reward. Until our next meeting!"

    [Step #7] Return to Sir Amren to receive the rewards for your quest.

    Sir Amren says, "Welcome back. Lady Nimue advised me that you did everything she asked. Good work, Armswoman, good work indeed. Here's some money for your troubles, and I have [another item] for you as well."

    You are awarded 5,779,914 experience!
    You are awarded 29 silver and some copper!

    Sir Amren says, "Here - don't break it, or you'll have me to answer to. Now, move along. There will be more work to do, so don't disappear on me."

    You receive the Legionnaire Ring from Sir Amren!
    You have completed the Menhir Menace (Epic 5) quest!

    Legionnaire Ring -- Armswoman
    Reconnoiterer Ring -- Scout
    Engineer Ring -- Theurgist
    Aggressor Ring -- Mauler
    Ecstatic Ring -- Friar

      Legionnaire Ring
      Reconnoiterer Ring
      Aggressor Ring
      Engineer Ring
      Ecstatic Ring

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    location for Drakoran Disenchanter
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    For step 4, the location for 3 Drakoran Disenchanter is 5540,21226,3416

    Bye all :D

    theurge ring
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    Engineerer Ring for Theurges

    Int 12
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