General Vaul's Last Stand (Epic 6)  

Start Zone: Camelot
Start Location:Defenders of Albion
Start NPC:Sir Amren
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Related Zones:
  Camelot Hills
Min Level:30
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  General Vaul
  Lady Nimue
Related Items:
  Recall Stone
  Mysterious Parchment
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Speak with Sir Amren, is upstairs on the landing in the Defenders of Albion building loc=23358,23085 City of Camelot.
2) Speak with Lady Nimue at loc=25377,15050 Camelot Hills.
3) Have Lady Nimue port you to the instanced dungeon "Hidden Lair"
4) Fight your way through the dungeon to reach and kill Guard Vaul. Upon his death General Vaul will drop a Mysterious Parchment in your inventory.
5) /USE Recall Stone to return to Lady Nimue and hand her the Mysterious Parchment.
6) Return to Sir Amren in Camelot to receive your reward.

lvl 50 armswoman received 23,119,656 experience 49 silver and a Sergeant Jewel

Quest Dialog:
Speak with Sir Amren, is upstairs on the landing in the Defenders of Albion building loc=23358,23085,8214 dir=102 City of Camelot.

Sir Amren says, "Ah, Armswoman, what took you so long? Well, never mind that. Lady Nimue needs you right away. She's found the third [magic menhir] which anchors Merlin's magical barrier, but so has General Vaul."

Will you confront General Vaul and put an end to his plans? [Level 30]
You have been given the General Vaul's Last Stand (Epic 6) quest.

Sir Amren says, "She's waiting in her usual place, behind Nob's stable next to the pond. Good luck."

[Step #1] Speak to Lady Nimue. Go out the East Gate of the city and follow the road through Cotswold. Turn left at the fork and travel north past Nob's stable. Look for a pond off the road on your right - you will find Nimue there.
  • Lady Nimue is at loc=25377,15050,2360 dir=277 Camelot Hills.

  • Lady Nimue says, "Hello once again, (your name). I have worked diligently to find the remaining menhir that anchors Merlin's magical barrier, and at last, my labors have come to fruition. Unfortunately, General Vaul's forces have also [discovered the stone]."

    Lady Nimue says, "When I discovered the menhir, I sensed his evil presence nearby. He is there now, and he has brought many guards with him in the event you decide to pay a visit. He fears you, Armswoman, and so he is [well-prepared]."

    Lady Nimue says, "General Vaul has sealed the cave where the menhir lies so that you cannot reach him. However, due to the stone's proximity to powerful ley lines, I can transport you there by [magical means]."

    Lady Nimue says, "Now, go quickly and gather a band of allies. You should only need the aid of three or perhaps four friends. Return to me when you are ready!"

    [Step #2] The time has come to confront General Vaul and prevent him from destroying Merlin's magical barrier. Gather three or four friends and speak to Lady Nimue when you are ready.

    Lady Nimue says, "Are you ready to depart? If so, say [yes]. Otherwise, say [no]."

    Lady Nimue says, "Take this Recall Stone. Use it after you have defeated the General to transport yourself and your friends back to this location. Good hunting, Defender of Albion!"

    You receive the Recall Stone from Lady Nimue!

    [Step #3] Find and defeat General Vaul. If you are defeated, return to Lady Nimue to be transported once agian into the menhir cave. Don't forget to bring three or four friends with you!
  • It is possible to solo this quest without friends, as the instanced dungeon you are ported to will scale to your level. Once in the dungeon you will encounter drakoran thaumaturge, drakoran looter, drakoran fighter and druids along the way to General Vaul's location. Once you reach General Vaul kill him, to a lvl 50 he was a yellow con, though his lvl will scale based on your level or your groups level

  • You have entered The Hidden Lair.
    Current area is adjusted for four level 42 players. (solo lvl 50 in this instanced)
    Current area has a 15% instance bonus.

    You search the General's body and find a parchment with strange writing. You place it in your pack.

    [Step #4] Now that you have defeated General Vaul, USE Nimue's Recall Stone to return to Lady Nimue and deliver to her the mysterious parchment that you found.

    Lady Nimue says, "Welcome back! I sense that Merlin's menhir is safe once again, and the General has been beaten. Well done, Armswoman! Did you find any evidence of why the General was attempting to destroy Merlin's barrier?"

    (Hand Lady Nimue the mysterious parchment.)

    Lady Nimue says, "Hm - I do not know the writing on this parchment. I will have to study it, but in the meantime, you have earned a rest. I'll contact Sir Amren and tell him that your mission is complete. If you go and see him, I'm sure he'll have a reward for you."

    [Step #5] Return to Sir Amren at the Defenders headquarters in Camelot. Speak to him to obtain your reward.

    Sir Amren says, "Ah, yes, Armswoman. Lady Nimue said you would be coming. Good work, taking on the General. That required real courage, and here at the Defenders of Albion, we reward such courage. Here are some coins, and I have [another gift] for you."

    You are awarded 49 silver and some copper!
    You are awarded 23,119,656 experience!

    Sir Amren says, "There - see if that fits. Now, back into the field you go. I will send for you when Lady Nimue has more information about this mysterious parchment. Always our troubles multiply, and yet always we meet them head-on."

    You receive the Sergeant Jewel from Sir Amren!
    You have completed the General Vaul's Last Stand (Epic 6) quest!

    Sergeant Jewel -- Armsman
    Chaplain Jewel -- Friar
    Summoner Prime Jewel -- Theurgist
    Pathfinder Jewel -- Scout
    Ten Hands Jewel -- Mauler

      Chaplain Jewel
      Summoner Prime Jewel
      Sergeant Jewel
      Pathfinder Jewel
      Ten Hands Jewel


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